Can You Bring a Lightsaber On a Plane? 2024

Lightsabers are cool items to have, and whether you wanted to bring a lightsaber from Disneyland back home or just take one when you travel, you might be wondering if you can bring a lightsaber on a plane or not.

According to TSA regulation, you can bring lightsabers on planes in both your carry on and checked bags, however; the TSA security officers have the full discretion to allow or deny any item on board the airplane if they find it a dangerous item.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with lightsabers on planes in both domestic and international flights.

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Can You Bring Disney Lightsaber On Plane?

The TSA didn’t specifically mention Disney lightsabers on its website, but generally all types of lightsabers are permitted through the security checkpoint.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA official website:

TSA lightsaber rules
TSA light sabers

There are some things that you need to take into consideration like the lightsaber size and weight.

Most lightsabers are lightweight but some of them are large and that may affect where to place them.

@Will wanted to know if a Disney lightsaber is permitted to carry on.


The TSA customer service replied, lightsabers are not specifically mentioned in their prohibited items, but the security officers have full discretion to decide whether an item is allowed or not at the security checkpoint.

Confusing right!!

This is because some types of lightsabers have a weapon replica, and even though the TSA didn’t list them as dangerous items, the guys at the airport won’t let them on board.

For example a lightsaber that looks like a real sword, will not be okay to take on board as it can be used as a bludgeon.

Lightsaber stands are permitted to carry on board with no restrictions or quantity limits in domestic flight.


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How To Fly With Disney Lightsabers?


Where possible small lightsabers are best when transported in carry-on baggage.

Even though some types of lightsabers are sturdier, but most of them are breakable and should be treated carefully.

If you are traveling with a large piece that will not fit as a carry-on bag, you can find a way to pack it neatly and place it inside your checked bag or use a solid lightsaber carrying case.

It is better to remove any batteries and take them in carry-on baggage to avoid the lightsaber being turned on accidentally .

Take Lightsabers In Checked Baggage 

In general any type of lightsabers are permitted in checked bags, but as I mentioned above small items are better if transported in carry-on baggage.

On the other hand you can send metal and large lightsabers that won’t fit inside your carry-on in checked baggage.

Unlike knives there are no specific requirements from the TSA to follow when packing a lightsaber.

But you need to neatly protect it, wrap it with clothes and other items to prevent any possible damage or or injuries of baggage handlers and inspectors.

Airlines Rules

All the US airlines follow the TSA regulations.

So as long as the TSA allows lightsabers or any item in general, you will be able to bring them with any airline, including American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Delta Airlines, Southwest, Spirit Airlines, Frontier, Allegiant Air and any other major airlines.

The TSA didn’t regulate the size or weight of the item, ensure that the size of your item is within the airline limits.

 Final Thoughts 

There are no quantity limits on how many lightsabers you can bring on a plane for personal use.

While you are permitted  to bring any type of lightsabers in both carry-on and checked baggage, it is better to place a heavy metal replicate lightsabers in checked baggage.

For international flights you will need to check your destination country’s customs and rules.

If you are heading to a certain country with a load of toy lightsabers it will look like you will sell them for a profit, so a tax fee will be applied for each piece.

Also do not forget to remove any batteries from your lightsaber to avoid it being turned on during the flight.

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