Can You Wear a Hat On A Plane? 2024

Dressing smartly before heading to the airport will speed up your screening process, and save you the boring procedures of the airport security.

And whether you are wearing a beanie, sun hat, baseball cap, cowboy hat, or any other type of head covering for medical reasons or not you will need to know what to expect at the security checkpoint.

In general you can wear any type of hat on planes, but you might be required to remove your hat for further screening at the security checkpoint , if you are wearing other types of headpieces or a religious head cover like scarf you can ask for a private screening so you won’t remove it in front of other passengers.

Keep reading for more guidance about traveling with hats to sail through the TSA security checkpoint stress free.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can You Wear A Hat Through TSA?

In the US the TSA does not require passengers to remove their hats or any type of head covering to undergo the security checkpoint, but if the alarm goes off, the security officers will ask you to remove your hat for additional screening.

This means you can wear a baseball cap, a sun hat and or a cowboy cap through the security checkpoint and you don’t need to take them off unless the security officer asks you to do so.

Hats are easy to remove so you will speed up your screening process and time you spend at the airport.

On the other hand religious headpieces or scarfs aren’t easy to remove in front of other travelers, so you can ask for a private screening that may include pat down.

I checked Twitter to find more answers from the TSA customer service.

This passenger asked if a cowboy hat is okay to wear through the airport security and if it will be counted as a personal item.

They replied ” You’re allowed to wear head coverings through security checkpoints. If that area alarms, additional screening may be required. Pls reach out to your airline for guidance on whether your hat counts toward your carry-on allowance.”


Sarah have surgery on her head and wanted to cover it.

She asked the TSA if a hat is allowed all the time to protect the wound.

The TSA customer service replied that she is okay to bring her hat, but she may be subject for additional screening.


Even hard hats are allowed through the security checkpoint.

This passenger planned to wear a hard hat on a plane because it won’t fit in his luggage.

The TSA responded that there are no problems with the TSA but he may face an issue with the airline crew when wearing these kinds of hats on board the airplane


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How To Carry A Hat On A Plane?


There are so many ways to take or pack a hat when traveling.

If you don’t want to wear your hat the best alternative is to take it inside your carry-on bag or personal item.

Here is some other tips when traveling with a hat:

  • Wear it: Wearing your hat all the time is a good way to keep it clean and avoid forgetting it. When I don’t wear my hat I just attach it to my carry-on bag until I get on board the airplane then place it inside my personal item.
  • Place it in your personal item: Never place your hat in the overhead compartment, you can pack your hat inside your personal item instead and place it in front of you, just ensure that the personal item is within the airline size limits.
  • Ask the flight crew to store your hat: most airline crews and flight attendants are nice, so just ask them to keep your hat somewhere safe until you get to your destination.
  • Use a hat box organizer: In case you want to place the hat inside your carry-on bag, using a solid hat storage box will definitely help your hat stay intact and protected when you are on your journey.

Is It Rude To Wear A Hat On A Plane?


Regardless of the Airline company you are flying with, you can wear any type of hat you want on board the airplane, and you don’t need to worry about their rules.

But in some cases, If you are not wearing a hat for medical reasons, it will be more convenient to remove it until you leave the airplane.

Some types of large hats like floppy hats, may cause discomfort for some fellow passengers sitting beside you.

Does a Hat Count as a Personal Item?

Whether you choose to wear it or take it in your hand, most airlines will not count your hat as a personal item.

Most major airlines claim that you can bring a hat, a coat or a book in addition to your main carry-on bag and a personal item.

Airlines have different personal item dimensions; but the standard size for personal item that fits perfectly under the seat need to be measured 18″ width x 14″ x 8″ depth,

Final Thoughts

You can wear a hat through the security checkpoint and on planes without any issues.

You don’t have to remove your hat when going through the security checkpoint unless the security agent asks you to do so.

But to avoid any delays and to speed up your screening process it’s better to be proactive and  take off your hat before you undergo the screening process.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels

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