Can You Take Helium Balloons On a Plane? 2024

Generally you are allowed to bring empty Helium balloons in carry-on and checked baggage in both domestic and international flights. Inflated Helium balloons are allowed also with the TSA but have some restrictions on most airlines.

You will need to double check with your airline, because most of them do not allow inflated helium balloons as they will burst because of the pressure. 

Keep reading to know whether you can bring helium balloons in both carry-on and checked baggage with major airlines.

Let’s dive right in.

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Take Helium Balloons Through The Security Checkpoint

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) did mention empty balloons on its websites which is allowed but there is no information about helium.

Credit The TSA Website

I wanted to know more about taking helium balloons through the security checkpoint and I found some answers on Twitter. 

Turns out that the TSA does not have any problem with them. But Airlines do.

Sara wanted to bring these cute helium balloons for her birthday on Southwest Airlines.

Surprisingly even though the TSA does allow helium balloons, Southwest replied that they do not allow them on board the airplane as they will pop due to pressurization.

Here is a screenshot for the Southwest answer. 

the TSA and southwest answer about traveling with helium balloons
Twitter Credit

American Airlines also do not allow filled helium balloons on board the airplane.

The case here is that even if the security checkpoint permitted helium balloons there is no guarantee that you will be able to take them on board, the airline Will have some issues with them.

I would recommend taking empty balloons and filling them at your destination, that way you won’t be worried about the airline confiscating your balloon.

It may be annoying but most rules are there to protect travelers and avoid any  possible security issues.

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Take Helium Balloons In Checked Baggage

Just like in carry-on luggage empty balloons are permitted  without any restriction, however; filled helium balloons need to be confirmed with the airline as they will deflate inside your checked bag because of the changing  pressure.

As we always preach, keep in mind that placing expensive items along with empty balloons in checked baggage is not recommended.

Checked baggage is more prone to be mishandled, damaged or even missed.

It is more safe to place anything expensive in carry-on baggage, or leave it at home.

Also flying carry-on only will save you money and the hassle of waiting at the luggage claims, ules you really need to have a checked bag.

Will Helium Balloons Explode On A Plane?

Helium gas is nit flammable so it won’t explode.

If a helium ballon is contacted with a heated object it won’t catch a fire but it will just do a small pop just like any other ordinary balloon.

Helium is stable, meaning it is not reactive , even though there are less chance for the balloon to be in contact with heated items on airplanes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you bring helium balloons for a party, a birthday or for your loved ones, Inflated helium balloons are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage according to the TSA, but most airlines have some restrictions on them as they may burst  because of the pressure.

For some items, whatever the TSA says it doesn’t matter, individual airlines have their own regulations and safety rules,so it is better to abide by them.

It is always better to deflate your balloons before heading to the airport.

We hope this helps

Happy travels.

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