Can You Bring Baby Toys On A Plane 2024?

Taking the right baby toys on a flight is important as they can provide a source of entertainment for your kid especially on a long flight.

But can you take baby toys on a plane? And are battery operated toys allowed in flight?

You can take a regular baby toys on a plane as long as they do not have a weapon shape, contains flammable ingredients or banned chemicals, however; you may be asked to remove any toys from your bag to be screened separately at the security checkpoint.

Keep reading for more answers about taking baby and kids toys on planes and some best toys to take along with you.

Let’s dive right in.

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The TSA And Baby Toys

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) didn’t specify any rules about kids toys on its website but apparently any kind of regular and safe baby toys can go on a plane in either carry on and checked baggage.

Toy guns are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage, but have special instructions.

But for safety purposes there is a good chance the TSA agent will prohibit your toy if it resembles a real weapon, such as Squirt guns, Nerf guns, toy swords, hand grenades.

So most of the time you will be required to transport them in your checked baggage.

If you are taking a toy present for your little one, it is better to not fully wrap it before you place it inside your suitcase, the security officer may want to know what is inside the box, and sometimes that may even include opening the box.

Please note that the final decision whether an item is allowed or not is for the TSA officer searching your bags at the security checkpoint, if they consider an item as a threat or dangerous item there is more chance they won’t allow it on the airplane.


Can You Take Toys With Batteries In Checked Baggage?

Battery operated toys are allowed in flight in checked baggage and in carry on luggage, but toys with removable batteries are likely to be lithium ion and they must go only in your carry on baggage.

It is preferred to take toys with batteries in the cabin rather than checked baggage. they will be more safe and accessible for your baby.

If you want to take extra toys it is better to bring many options, so you can figure out what kind will make your baby or kid entertained during the flight.

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Taking Other Baby Toys In Checked Baggage

Toys are permitted in checked baggage in almost any airline, just ensure that your toys are packed neatly, safely and are protected in a way they can withstand the hits of the luggage handlers and the transit.

If you bring gift toys it is just a good idea to take them onboard the airplane.

You never know what you will need to keep your kids entertained during the flight, also It could be a delayed flight or your checked bag will go missing.

How Do You Keep Kids Busy On A Plane?

Playing games and taking toys can make your kids busy on a plane, However sometimes you just want to try something different especially on long flights, and one of the best games i like to play with my kids is chess, if you want to engage with them it’s probably one of the best and fun activities out there.

However it is possible to get bored, but chess will help strengthen your kids brain and thinking ability.

In addition to toys and games, colorful books can make them busy too, books with exercises that recommend more time to solve can be also entertained.

How To Take Your Child Toys?

Traveling with a large number of toys will require some prior planning, and we’ve found that using a toy travel bag like this Creative QT Slide Away On-The-Go Mini Toy Bag will keep all the toys in one place in addition your infants will play with whatever they want.

When you want to leave the plane you don’t need to worry about where to put your baby toys, in addition a travel bag will hold more than enough toys for your baby to enjoy during the flight.

You can also use a small infant backpack, small backpacks are cute in addition they can be used for toys, food or any other item.

Final Thoughts: Can you Take Baby Toys On A Plane?

Playing is a necessary part for your kids to grow, and nothing opens children’s creativity like new experiences and toys.

As long as there are no restrictions on traveling with toys, be sure to select some best baby travel toys for your kid age and bring them with you on your next flight.

You can also refer to this article on choosing safe toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers (By ) for a couple of guidelines to help you pick the right toys for your kid.

Happy travels.

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