Can You Bring Melatonin On a Plane 2024? TSA Rules

Melatonin or as some people call it the internal clock, helps with delayed sleep, jet lag and other conditions like having a surgery. And If it is a part of your traveling checklist, you may wonder if you can bring melatonin with you on a plane.

And here is the short answer.

Melatonin is in pills and gummies form are allowed in both carry on and check baggage without any restrictions, also; melatonin in liquid form do not need to follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule. 

Sounds good?

Let’s dive right in. Starting with the TSA rules.

Important: please note that this post is about traveling with melatonin on planes, to decide whether you can have melatonin or not should be determined by a doctor or health expert especially during a flight.

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Take Melatonin Gummies And Oil Through The TSA Checkpoint

As we have pointed out above the TSA stated that both solid and liquid medications are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage without any restrictions.

Gummies and pill medications do not have quantity limits, through the security checkpoint.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website.

Medication pills.


Here are the liquid rules.


If you are traveling with melatonin oil you don’t need to worry about the size of the bottle, but you will need to take a reasonable quantity.

Also, you will need to inform the TSA officer at the security checkpoint that you have liquid medications, and you will need to remove them from your bag.

Even melatonin aromatherapy vaporizers are permitted through the security checkpoint.


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Can You Bring Melatonin In Checked Baggage?

Yes you can bring melatonin gummies in a checked bag without any issues, and you don’t either need to declare medication at the airport.

Although, it is not recommended to place any mediation in checked baggage.


Can You Take Melatonin On An International Flight?

Melatonin is a common medication used around the globe and taking it to other countries is more lenient.

In the US and Australia it is an over-the-counter medication but requires a prescription in other parts of the world, especially in Europe.

But it is better to know the exact rules of your destination countries, because you may need to consider having a prescription or to place an extra bottle in your checked bag.

Can You Bring Melatonin On a Plane: The Final Thoughts

Now as you know that you can bring melatonin in both hand and checked baggage.

Please note that we are not medical experts but melatonin may have some side effects especially if this is your first time traveling with it. So ensure that you consult a doctor or do a thorough research before you make your decision.

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