Can You Bring Flonase On a Plane? TSA Rules 2024

It is important to have your Flonase products with you at all times. But can you bring Flonase on a plane? And can you bring other nasal sprays on board? 

The quick answer is You can.

So don’t be nervous, you can absolutely travel with your Flonase spray, and you don’t need to follow the TSA liquid rule as Flonase is considered a medical item.

Today, I’ll answer all your questions about traveling with Flonase. I’ll also share some tips and resources to help you plan your trip and enjoy your destination without worrying about your allergies.

What is Flonase?

FLONASE and FLONASE SENSIMIST nasal sprays relieve a wide range of symptoms, providing 24-hour relief from nasal congestion, itchy eyes, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy nose, and sneezing.

Visit for more information and how to use it properly.


Bring Flonase On a Plane: TSA Rules

The TSA has a lenient rule when int comes to traveling with meds both liquid and pills.

The rule includes any type of liquid, pills, baby food, toiletries medications.

According to them, you can bring Flonase spray and caplets on a plane in your carry-on bag, as long as it is in reasonable quantities.

When taking Flonase spray in your carry-on bag you don’t need to put it in a zip-top bag or limit it to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) per container, like other liquids, gels, and aerosols.

However, you do need to declare your Flonase and any other medications to the TSA officers at the checkpoint and let them investigate it.

Some travelers try to bring in different items, as medical necessary products, but remember the TSA guys are experts at what they do.

They may ask you to open the container or even test it for security reasons.

To avoid any weird blinks or problems, make sure you have the original packaging and label of your Flonase, and keep it separate from your other liquids.

What The TSA Says On Social Media 

If you want to have more answers, or you have a specific medication that you are not sure if it is permitted you can ask the AskTSA team.

You can send them a message on Facebook messenger or, tag the @AskTSA on X (formerly Twitter) followed by your question, or even an image and they will promptly reply as soon as they can.

This passenger wonders if he can bring this 3.4 oz / 9.9 ml Flonase spray in carry-on.

The AskTSA team replied that allergy sprays are allowed in carry-on bags, but he will need to let the TSA officers know about the item and place it in a separate bin for additional screening.

Can You Bring Flonase in Checked Baggage?

Yes, although it isn’t recommended.

But if you prefer to pack your Flonase in your checked baggage, you can do so without any restrictions or declarations. However, there are some risks and disadvantages to consider.

For example, your luggage may get lost, delayed, or damaged, and you may not have access to your Flonase when you need it.

To avoid this, it’s wise to take at least one bottle of Flonase in your carry-on bag, and pack the rest in your checked baggage, if you have a lot.

You can also use a padded case or a zip-lock bag to protect your Flonase from leaks or spills.

Can You Take Flonase on International Flights?

If you’re flying overseas, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations of your destination country, as well as any transit countries, regarding Flonase and other medications.

Even though Flonase is an (OTC ) over-the-counter medicine, some countries may have different requirements for importing or exporting Flonase, such as a prescription, a letter from your doctor, or a customs declaration.

To avoid any trouble or confusion, you should do some research before your trip by taking a look at the website of the countries you’re visiting or transiting through.

Can you bring other allergy sprays on a plane?

Certainly! You are allowed to bring Sinus, Saline, Avamys, Allergic Rhinitis, Otrivin, Nasonex, Decongestant, and any other allergy sprays in both your carry-on and checked baggage.

Just ensure to pack them thoughtfully and in reasonable quantities.

However, allergy sprays is not the only solution for your allergies.

You can also take some preventive measures to reduce your exposure to allergies and improve your health and comfort while traveling.

  • Check the pollen count and air quality of your destination and plan your activities accordingly.
  • Pack some antihistamines, eye drops, and nasal saline spray as backup options
  • Wear a mask, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from dust, pollen, and pollution
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as they can worsen your allergy symptoms
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Use a humidifier or a nasal irrigation device to moisten your nasal passages
  • Consult your doctor before your trip and get any vaccinations or medications you may need.

Final Thoughts

You can bring your nasal spray medications like Flonase and AstePro on a plane, and you don’t need to worry about the TSA.

Liquid medicines does not need to follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, and they don’t require to pack your Flonase in a quart sized bag.

There are no quantity or size limits for Flonase in pill form either.

I hope this was so helpful.

Happy travels

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