What Can I Use Instead Of a Suitcase?

So what can you use instead of a suitcase? and what is the best replacement for a suitcase?

Suitcases are most likely and preferred when you are heading to a single destination, However there are so many alternatives to use instead of a suitcase, if you see that you don’t need it, or you want to take more baggage with you.

If you don’t want to travel or use the most common type of luggage, you don’t want to be caught in the airport with a few additional pounds, or inches. 

In this guide on What you can use instead of a suitcase with a focus on the airplane side, we will give you some best types of luggage and alternatives to use instead of a suitcase.

However; it is not always necessary to give up your suitcase, because the type of luggage you should travel with depends on your travel details, such as destination airline, and trip duration.

So Here Is Some Of The Best Suitcase Alternatives

1. A backpack

What can I use instead of a suitcase
Suitcase alternative – A backpack / image: Pixabay

According to Statista the global backpack market was estimated to be worth around 17.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and was forecast to reach a value of 20.4 billion U.S. in the next few years.

This is because it is a preferred suitcase alternative, and a choice for short weekends and trips. 

Easy to carry and take my specific gear, and even easy to store in the airplane, you don’t need to check in it as it is always in compliance with the airlines carry luggage policy.

A good small Backpack is a good alternative for a suitcase when you plan on traveling to hard to reach places, such as mountains and camps.

Do Airlines Allow Backpacks?

Most airlines allow guests to bring with them a carry-on luggage and a personal item, a backpack, laptop bag, purse, briefcase, shopping bag, etc. 

And the most important is your backpack must be a bit smaller, and the dimensions of your backpack can fit underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.

Is It Better To Travel With A Backpack Or Suitcase?

A backpack Is a great choice.

But for me I use a backpack only for short trips.

But the best way to know is to try it out, see if your backpack will handle all the items you want to travel with.

If you have a larger backpack, that means you will have more space and more pockets, and it is way easier to move freely with a backpack than a suitcase.

suggested for you:

2. A Duffel Bag

  What can I use instead of a suitcase duffel
Suitcase alternative – A duffel bag / image: Pixabay

If you have a small duffel bag and it is within your airline luggage size and weight policy, you won’t have any problem taking it onboard the airplane.

in other ways if it’s too large or too heavy, it will be subject to checked baggage rules.

A duffel bag is a great alternative to a suitcase as it is cheap and easy to carry around in one hand and it is close to the suitcase capacity.

Do Airlines Allow Duffel Bags?

Yes as long as your duffel bag is within the airline luggage policy size and weight requirement.

You can take your duffel bag on board the airplane as carry-on luggage as it is no more 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (for most flights).

Are Duffle Bags Better Than Suitcases?

To know if a duffel bag is better than a suitcase depends on your needs, and the amount of items you want to travel with.

For some travelers a suitcase is a better option than a duffel. Easier to pack, move around, and secure. It’s simply a more practical piece of luggage for almost every traveler.

For others a duffel bag is better, because it can be stored anywhere as it is light and more spacious.

3. A Cardboard Box

What can I use instead of a suitcase- cardboard box
Suitcase alternative – A cardboard box / image: Pixabay

A cardboard box can be a good alternative if you don’t want to take your suitcase as it is easy to carry and light in addition that the capacity of a card-box can be adjusted, can be used one time and you don’t need to worry if it breaks.

  • Your items are safely held together inside.
  • It is solid – especially if you wrap it in plastic.

Do Airlines Allow a Cardboard Box?

We’ve already researched if you can take a box as checked baggage, and most airlines allow you to check in a box, like a regular suitcase, however some exceptions apply.

Most airlines will not refuse to carry a cardboard box, as long as it fits the required dimensions. And by experience, I can tell you I have not had any problem so far.

4. A Tot Bag

Suitcase alternative - A tote bag
Suitcase alternative – A tote bag / courtesy of Amazon

If you have one you probably know the amount of items you can stack in your tote bag, it’s the perfect handler for all your essentials items.

You can place everything in one roomy Tote bag and take it instead of a suitcase (we’re talking wallet, passport, phone, headphones, tablet, book, scarf, sweater, toiletry bag, water bottle, snacks — don’t forget the snacks!, and even a travel pillow), grab it, and go.

What’s amazing about using a tote bag instead of a suitcase is they are affordable,fit easily under the seat, it holds a lot and they are sturdy.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of alternatives that you can use instead of a suitcase, and all of them can offer unique benefits depending on your trip and travel situation.

Duffel bags, backpacks, tote bags, and even boxes are all good alternatives that can replace a traditional suitcase.

When you choose an alternative, ensure to consider some factors like, durability, size, and ease of transport.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels