Can You Bring Walkie Talkies On A Plane? 2024

Walkie-talkies or two way radios are useful communication devices to take when camping or traveling to places that lack cellphone reception.

But can you bring walkie-talkies on planes? And what about their batteries?

Here is what to expect at the airport.

Walkie-talkies are generally allowed on planes, but they must be turned off and not used during the flight. They should be packed all the time in carry-on or checked luggage, but when transported in carry on baggage you will need to remove them from your bag at the security checkpoint for additional screening.

Learn the rules, regulations and best practices for Walkie-talkies talkies and radios on board the airplanes.

Lets’ dive right in.


Taking Walkie-Talkies Through The TSA Security Checkpoint 

The TSA didn’t specifically mention walkie-talkies on its website, but they have rules for several similar devices like radios which are permitted through the security checkpoint and in carry-on baggage without any restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website.

Take radios on a plane

The TSA stated that you need to take out any electronics larger than a cell phone from your carry-on bag and place it in a separated bin.

So ensure that you pack your walkie-talkies close to the top of the bag to easily access them and speed up your screening process.

I checked Twitter to find some answers from the TSA customer service.

Moe wanted to know if rechargeable speakers and two way radios like walkie-talkies are allowed on planes.


They replied wireless speaker and two way radios are allowed in carry on bags

Champ the Boxer wanted to bring these Midland emergency two way radio walkie-talkies in carry on baggage.


The TSA gave him the green light, but he need to remove them from his carry-on bag an place them in separated bag for X-ray screening.


Even walkie talkie toys like this Paul wanted to bring are good to go in carry-on baggage.


Kyle wanted to bring a CB radio for an 18 wheeler, which is powdered by 12 v.


The TSA customer service replied that CB radioes are permitted in carry on bags.

If you put this type of CB radioes or a set of walkie-talkies in a separated bag, ensure that the bag is within your airline size limits, and fits whether in the overhead compartment or under the seat in-front of you.

Please note that the TSA clerks alas have the full discretion to allow or ban any items in carry on baggage, so if they find an item as a potential threat they won’t allow it on board the airplane.


Pack Walkie-Talkies In Checked Baggage 

If you are traveling with a set of walkie-talkies then it makes sense that you wanted to place them in your checked bag.

Even though if possible do not place any of these items in checked baggage.

Walkie-talkies that have lithium batteries are better to be transported in carry-on bags to avoid any accident.

In addition, checked baggage can get damaged or even missing, so do not place any expensive items on it.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are going for an adventure or you are working on a job that requires to use walkie-talkies you can bring them in both carry on and checked baggage .

Just keep in mind that lower-end FRS / GMRS walkie-talkies might use AA or AAA batteries, but most two-way radios use lithium batteries which have some risk when transported in checked baggage.

Also you can’t use your walkie talkies on a plane, keep them inside your bag all the time.

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