Can You Bring Popcorn On a Plane? TSA Rules 2024

If you are planning to enjoy a bag of freshly popped popcorn while watching your favorite movie on a 33,000 feet, you may wonder whether or not you can bring popcorn on a plane?

Here is the good news, you can bring all types and varieties of popcorn on planes in both carry-on and checked bags, popcorn is considered a solid food by the TSA, so it is not subject to any quantity limits or specific regulations.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with popcorn on both domestic and international flights.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can I Bring Popcorn Through TSA?

Even though the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) didn’t specifically mention popcorn on its website, they stated that snacks and solid food ( not liquid or gel ) in general are permitted on planes without any quantity limits or specific requirements.

So obviously popcorn, corn kernels or maize are good to go through the security checkpoint without any restrictions.

Only liquid food has restrictions when transported in carry-on, so if you are taking butter or oil along with your popcorn, they need to follow the TSA liquids rule.

However as the TSA always claimed “ the final decision whether an item is allowed or not rests with the TSA officer at the security checkpoint “.

Here is an answer from the TSA customer service on social media.

Christin wanted to bring this popcorn bucket through the security checkpoint.

The TSA answer about taking popcorn bucket through the security

The TSA customer service replied that solid foods like popcorn are allowed in carry-on bags with no quantity limits or packing requirements.

But if there is liquids in the bottom of the container it must be 3.4 / 100 ml or less.

Can You Take Popcorn In a Carry-on?

Yes you are good to bring your popcorn bucket in your carry-on bag or personal item.

The good news is that popcorn is light and it won’t add any difference to your luggage weight.

You can also keep your popcorn in your hand while going through the security checkpoint, as many airlines allow you to have additional items in addition to the main carry-on.

If you are going on a long flight, then carry-on luggage is definitely the right option to go for.

As you can always reach into your bag and get a popcorn bag to enjoy during your flight.

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Even unpopped popcorn kernels are allowed in flights in carry-on bags.

The TSA answer about taking unpopped popcorn kernels in carry on

Can You Bring Popcorn In Checked Baggage?

If you are going to bring extra unopened bags of popcorn, then it is preferably to pack them in your checked bag.

There are no quantity limits to the amount of popcorn you can take in checked baggage.

However, ensure that you pack your popcorn and popcorn machine carefully to prevent any possible damage or accidental popping inside your bag.

Even air popper popcorn machines are allowed in checked bags.

The TSA answer about taking popper popcorn machine in carry on and checked baggage

Airlines Rules 

Whether you are flying with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines or JetBlue etc.. all these airlines follow the same TSA rules.

But the only thing that you need to consider is your airline luggage size and weight limits.

Can You Bring Popcorn On a Plane Internationally?

Most countries do allow packaged and processed solid food to enter their territories, except meat and dairy products.

However, It is advisable to pack a reasonable amount of popcorn for personal use when traveling outside the US or to any other country.

Large quantities may raise concerns during the security screenings or at the customs of your destination country. 

Can I Bring Microwave Popcorn On a Plane?

Whether you wanted to bring unopened, stove, or microwave popcorn; you can bring them in carry-on and checked baggage without any issues.

@Shey already got the green light from the TSA customer to bring his microwave popcorn in carry-on.

The TSA answer about taking microwave popcorn in carry on

Final Thoughts 

A popcorn bucket will add a delightful touch to your travel experience. 

And whether you wanted to bring Garrett’s popcorn , Crunchn Munch, or Pop Secret popcorn the TSA and airlines won’t stop you from taking or enjoying any type of these popcorn on your flight.

We hope that you find this helpful.

Happy travels 

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