10 Best Luggage Brands With Lifetime Warranty

A suitcase with lifetime warranty worth a fortune as it provides peace of mind and a high protection for your belongings.

Even though luggage can be expensive, but a lifetime warranty ensures that if something goes wrong with your suitcase, the manufacturer will repair or replace it without any additional costs.

Also this will eliminates the need to pay for a new suitcase or repair the luggage yourself. Additionally, a lifetime warranty indicates that the manufacturer takes the durability and quality of their luggage seriously.

We’ve rounded up a handy-dandy list of 13 luggage brands with unconditional and lifetime warranty you will never regret obtaining one of their suitcases.

Let’s dive right in.

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The Difference Between Unconditional Lifetime Warranty And Limited Lifetime Warranty

Before we dive into the best luggage warranty, first you will need to know the difference between the two types of lifetime warranty.

  • Limited lifetime warranty : the most common one, this warranty covers only manufacturing defects and there are a large number of brands that offer it especially for expensive products. This warranty will not cover airline damage, trains or any other damage caused by accidents.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty: this warranty is offered by few brands like Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek and Patagonia , and it covers all the manufacturing defects and any other type of accidents or damage, the brand will repair the bag and they don’t care if your suitcase is damaged with an airline or in a train or any other reason.

Both warranties are good, even the 10 years warranty is better than five or two years warranty, because airline luggage damage is not something that is occurring frequently, and as long as you protect your suitcase well you don’t have to worry.

However, I will always prefer to go with the second one, unconditional lifetime warranty, as a frequent traveler, even though their suitcases will be a bit pricey.

Here Is The Luggage Brands Before We Go To The Details

Even though some of these luggage brands can be a little high-priced, with their lifetime warranty it is worth the amount you invest on them, even if you find cheaper alternatives with no extended warranty.

If you are a frequent traveler, or someone traveling for business, I highly recommend investing in one of these guys.

The brands are listed according to our favorites.

Briggs & RileyUnconditional lifetime warranty
AwayLimited lifetime warranty
Travelprolimited lifetime warranty
NomaticUnconditional lifetime warranty
Red OxxUnconditional lifetime warranty
OspreyUnconditional lifetime warranty
Eagle CreekUnconditional lifetime warranty
PatagoniaUnconditional lifetime warranty
Delseylimited lifetime warranty
Thulelimited lifetime warranty

1.Briggs & Riley


Brigs & Riley was established in 1993 and it is known with its durable suitcases.

It is also a trend and the luggage choice for pilots and airlines crews, and if you are a frequent traveler Briggs & Riley is the way to go.

Brigs and Riley warranty has offered one of the best lifetime warranty ever.

The reason why Briggs & Riley tops this list of luggage brands with lifetime warranty is that their warranty covers almost any kind of defects, manufacturing, and even airline damage that some other luggage brands won’t cover.

To benefit from the warranty, you just need to reach out to Brigs & Riley customer service and explain to them what is going on with your luggage and they will happily assist you, by repairing or even replacing your piece. They don’t even require proof of purchase.

You will need to take care of the shipping and handling costs to send your bag to the repairing center.

2. Away Luggage

Away Courtesy

Away is a popular US brand established in 2015 and located in New York City.

The brand is contributing to revolutionizing the luggage industry with their smart luggage, which is growing in demand over the years.

The company mission is to make long lasting products and travel accessories, and obviously they are confident that their suitcases are durable and rigorously tested, so they offer a limited lifetime warranty and 100 day free trial to test your suitcase.

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects, to the wheels, the shell, zippers and handles, the warranty does not cover airlines damage or any other type of defects that is caused by normal use.

To advantage from the warranty in case your suitcase is damaged, you can reach out to the Awaytravel.com website and submit your inquiry in the contact form, they will either repair your bag or replace it in case there are no replacement parts or the luggage is discontinued ( they do not make those kind of bags anymore).

A good thing also is that Away will take charge of all the handling and shipping fees if you want to send them the product, but unfortunately with a proof of purchase.

3. Travelpro


Founded in 1987 with a pilot who knows what he is doing, since then the brand is known for offering good and stylish pieces of luggage that it is preferred by airlines crew.

They have a large collection of carry on and checked luggage for both regular and business travelers.

However Travelpro have a variety of warranty policies, they also have a limited lifetime warranty which covers many defects, like wheels, zippers extension and carrying handles.

Their warranty won’t cover airlines damages for all luggage pieces unless the product is covered by the trusted companion promise and it is usually for the first year.

In order to benefit from the warranty, you can contact their customer service and fill the warranty form.

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4. Nomatic


Even though Nomatic is new to the luggage industry they have established their position in the market, they have outstanding designs and quality soft suitcases.

The luggage is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

The warranty is lifetime and they will repair your luggage regardless of the reasons it is damaged, meaning the cover airlines and transportation damage.

