Can You Bring Playdoh On A Plane? 2024

Traveling with toddlers has its challenges but taking a can of Play-Doh or slime is a great way to keep them entertained. But can you bring PlayDoh on a plane?

Here is a quick answer: You can ✓.

Play Doh is allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage on flights within the United states, the TSA and most airlines do not have any restrictions on them, so you are free to bring any amount you want; The only thing you need to consider is your airline luggage size and weight limits.

Keep reading because we compiled everything you need to know about traveling with Play Doh in both carry on and checked baggage.

Let’s dive right in.


Is Playdough A Liquid? 

What do the TSA say?


Even though Play Doh comes in different shapes and forms the TSA ( The Transportation Security Administration ) does not consider them a liquid.

So you don’t need to worry whether you bring a 20 oz modeling compound or 3.2 oz slime Neon orange single can.

All of these types are good to go on board the airplane according to the TSA.

Here is  what they have to say on their  website.


As the TSA always claimed, even if the item is not mentioned on their prohibited items list the security officer always has full discretion to decide whether an item is allowed or not.

That is why It is best to always keep your Play Doh in its original packaging, so the security officer will know easily what is inside the container and its components.
Also the key here is how you talk with the security officer, use your communication skills and convince them that the item is safe.

In case your Play Doh gets transferred to a checked bag, you can ask the flight attendant if they have any available toys on your flight. Most airlines offer a children’s travel kit to keep kids engaged and inspired while they fly.

Take Play Doh In Carry-on Luggage

All types of Play Doh and modeling clay are permitted in hand luggage.

The material that the Play Doh is made from doesn’t matter. 

Here is an answer from the TSA customer service to Cassandra who wanted to bring these two containers on board to entertain her kids.


Even Play Doh scissors are okay to bring if their blades are 4 inches or less from the pivot point.


Most Play Doh cans are small and can be placed easily in a carry-on bag or a personal item.

But when your ticket has only one personal item ( and you are not traveling with a child ), You may not have enough space, but you can still find a way to fit it inside your bag.

If you are traveling with a child you will need to place the Play Doh in an accessible place to make it easy to reach ( you can place it in a child diaper along with other items).

But there have been a couple of reports of Play Doh being confiscated by the TSA officer at the airport security.


Take Play Doh In Checked Baggage

You can pack filled containers of Play Doh in checked luggage in both domestic and international flights.

In  fact the TSA advises passengers to place molding clay in checked baggage, especially if you are not traveling with a child.

The TSA agent may do some additional screening to your Play Doh container and if they see that the item should not go on board the airplane, you will be required to transfer it to a checked bag or abandon it at the security checkpoint.

Play Doh are mostly marketed toward kids above 2 years, if you are not traveling with a child and you want to bring a large amount of Play Doh it is recommended to place it in a checked bag.

Just keep in mind that checked baggage has more chances to be damaged or even disappeared, so if you have something expensive it is better to take with you your hand luggage.

How To Protect Play-Doh When Traveling?

Play Doh comes in solid cans and they don’t need any added protection, however, if you want to ensure that you properly protect your tube or the container, you can place the item inside a clear plastic bag and put it in your bag, especially if you want to send them in checked baggage.

Final Thoughts 

The TSA and most airplanes have no problems traveling with Play Doh in both hand and checked baggage.

Even though there are some debates on whether they will pass the security checkpoint or not, there have been some cases when the TSA advised passengers to place any type of molded clay in their checked bags.

So no matter what the TSA customer service says on Twitter, the final decision will rest with the TSA officer that inspects your bag at the security checkpoint

We hope this helps 

Happy travels