Can You Bring Bath Bombs On A Plane? 2024

Fizzy bath products or bath bombs come in a variety of scents, colors, and shapes ( like donuts ) and can make your or your kids’ bath time an enjoyable experience.

However, if you are planning to travel with your favorite bath bombs, you may be wondering if they are allowed on planes. 

Here is the quick answer: Bath bombs are allowed on planes in both carry on and checked baggage, bath bombs are not considered liquids so you don’t need to worry about the TSA liquid rules.

In this blog post, we will discuss the TSA regulations for bath bombs and provide tips for traveling with them.

Let’s dive right in.


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Can You Bring Bath Bombs Through The TSA Checkpoint?

The TSA regulates what to take on planes within and from the United States, and according to them bath bombs are considered solid items so there are no restrictions on taking them through the security checkpoint. 

And there are no limits to the amount you can bring on board the airplane.

They do not have any information about bath bombs in their website, but I found this answer from the AskTSA customer service:

Emily asked the TSA if she is allowed to bring a bath bomb in carry-on, which is not actually a bomb.

They replied that bath bombs and bath products in general are good to go in carry-on bags without any restrictions.


Even though the TSA stated that if an item has a weapon shape, or replicate a real weapon will not be permitted, this does not apply to bath bombs.

Just ensure to not mention the “B” word while you are at the security checkpoint, use bath products or Fizzie products instead .

The security officers may want to perform an additional inspection for your bag, but you don’t need to take them out from your carry-on bag, unless the TSA officer asks you to do so.

So it is better if you organize your items prior to your flight and pack your bath bombs separately, this to avoid obstructing the x-ray screening from scanning what is inside your bag.

Can you Bring Bath Bombs In Checked Baggage?

Bath bombs are allowed in checked baggage with no quantity restrictions, however; if transported in checked bags, it is recommended to wrap them in a hard box, or you can use a sealable plastic bag.

Bath bombs are sensitive and can break easily so without proper packing you will find them fall apart and even make a mess inside your bag.

This is because there is a chance that your checked suitcase will be tossed around by baggage handlers.

For international flights there are no restrictions on taking a reasonable amount for personal use to your destination, but avoid taking large amounts or quantities of bath bombs, it will look like you are planning to sell them, they may be confiscated or you’ll need to pay tax.

How Do You Pack A Bath Bomb In a Suitcase?

Bath bombs can break and be damaged during transportation, follow these tips to make sure your bath products arrive at your destination in one piece:

  • Take travel friendly bath bombs: If you are planning to take bath bombs you can go for solid and sturdy ones with a hard box, which are likely to stay intact during travel, it is better to avoid any bath bombs that have delicate shapes.
  • Pack them carefully: wrap each piece of bath bomb in a plastic wrap and separate them, you can also use bubble wrap or tissue paper to cushion them.
  • When transported in checked baggage use a hardened suitcase: hard sided suitcase provides more protection compared to a soft sided one, you can just place the bath bombs in the middle of the suitcase and surround them with clothing and you are good to go.
  • Consider some alternatives: if you are concerned that your bath bombs won’t make it or that you want to try something else, you can use other travel friendly bath products like bath salts or shower gel.

Final Thoughts 

Even though bath bombs can be turned into a liquid, as long as they are intact and dry they are allowed on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage without any limits.

But it is important to pack them properly to avoid any damage, by using a solid bag especially when transported in checked baggage.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels

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