Can You Bring Pads and Tampons On a Plane? 2024

When it comes to hygiene products, it can be confusing to know what is permitted on a plane and what isn’t. 

Here is a quick answer: Sanitary pads and tampons are allowed on planes, in both carry-on and checked bags without any restrictions, you can also wear your tampons or sanitary pads through the security checkpoint without any issues.

Keep reading to know more about bringing tampons and sanitary pads on planes and some travel friendly alternatives.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can I Wear a Tampon Through TSA Airport Security?

The Transportation Security Administration on taking tampons through the security checkpoint are pretty clear.

Passengers are allowed to bring tampons and any type of personal hygiene items through the security checkpoint without any restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website about tampons:

TSA rules on tampons

Even tough they didn’t mention anything about wearing tampons or sanitary pads in the screenshot.

It doesn’t make sense to ask passengers to not wear tampons before going through the security checkpoint. 

Elizabeth already asked the TSA about wearing pads through the security checkpoint.

TSA answer on taking feminine hygiene products through the security checkpoint

And they say ” No worries feminine hygiene products may be worn through the security checkpoint”.

Sometimes the TSA agent may ask for additional screening or even a path down performed by a woman, especially if something set off the alarm.

Tampons will not set off the TSA alarm, but just ensure to empty your pockets from any metal objects or electronics that may cause the beep or eve a path down.

You don’t need to worry also if you are traveling internationally.

@Shah wanted to know if it is allowed to take sanitary pads on international flights, where to place them and if there is any limits.

They replied that sanitary pads are allowed in carry on and checked bags without any quantity limits.

TSA answer on taking sanitary pads in carry on and checked bags

Can You Bring a Whole Box Of Tampons On a Plane?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of tampons you can bring on a plane, but if you are planning to bring several large boxes, you will need to consider your airline luggage size and weight limits.

The best way to travel with feminine products is in a carry-on bag or personal item.

If you place your hygiene products in your carry-on and the bag is gate checked ensure that you place them in your personal item instead.

Does the TSA Know When You’re On Your Period?

No, airport scanners do not detect body parts or blood.

Even though there are different kinds of screening equipment, there is nothing to worry about most airport scanners are made to detect dangerous and prohibited items, like weapons and explosives.

Tips For Carrying Tampons And Sanitary Pads On a Plane

If you’re carrying tampons or sanitary pads on a plane, here are some tips to follow to help you travel with these items:

Place your pads or tampons in a sealable plastic bag: When I travel I always toss my tampons in a plastic bag, so I can easily find them. I also take some additional plastic bags in case I want to dispose  them.

Pack additional tampons in checked baggage: if you don’t want to take a large box in your carry-on, you can take only a few pieces in your personal item and pack the rest in your checked bag. Always pack additional pieces for unexpected delays or changes to your travel plans.

Don’t hide your pads or tampons at the security checkpoint: there is nothing to worry about, hiding them may indicate a false impression that you are hiding something which may lead to additional screening.

Consider Alternatives: if you don’t want to stress yourself with the traditional tampons you can go for travel-friendly menstrual products such as menstrual cups, period underwear, and reusable pads. 

What Are Some Alternatives To Carrying Tampons And Sanitary Pads On a Plane?

If you prefer not to bring tampons or sanitary pads on a plane, here are some travel-friendly alternative options:

  • Menstrual cups: Menstrual cups are small, reusable cups made of silicone or latex, they are easy to use when traveling, you can always reuse the cups which is a huge advantage.
  • Period underwear: Period underwear is underwear with a built-in absorbent layer that can replace or supplement tampons, pads and cups. They are washable and reusable and can be a great option when traveling .
  • Reusable pads: Reusable pads are cloth pads that can be washed and reused, they come in different sizes and absorbency and can be a great replacement to disposable pads when traveling.
  • You can use an electric heated pads: placing a a heating pad on your lower abdomen may ease menstrual cramps.

Final Thoughts 

You can freely bring and wear your tampons through the security checkpoint without any issues.

You can carry tampons without a bag, however, it’s recommended to pack them in a clear plastic bag or a decorative case and separate them from other items for ease of screening. 

When wearing tampons ensure that you remove any metals from your pockets to avoid a pat down at the airport.

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