Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots On A Plane ? 2024

Steel toe footwear, boots or composite toe boots provide a tremendous amount of protection.

But can you wear steel toe boots on a plane and through the security checkpoint?

Here is the quick anwser.

You can wear or take steel toe boots on planes without any issues, the only thing you will need to consider is that you will have to remove your shoe through the security checkpoint.

In this post we will cover everything about wearing steel toe boots on planes and what the TSA and other airport securities has to say about traveling with this type of boots.

Let’s dive right in.

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Wear Steel Toe Boots Through The Security Checkpoint

The TSA regulates the items that can go through the security checkpoint and in carry on luggage within and to the United States.

The TSA stated that you are permitted to bring and pack steel toe boots through the security checkpoint without any issues.

Here is what the TSA stated on their website.

Take steel toe boots /The TSA website

And as the TSA always claims, the final decision rests to the TSA security officer whether an item is allowed or not in both carry on and checked luggage.

But generally you won’t face any problem wearing steel toe boots on plane or through the security checkpoint if you follow the TSA or the airport security rules.

Do Steel Toe Boots Set Off Metal Detectors?

Just like any other metals piece steel toe boots with metal caps will set off the metal detector at the security checkpoint so you’ll be asked to take them off and place them in a tray to go through security separately.

The TSA PreCheck members do not have to remove their shoe or any other item unless they hear the beep sound of the metal detector.

Ivan is upset and asked the TSA why his toe shoe trigger the metal detector, and he has to remove them even though he is a TSA PreCheck member.

The AskTSA customer service replied that even massagers with the TSA PreCheck will need to remove any item that triggers the metal detector to resolve and clear any alarm before boarding the plane

Ivan has to remove his toe cap shoe because they sett off the metal detector

Take Steel Toe Boots In Carry-on Luggage

If you don’t want to bother yourself with removing your toe boots at the security checkpoint then you can place them inside your carry-on bag.

Regular construction workers, cowboy boots or industrial workers with steel caps do not have any restrictions on planes.

You can normally leave your boots inside your bag when going through the X-ray screening, unless the security officer want to inspect them and asks you to take them out from your bag.

This is an answer from AskTSA on Twitter confirming that steel toe boots are good to go in carry-on baggage


There are no rules on where you have to place your shoes, unless they have some type of sharp items.

Like these cool boots with fake spikes Nami wanted to bring in her carry-on bag, but the TSA customer service replied that these types of both are not allowed in carry-on luggage


Can You Take Steel Toe Boots In Checked Luggage?

You can bring steel toe boots in checked luggage on most airlines.

If you don’t want to wear your boots or you need to bring several pieces for personal use then you can pack as long as you need in your checked bag.

Ordinary steel toe boots do not have any special requirements, you can just place them inside your bag and head to the airport without any issues.

If you want to travel with some type of boots that have some type of sharp objects like in the case of Nami above, it is better to contact your airline and check out the country of your destination website.

Ensure that you pack your boots neatly so they won’t harm the security officers inspecting your luggage or luggage handlers moving your bag at the airport.

Final Thoughts

You can wear and take steel toe boots on a plane and you will not face any issues.

The only thing that matters is the airport security checkpoint, you will be required to remove them and be placed in a separated bin for X-ray screening.

Even if you have a TSA PreCheck if the boots set off the metal detector you will need to take them off.

Steel toe shoes with some type of sharp objects will not be allowed in carry-on luggage, so it is better to send them in your checked bag.

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