Can You Bring An Inhaler On A Plane? 2024

Inhalers are considered a medical necessity on most airlines.

Therefore, the TSA and most airlines permit them in both carry-on and checked baggage without any restrictions.

Inhalers are good to go through the security checkpoint, and they do not need to follow the TSA liquid rule.

You don’t need to place them in a quart size bag, the only thing you need to consider is to remove it from your bag and place it in a separate bin for further inspection.

So in this post, i’m going to go over the rules for flying with inhalers (Ventolin, Albuterol and others ) in both domestic and international flights, and if an inhaler will explode on a plane.

Let’s dive right in.

Bring an inhaler on a plane
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Can I Take My Inhaler Through Airport Security?

As I pointed out above you can bring your inhaler through the security checkpoint.

As soon as the security officer greets you, inform them that you have your medical item.

This will help you alleviate any likely delays at the security checkpoint.

The TSA do not emphasize inhalers to be in their original box or to have a prescription, even though they prefer medical items to be transported in their original packaging.

The TSA do not have a specific amount or the number of inhalers you can take, but it must be a reasonable amount of medications.

Meaning you will need to take only what you will need.

Here is what the TSA say about traveling with inhalers.

Take inhaler through airport security / The TSA website

Sara watend to know if Metered dose inhaler in her carry on bag.

The TSA gave her the green light that this type of inhalers are allowed in carry on bags.


Do Inhalers Count As Liquids On Planes?

No .

Even though the TSA liquid rule is applied for aerosols , Inhalers are exclude as they are necessary medical items.

So you don’t need to stress yourself about your inhaler, you don’t need to pack it either with other liquids.

And you don’t even need to travel with it in its original package.


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Take Inhalers In Checked Baggage?

The most important part when traveling with medications, is to keep them in reach.

Placing any medications in checked baggage means that you will not have access to them until you get to your final destination. But if you wanted to place an extra item inside your checked bag that’s an exception. 

Also if you are worried that your checked bag will be tossed around and there is a possibility some damage will be occurred or even lost, you should not place any sensitive items on it.

So the ideal place to put your inhaler is inside your personal item or your purse.

Will An Inhaler Explode On A Plane?

The security in the air travel industry is a never-ending battle.

That is why the TSA and most airlines have strict rules for aerosol cans, and liquids in general.

I did the research to find out if an inhaler will explode on a plane and it turned out that they are safe.

And according to John M. James, MD, the President of Food Allergy Consulting and Education Services, LLC, the inhaler will explode only if contacted with extensive hit.

So It doesn’t matter if they are transported on board or in the hold in a checked bag.

As long as the temperature in the airplanes is cool you don’t need to worry about anything.

Bring A Peak Flow Meter And A Nebulizer On A Plane?

Both a peak flow meter and a nebulizer are permitted on planes, however;  these items will be subject for additional screening.

So you will need to remove them from your bag at the security checkpoint, and place them in a separate tray.

If you want to take these items to a different country it is better to contact your airline, hit them with a message even though most of the time they will allow them..

But to avoid any surprise it is preferable to contact  your airline prior to heading to the airport.

Final Thoughts

For some passengers taking an inhaler or other medical items on a plane is confusing, but as a general rule medication items are more lenient to travel with.

It doesn’t matter if your are traveling with a Metered dose inhaler or dry powder inhaler the rules are the same.

Most airport security and airlines want you to always have your medication handy in case you need them.

At the security checkpoint you will need to inform the security officer that you have your inhaler with you and take it out from your bag.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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