Where I Can Weigh My Luggage ( And How Without a Scale )?

So where can you weigh your luggage? and how to weigh your suitcase without a scale

One of the major concerns passengers face when traveling on air, is the possibility of being charged for overweight luggage.

And that may lead to paying for the extra weight or going through the hassle of sorting items infront of everybody and leaving some of them behind to avoid the excessive charges.

But in order to avoid all this happening, it is important to know how much you take and to weigh your luggage before heading to the airport, however; some passengers do not identify the weight until they get to the airport, and they don’t know that there is already many ways to figure it out before going to the airport and avoid paying for heavy luggage.

But, if there’s a will, there’s a way, and in this article we will list all the options and places where you can weigh your luggage fro free and some new tips on how to weigh your luggage even without a scale.

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Where Can You Weigh Your Suitcases?

Most of the time you won’t face any problem with carry on luggage weight on most airlines on domestic flights, but for checked luggage it is a big concern for air carriers because too much weight means more fuel and more money out from their pockets.

And it is a concern for you as well, because if you show up to the check in counter with a heavy suitcase you may end up paying those whopping luggage fees.

So if you don’t have a scale at home or you are just in rush and forgot to weight your luggage at home there are so many different places where you can weigh your suitcase, and here is some of them:

Grocery stores or supermarkets: most of the supermarkets and grocery stores have scales for various reasons either paid or free, and if there is a nearby supermarket you can just ask them and mostly they will happily help you, if they have a paid scale don’t wait to use it it will cost you just a few bucks.

Pharmacies: Almost any pharmacy have scales, and they are free most of the time for their customers, and it is a good indeed if they give some help once a time, I’m sure that will not say no as this may happen to everyone

At the post office: You can weigh your luggage at the post office, they are using scales all the time, for weighing customer packages, and even if you don’t see one around you can ask nicely that you need to weigh your bags and they will gladly help you.

At the airport: while some people are still asking if they can weigh luggage at the airport, I would say yes but it is a bit risky, but you still sometimes get help from the airline staff to weigh your bag, the only problem is what if you figure out that it is overweight and you don’t have a way to minimize your bag.

Fitness centers: Gyms are everywhere and they have scales. Gym goers need to control their weight, and if there is a gym around, or just look for one in the map and they will gladly help you.

Nearby hotels: If there is a nearby hotel, do not hesitate to go there and ask them nicely that you need to weigh your suitcase. Ask the recipient if they have a scale, some hotels have scales in their rooms, however you can find them also in the recipient area.

Malls: Malls are loaded with shops that will have scales, just like supermarkets they can help you for free or or with a small fee.

Pet stores: If there is a pet store in the area, you can just head there and weigh your luggage, even though their scales are for weighing pets, but I don’t think they will have a problem providing a little help.

Gas station: Gas stations are most likely that they will have a scale, if they have multiple services, you can find them even in their public restrooms and are available public use.

Public places: Even though some countries may not have scales in public areas, some of the countries still have them.

If you are looking for other places where you can weigh your luggage there are some places that they may do not have a scale and here is a list of them:

  • Bars and coffee shops
  • Hair salons
  • Nails salons
  • Restaurants
  • kiosks
  • Clothing stores

How To Check Luggage Weight At Home Without Scale?

There are so many ways to weigh your luggage without a scale, but the easiest way is to use items with known weight, any items in the kitchen in your garage or apartment with weight labels.

however the tips may not seem practical but they will still give you an estimated weight.

Here is how it works, before even start packing I’m sure you already know suitcase weight, you can find the weight on your suitcases description, if you did that will make the whole process easier, but if you don’t know the suitcase weight you can still get an estimation using this tip.

Here is what you will need

  • A 2 lb or 1 kg cans, bottles or any item that you know the exact weight the more weight it has the more you will need less items.
  • A solid board or long piece of wood like this one, a size of a mini skateboard will work just fine, but you can use anything similar.
  • Something to balance with, a filled bottle.
    And here is how to do it, with this tip you will need a paper and pen or just the calculator on your phone.
  • Place parts of the items in the plank while the 2 lb or 3 lb items are always there.
  • For example, I will add 2 pants and 3 t-shirts and shoes until I balance it with the 2 lbs item, I will remove them and place other items until you get the estimated weight of all the items.
  • When you finish add all the weight together: suitcase weight + pants weight+ shoes + t-shirts

Some other passengers may recommend placing the whole suitcase on the plank, but it may be a good tip if the suitcase is lighter, but if you have a heavy suitcase the weight of the suitcase may ruin the whole process if you don’t have someone to help you, in addition you may not have enough items to put in the plank.

Weigh Your Luggage With a Portable Digital Scale

If you want to avoid the hassle of looking for places to weigh your suitcase, or get surprised by airlines baggage fees, the best way is to have a portable luggage scale always in hand.

Portable luggage scales are lightweight and easy to use not just for luggage but almost for anything.

If you have one inside your bag, you don’t have to worry about the weight of your luggage in addition their prices are just affordable.

You can get one with a few $$ and you can use it for years to come, whenever you are, especially in foreign countries where it is hard to find a place to weigh luggage.

If you don’t own one you can check out this list of digital luggage scales and I’m sure you will find one that will fit your needs, I highly recommend, this Etekcity Luggage Scale, it can weigh up to 110/50 kg lb with an accuracy of 0.1lb/50g and it is just less than $15.