To benefit from the warranty you can go to the Nomatic warranty page and submit a warranty request and fill out the form.

They will review your request, issue a warranty authorization number, and inform you for the next steps.

5. Red Oxx

Redoxx courtesy

Red Oxx is known for their handmade products, backpacks, duffle bags and travel bags, that are all manufactured in the United States,however they do not offer ordinary air travel bags.

The No bull lifetime warranty protected almost all their products and accessories.

They will take care of all defects regardless of the reason of damage, broken zippers, handles, and even airline damage.

They are more focused on outdoor products, and all of them are made in the USA.

The only thing that you’ll have to cover is the shipping costs to and from the repair centers.

6. Osprey


The brand was founded in 1974 by a young founder Mike Pfotenhaue.

Osprey is mainly in the outdoor gear industry, however they have some great and durable soft sided suitcases and they are not expensive.

The suitcases are backed with a lifetime warranty. The osprey warranty covers almost any defect free of charge, you will just need to pay the shipping costs.

In order to benefit from the lifetime warranty, go to a website and choose whether you want a repair, a replacement or a replacement part and fill a warranty Claim.

Osprey does not require you to provide proof of purchase and you don’t need to be the first purchaser of the bag in order for the warranty to apply.

7. Eagle Creek


Eagle Creek was established in 1996 since then their focus is on providing travelers with quality and long lasting products.

Eagle Creek are more known with their packing cubes, and other travel accessories.

They are more focused on outdoor and hiking products, but their suitcases still look stylish and you can depend on them, even though they won’t fit for a business trip.

Their lifetime warranty known as ” No Matter What ” that means they will fix it no matter what happens, covers almost any type of defects, airlines damage, manufacturing or workmanship defects for the lifetime of the products, like broken zippers, wheels or wears and tears.

Customers are responsible for the returning and shipping costs.

In some cases Eagle Creek will decide if a product is eligible for a change or a repair or even if the warranty is still applicable, for example if a handle is dead because of normal use for several years.

8. Patagonia


Patagonia is a Ventura, California based brand and was established by Yvon Chouinard in 1973.

The brand focuses also on outdoor and hiking products, however they offer some luggage options like wheeled duffle bags and backpacks.

Their pieces are pretty chick, stylish, and lightweight.

Patagonia has a lifetime warranty for all their products including bags. you can return it the time you purchase it or if it has defects or breaks overtime, you can return to them, for a repair or a replacement.

However, you will have to pay a reasonable fee to repair any damage due normal use like wear and tear.

9. Delsey


Delsey is a popular luggage brand, founded in 1946 in Paris France, the brand makes trendy pieces of luggage, with astonishing designs.

Their warranty depends on the product you have, 2, 5, 10 and a limited lifetime warranty which is applicable for few products.

But if you notice a defect in your suitcase for the first 30 days you still can send it back and they will either repair it or change it, but you will need to cover the shipping and handling expenses.

However, Delsey is still a good brand and a great choice, even unfortunately, they don’t cover airlines damage compared with Briggs & Riley or Travelpro.

10. Thule


Another outdoor brand that has durable backpacks and hiking gear.

They have some good suitcases that can be used for any type of travel, which may seem a bit expensive for some travelers.

Thule Luggage is backed with a limited lifetime warranty, for all the manufacturing and workmanship defects.

However, the warranty will not cover any defects caused by airlines or normal wear and tear, scratches, accidents, modifications or any types of repair other than those authorized by Thule.

So Is Lifetime Warranty Really Lifetime?

Most luggage brands keep their words, you just need to read their warranty policy carefully to know if it is a limited or unconditional lifetime warranty.

However, some companies may not keep their promise, with providing poor customer service or even ignoring your request.

The lifetime warranty will be a technique for a company to increase their revenue, and sometimes that will add in the price of the product or even in the repair costs, meaning the luggage can be overpriced to cover the possibility of returns or luggage damage.

Because that is why they are in the business, to make some money.

Some other luggage brands have already offered lifetime warranty but they don’t offer it anymore, either because they experience a high volume of returns or because they do not want to raise their costs.

Do I Need Proof Of Purchase For Warranty?

It will depend on the brands, however; most of the companies will require a proof or purchase, like a receipt when you want to claim the warranty.

Mot of luggage brands will require that you buy the suitcase from an accredited seller, if you buy the suitcase from an non accredited seller, even if you have proof of purchase the warranty will not be applied.

Even though some brands like Briggs & Riley do not require a proof or a receipt, you can easily send your bag to repair without any issues.

Final Thoughts

A luggage brand with a lifetime warranty will most likely feel confident about the durability of their luggage.

This type of assurance is generally valid only for items that are new and never used. It is used to ensure that first-time buyers are protected against defects in the product that have occurred during the manufacturing process.

With a lifetime warranty, you know that your luggage will be repaired or changed if there are any manufacturing defects for the life of the luggage.  

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