Does southwest have TVs ?

So does southwest have TVs?

Southwest Airlines has a range of free inflight entertainment.

You can bring your device on board and connect, watch your favorite movies, TV shows or play a game.

However ; Southwest airlines do not have TVs or seatback screens on its airplane, though if you bring your phone, tablet or computer you can enjoy a wide range of free inflight entertainment.

And with the wide variety of new releases southwest offer , and long-time guests favorites, all movies are viewable right in your device – no downloads or sign-ups required.

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Does Southwest Have Seatback Screens/ courtesy of southwest

How to watch entertainment on Southwest Airlines?

To watch entertainment on board southwest airlines, first you will need to turn on your WIFI.

Head to your phone or tablet Settings. Switch your device to Airplane Mode, then turn your WiFi on.

Choose Southwest WiFi from your Wifi network list. A new page will appear with a link to or with an option to copy the URL. Click on the link or copy it into your browser.

If the Inflight Entertainment Portal doesn’t load automatically, type into the address bar.

Switch to wifi icon

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity!

How do I pay for WiFi on Southwest Airlines?

you can pay for wifi on southwest airlines by purchasing an internet package for $8 per day per device to access the internet. You can purchase messaging capabilities for $2 per day per device. The charge to rent a movie is $5 per day per device. Southwest also offers free live and on demand TV plus music through their inflight entertainment portal

Pro Tip: you can Write all of your emails and send them from the ground and save $8.00, while still getting work done.

How do I find movies on the Southwest app?

To find movies on the Southwest app, first download the southwest app on your mobile or tablet, from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store before your flight.

Access in the Inflight Entertainment Portal to stay connected while you are flying. service only allows access to iMessage and WhatsApp (must be downloaded before the flight).

Does Southwest Airlines have inflight entertainment
Southwest Airlines inflight entertainment (image courtesy Southwest)

Does southwest have TVs ?

According to Southwest, passengers must bring their devices on board, like phones, tablets, and notebooks that are compatible with Southwest Inflight Entertainment Portal. 

We do not have seatback screens or devices for rental. Be sure to bring your fully charged device onboard with you! Headphones are required whenever a Customer is listening to any audio.


Can you watch Southwest movies on your laptop?

Yes,you can you watch southwest movies on your laptop:

  • Laptops and Macs
    Operating System: Windows 7 and above; OSX 10.11 and above
    Browser: Most recent version in addition to one previous version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac only), and Edge (Windows only)
  • iOS Mobile and Tablets
    Operating System: iOS 12 and above; iPadOS 13 and above.
  • Android Mobile and Tablets
    Operating System: Android 8.0 and above. 

Does Southwest have free WiFi?

WiFi coverage may not be available for the duration of your flight to/from our international destinations. You will receive notification via the Inflight Entertainment Portal during your flight, however, with information regarding when we anticipate a loss of coverage.

Will I be able to recharge my device onboard?

Southwest do not currently offer onboard power. However, with the recent redesign of southwest gate areas, you can charge your device(s) at southwest power stations, where available, prior to your flight.

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