To use the scale it already comes with all that you need, just attach the strap with the handle of your suitcase, backpack or any type of bag and then pick up the scale above until you fully feel that the bag is stable, then you can check the weight.

Weight Luggage With At Home With Bathroom Scale

woman in black shirt holding black and silver weight scale
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Some bathroom scales are too small to take your suitcase, and for some people it works if they have a small suitcase, but on the other hand if you have a large heavy suitcase, you can use the below technique to accurately weigh your suitcase.

The technique is mostly used by dog owners:

  • Weigh yourself
  • Weigh yourself with your suitcase
  • Subtract the small number from the big number


  • Get in the scale and weigh yourself : let’s say I’m 76 KG
  • Weigh my self while holding the suitcase : me 76 KG + my suitcase weight ?? = 98 KG
  • Subtract the small number from the big one.
  • Example: 98 KG – 76 KG = the suitcase weight is 22 KG which is pretty good

And voila! you can repeat the tip for any suitcase you have.

If you have a very heavy bag or you are traveling frequently, you can buy a luggage scale online or at a local store.

the other way is to place a chair or a large can that can hold the suitcases on the top of the scale then place the suitcase on it, just like the first tip you will need to subtract the big number from the small one.


  • Chair weight = 11 lbs / 5 kg
  • chair + suitcase = ( 11 lbs / 5kg )+ ?? = 59.5 lbs / 27 kg
  • The total weight of the suitcases is : (59.5 lbs / 27 kg )- (11 lbs / 5kg) = 48.5 / 22 kg which is pretty awesome

Major Airlines Maximum Checked Luggage Weight

We have already covered all major Airlines weight and size in this luggage chart, and here is the standard checked luggage weight for major airlines.

AirlineStandard Checked Luggage Weight
American Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
United Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Delta Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Southwest Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
JetBlue Airways50 lbs 22 kg
Alaska Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Spirit Airlines40 lbs 18 kg
Allegiant40 lbs 18 kg
Frontier Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Hawaiian Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Air Canada50 lbs 22 kg
British Airways50 lbs 22 kg
Norwegian Air70.5 lbs 31 kg
WestJet50 lbs 22 kg
Emirates Airline50 lbs 22 kg
Qatar Airlines2 bags (50 lbs per bag)
Air India55 lbs 24 kg
Turkish Airlines44 lbs 19 kg
Lufthansa50 lbs 22 kg
Japan Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Volaris55 lbs 24 kg
EasyJet50 lbs 22 kg
Asiana Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Air France50 lbs 22 kg
Korean Air70 lbs 31 kg
Ryanairfrom 15 lbs-44 lbs
Interjet55 lbs 24 kg
Singapore Airlines66 lbs 29 kg
Aer Lingus50 lbs 22 kg
Caribbean Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Copa Airlines52 lbs 23 kg
Philippine Airlines50 lbs 22 kg
Icelandair50 lbs 22 kg

Major Airlines Luggage Charges

However some standard airline baggage fees may seem normal, but overweight or oversized luggage fees can be excessive.

So it is best to avoid any possibility of paying those hefty fees. I highly recommend doing your best to stay within the limits, trust me the airline’s fees sometimes are much higher than buying a whole closet in your destination.

Especially in some airlines or long haul flights, mostly charges can go above $50 to $200 which is exorbitant.

The prices differ from one airline to another, depending on the route and the maximum weight they set, here are some of the major airlines max weight and fees.

Airline1st Checked Bag Fee2nd bag costOverweight luggage
American Airlines$30$40(71 lbs / 32 kgs – 100 lbs / 45 kgs: $200)- ( 51 lbs / 23 kgs – 70 lbs / 32 kgs: $100)
Delta Airlines$30$4051-70 lbs(23kg- 31.75)-$100 USD / CAD 71-100 lbs (32kg-45.36kg)-$200 USD / CAD Bags exceeding 100 lbs (45.36) are not permitted
United Airlines$3551-70 lbs (23 kg-31kg) – $100 or more
Southwest AirlinesFree of charge$75 per suitcases, the weight can be between 50 pounds and 100 pounds
JetBlue$3551 lbs (23.13 kg) – 99 lbs (44.91 kg)= $150 per suitcase
Alaska Airlines$30$40Oversize or overweight baggage will be charged.$100
Spirit AirlinesFrom $35Spirit Airlines will charge $100 for bags with 71 to 100 pounds
Frontier Airlines$30-50Bags with weight of 41-50 pounds will be subject to $50 per bag, per way. suitcases weighing 51-100 pounds will be subject to a fee of $100 per suitcase, one way . suitcases that exceed 100 pounds will not be accepted.
Hawaiian Airlines$30between $70 and $400 depends on destination
British AirwaysNo chargesOverweight bag fees is 75 EUR / 100 USD / 100 CAD 
Air Canada$30You will need to contact Air Canada cargo if have bags that exceeds the following liits:
32 kg (70 lb) in weight,
292 cm (115 in) in linear dimensions, and/or
203 cm (80 in) in length.

The Verdict

Paying for overweight luggage can be expensive and exhausting, some airlines may charge up to $150 for an overweight bag, and if you are a frequent flier that may break your bank account every time you want to travel.

So it is better to tackle the situation before it even happens. take lighter suitcases and place your heavy items in your carry on bag, and here are so many ways and places where you can weigh your luggage if you don’t have a scale at home, you can check for a nearby supermarket, fitness center, a hotel and even a pharmacy.

But still the best way is to have a portable electronic scale inside your suitcases, and weigh your luggage anytime and anywhere in the world.

We hope this helps.

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