How To Make Your Luggage Stand Out?

So how to make your luggage stand out? and what to put on luggage to make it stand out?

You don’t want to ignore a suitcase on the carousel because you are not sure if it is yours.

So if you are afraid to not distinguish your suitcase from others at the airport, then make it  identifiable.

If you are always looking to make your luggage unique, colorful, not just to be recognized in the luggage carousel or to avoid lost luggage, but also to feel that your luggage is just unique and beautiful.

This is how to make your luggage stand out.

Let’s dive right in.

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Summary – How to make luggage stand out

  1. Use A Unique Luggage Tag
  2. Use different Tape or a scarf
  3. Design a pattern
  4. Use stickers
  5. Sew Patches
  6. Paint your suitcase
  7. Use a luggage cover
  8. Wrap it up in plastic
  9. Use luggage straps
  10. Personalize Your Luggage

What Is The Best Color For Luggage?

There is no best color for a bag, but if you want to have a unique style and make your bag unique, Any unusual color with a bright or different pattern will be good, it will make your travel easy, especially at the airport.

You may notice that many people are hardly recognizing their bags on the carousel with other dark green bags. Retrieving your laptop from security will even be more stressful, since there were many bags with identical looking laptops.

How To Identify My luggage?

Adding patterns to your bag or patches can help in rapid identification of your bag. add a few patches of various countries or places you like on each side of your bag plus different colored handles (wraps, old scraps of cloth, color string).

that will help your bag to be identified easily, and it will Rarely be taken by someone instead of his bag

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Ways to make your luggage stand out?

1.Use a luggage cover

Luggage covers are another savvy way to make your suitcase stand out at the airport, in addition they are scratch resistant and make it unique and beautiful.

Most passengers use luggage protector covers that will protect their bags against scratches and dirt, especially expensive suitcases.

The good thing about luggage covers is that they can be used in any suitcase.

2. Use A Unique Luggage Tag

Replace the airline luggage tag with your customized one, make an unusual, handwritten one, preferably one with bright colors—or even the little-cat luggage tag. It will put a name to the bag.

And it will do so in a distinctive way. funny tags makes for a good laugh and provides easy instructions to baggage handlers.

How can I make my luggage unique
I made this for my suitcase to make it stand out with a design tool 😀

3. Use different Tape or a scarf

Find a bright color type,and wrap your suitcase handles. It is obvious that you will grab your suitcase handles first anytime you reach out to it, and the type will identify your bag.

You will quickly know if the bag is yours or not because of the brightly colored tape, it will be hard to miss during those rush moments at the baggage carousels.

4.Design a pattern

Designing a pattern of your own as mentioned above, is a good idea to make your luggage unique, there are out there so many types of type or collage patterns.

writing your name on the tape, or print out a big portrait of your cat or dog. its almost anybody owns a pet, but only few of us will use them to identify their luggage.

5.Use stickers

Stickermule has some of the best stickers in the market, you can order a pack for 1$ and make your suitcase stand out and identifiable.

This way you can put the sticker of your favorite pet, or place.

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6.Sew Patches

If you have a soft side suitcase, sew some patches in front of your suitcase, you can take ideas from other bags and make some changes, or add your name.

7.Paint your suitcase

This may seem a different idea, however if you have a hard shell suitcase and you are an artist or you just want to try some are, start with your suitcase.

You can Paint some patterns, your spirit animal, your family crest, flowers, or whatever inspires you. make sure your pattern and color are something you spot from a distance.

8.Wrap it up in plastic

Another simple solution.

Using plastic will make your suitcase identifiable and protected in the meantime.

You can either find a colored film at home and use it or you can use one at the airport.

The service is offered in some airports, using this technique will also prevent your luggage from attempting to be opened.

The only con of this is that the airport security will need to open your suitcase, make sure to consider it when wrapping your bag,and most of the time they will not wrap it back.

9. Use Luggage Straps

Luggage straps can be used to make your suitcase secured and protected,, meanwhile make it unique and easy to spot at the luggage carousels.

another good thing about luggage straps is, they are stylish and they will give a vibe to your suitcase, and if you are traveling with more than two bags you can use them also to connect your bags together.

10.Personalize Your Luggage

There are so many ways to decorate and make your luggage stand out , add patterns and print yourself in software designs like Photoshop or Adobe illustrator or other online tools.

However , if you are not familiar with these programs, you can choose your suitcase colors on websites like Roam and make a beautiful combination for your bag.

Roam Luggage is one of the websites where you can choose your suitcases colors.

Here is how it works:

1.Choose a size

How can I make my luggage unique-2 a front shell color

How can I make my luggage unique a back shell color

How can I make my luggage unique-4

4.Select a trim color

How can I make my luggage unique

5.Add a free monogram

How can I make my luggage unique

Final Thoughts

One of the good ways to make your luggage stand out is using a luggage cover or some colorful stickers.

It is one of the simplest as well as one of the cheapest things you can do.

You can choose a design you like, a country or a beautiful scenery.

Some other passengers like to use stickers, and if you don’t want to print a sticker you can find one in your local store or on Amazon.

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