Can You Bring a Helmet On a Plane Carry-on / Checked Baggage? 2024

There are different types of helmets.

The TSA states that helmets are good to go on planes in both carry-on and checked bags, but when transported on board the airplanes, you will need to consider your airline’s specific carry-on size and weight limits.

Keep reading to know more about what the TSA says on bringing helmets on planes, whether your helmet will count as a carry-on, and the best way to pack your helmet securely and efficiently.

Let’s dive right in.

Can You Bring a Helmet On a Plane?

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Can You Bring a Helmet Through TSA?

Knowing whether helmets are allowed through the security checkpoint, are best answered by the clerks that regulate what you can and can’t take on the airplanes when traveling within and outside the US ( The Transportation Security Administration).

They have specifically acknowledges football helmets and helmets in general on their website.

“You can bring all types of helmets in both carry-on and checked baggage without any issues”

Here is a screenshot from the website.

taking helmets in carry on and checked baggage TSA Rules
Helmets Carry-on bagsChecked bags
NFL Football HelmetAllowed (but check the carry-on size of your airline)Allowed
Bicycle and Motorcycle HelmetsAllowed ( remove any accessories and ensure it is within the airline size limits )Allowed
Iron Man HelmetAllowed Allowed
Cosplay HelmetAllowed Allowed
Ski HelmetAllowed Allowed
Knight helmetAllowed, but preferred in checked baggage Allowed
Kids helmets Allowed Allowed
The rules for taking different types helmets on planes

Even though the TSA claims that all types of helmets are allowed, if a passenger brings a helmet with a sharp object or an item that sets off the alarm or raises security concerns, there is a higher chance that it will not be permitted on board the airplane.

The TSA claims that the final decision whether an item is permitted or not rests with the security officer searching bags at the airport.

So, if the helmet you want to bring on a plane has sharp attachments like spikes ( for example ), you should pack it in your checked bags.

I checked the TSA social media to find some answers.

William wondered if he could just carry this beautiful HJC helmet on his hand on a plane.

The TSA answer about taking motorcycle helmet on a plane

The TSA customer service replied that motorcycle helmets are allowed through the security checkpoint and don’t need to be in a bag, but he needs to check with the airline regarding the size of carry-on bags and personal items in the cabin of the plane.

Carry-on VS. Checked Baggage

Does A Motorcycle Helmet Count As a Carry On?

Unless you are traveling internationally It’s highly preferable to take your helmet as a carry-on if it fits within your airline carry-on size. 

But in case the helmet does not fit inside your carry-on bag and you take it in your hand, it will be counted either as a carry-on bag or a personal item ( depending on your airline luggage rules ).

This way, you can keep it with you during the journey and ensure it is safe all the time.

However, if your helmet is too large and exceeds the size limits, or you need to take more items like boots, gloves, goggles, or a jacket, you will need to send your helmets as checked baggage. This applies to motorcycle enthusiasts, for instance.

When transporting it in checked baggage ensure that you use a good, protective helmet case to minimize the risk of damage during handling.

It’s important also to note that checked baggage is not always handled carefully on some airlines, so some hard working packing and labeling for your helmet will give you peace of mind and that your helmet will arrive undamaged.

Airlines Rules 

All US major airlines follow the TSA regulations when it comes to bringing helmets on a plane, including United Airlines, Allegiant, Southwest, American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Airlines etc..

However, it’s important to remember that some airlines have different rules regarding how many prices to take, the size and weight of luggage.

For example this is what Frontier customer service replied when Shilpa wanted to bring her kid bike helmet on a frontier flight.

frontier airlines answer about taking helmets as a personal item

Make sure to check and follow the specific weight and size restrictions set by the airline you’re flying with. This way, you can ensure that your helmet is within the allowed limits and avoid any unnecessary charges.

Can You Wear a Motorcycle Helmet On a Plane?

It will be an interesting picture ūüôā

Most airlines do not provide any information regarding wearing helmets on planes.

However, it may be tempting to wear your motorcycle helmet during a flight, it is important to consider its practicality and if you will really feel comfortable doing so.

Wearing a helmet for a long time can be uncomfortable because of the restricted airflow, and the weight of the helmet.

The helmet will make it hard to move freely in case of an evacuation or an emergency situations.

Furthermore; wearing a helmet during a flight may also cause discomfort and inconvenience for fellow passengers ( you will start hearing some confused whispers ).

Overall, it is generally not recommended to wear a motorcycle helmet or any other type of helmet during a flight unless you wanted to snap a picture for fun.

How To Pack Helmets For Air Travel?

Here are some tips to follow to protect and keep your helmet safe during a flight:

1. Detach any accessories: Before heading to the import remove any accessories or attachments such as Bluetooth devices or cameras these items should be packed separately to avoid damage or loss.

2. Use a helmet bag: As I mentioned above, use a helmet bag or a solid bag to protect your helmet especially in checked baggage, ensure that the bag is within the airline size and weight limits.

3. Add some padding: Use more padding, like clothes, towels or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces in the helmet and the bag, this will help prevent the helmet from moving around, being crushed or dented.

Final Thoughts On Taking Helmets On Planes.

You will be fine to carry a helmet on a flight in both carry-on and checked bags.

But if you have a large helmet that doesn’t fit inside your carry-on bag, you will need to confirm with your airline if they are going to count it as a piece of carry-on.

When transported in checked luggage, ensure that you do some additional packing, to avoid any potential damage to the hamlet during transport.

We hope this helps .

Happy travels 

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