Can You Bring a Hair Comb On a Plane ? 2024

So can you bring a hair comb on a plane? And can hair brushes go in hand luggage?

I never remember going for an adventure or a trip without my lovely comb in hand.

Of course, there are different hair combs, different shapes and models that you can not seamlessly take on board, especially if we are talking about metal combs with blade shapes and pin tail combs which look like a weapon.

But here is a quick answer.

All types of of hair combs and hair brushes are permitted in both carry-on and checked bags without any issues, but it is better to avoid taking sharp tailed steel combs in carry on baggage.

Pretty cool.

keep reading to know more about about traveling with hair combs and brushes, the TSA and airlines rules, in addition to some of my top favorite combs to consider for your next trip.

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The TSA rules

The TSA doesn’t specifically mention combs on its website, but here is what the TSA answered @SmileMore about taking his plastic comb with a little tail.

“Yes, your comb is allowed. Safe travels!”

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But replica comb knives / weapon shapes are not allowed though the security checkpoint or in carry-on luggage.

That’s mainly because sharp objects can be used with someone or some bad guys to threat the security of the passengers and the aircrfat.

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Note: I should point that there are some passengers that try to sneak some kind of sharp objects through the security checkpoint because they don’t have a checked bag. It may sound that it is not a big deal, but most of the time their items get confiscated by the TSA agents.

If you have too, you can just kindly tell the security officer that your item is essential or a gift, however i don’t see that he will agree on sharp objects, and the final decision is always to the airport security officer.

Can Hair Combs And Brushes Go In Hand Luggage?

Regular hair combs are classified just like any other items, such as makeup brushes or other items. You can put them in your carry-on luggage and take them with you on the plane.

Also a comb is not necessary to be in a quart sized toiletry bag, but you just have to remember to pack your comb somewhere accessible, so that you can easily take it out when the airport security agent asks you to do that.

This is helpful also if you need to take out your comb at the airport, or somewhere to style your hair.

So you can pack both plastic combs and metal combs in your carry-on bag without any issues.

The same rules are applicable also when traveling with combs and hair brushes on international flights.

Take Comb In Checked Luggage

Combs are good to go in checked luggage . there will be no issues on taking any type of combs inside your suitcase and the TSA or any other airport officer will not even notice especially if it is a normal plastic or even metal comb.

For example the switchblade comb below is restricted in hand luggage but not in checked luggage.

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Can I bring a Rat Tail Comb On a Plane?

Yes you can bring a rat tail comb on a plane, in both carry on and checked luggage.

This passenger asked the TSA customer service if he can bring a metal tailed comb in his personal item bag or is it considered a weapon.

The STA customer service answered that tailed combs are good to go in a carry-on bag.

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How Do You Pack a Hair Brush Or a Comb For Travel?

Your hair care products including your comb or hair brush should always be in your carry-on or personal item.

Combs are small items that can be tossed easily anywhere inside your suitcase, and if you are taking a small comb, you can place it with your toiletries, but it is not necessary.

As always we don’t recommend placing essential items inside your checked luggage unless you don’t have space inside you carry on.

Checked luggage is not 100% safe, there are cases when it will be broken, lost or even stolen, in addition most airlines will not compensate for certain items.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it: now you know that you won’t have any problem when traveling with hair combs or brushes. Especially if you’re traveling domestically or flying with a U.S. airline.

That said, you should always try to bring a comb or hair brush that’s not in a weapon shape or with a blade.

Pointed ends like rat tail combs are allowed on planes. If you don’t have a comb for your next trip, we suggest you go get one. check out the table above and pick your favorite one on Amazon.

We wish this helps Happy travels

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