Can You Bring Beard Trimmer On Plane? 2024

Unless his name is Rick Rubin, to maintain a sharp-looking beard while you are on your trip, it is important to keep handy a cordless beard trimmer.

But can you take any model of beard trimmers on a planes and what are the policies when traveling with a rechargeable beard trimmer in carry-on baggage.

Here is a quick answer.

All types of beard trimmers are permitted on planes, you don’t need any special instructions for packing these types of small devices in both carry-on and checked bags.

Let’s dive into more  details. 

OLOV Electric Groin beard Trimmer / courtesy of Amazon

Take Beard Trimmer Carry-on

If you are traveling within the United States then you will undergo the TSA security checkpoint before getting on your plane.

These guys ensure that travelers are safe and they do not take any prohibited items on board the airplanes.

They didn’t specifically mention beard trimmers on their websites.

But as long as they don’t have any issues bringing hair clippers and electric razors through the security checkpoint and in carry-on baggage.

So you can also bring any model of bear trimmers whether it is Manscaped, Hatteker beard trimmer or any other type of brand you want.

I checked Twitter to find some answers from their customer service.

@Prof Dr N Pandiyan wanted to know if his electric beard trimmer and hair trimmer is allowed on abroad the airplane in cabin baggage.


   They replied ” electric beard and hair trimmers are allowed in carry-on bags”.

if you are planning to bring a trimmer kit ensure that you place any sharp tools that have blades larger than 4 inches in your checked baggage, for example large scissors with blades more than 4 inches from the pivot points will not be accepted in carry on baggage.


Any type of rechargeable beard trimmers are allowed through the security checkpoint without any issues.


Can You Take Beard Trimmers In Checked Luggage?

You can put your beard trimmer in your checked bag without any problems.

Even though rechargeable trimmers may raise some questions, if they operate with lithium batteries.

But small batteries like those used in beard trimmers are safe and they won’t catch any fire, in addition most of them are built in batteries.

But it won’t hurt if we always take precautions and take any devices operating with lithium batteries on board the airplane, or even leave them at home if it is possible.

Can You Bring Beard Trimmers On International Flights?

Beard trimmers small devices are safe to take, so you can bring them to any country without any restrictions.


One thing to keep in mind If you want to use an electronic beard trimmer in a different country, you’ll need to know what type of the associated plug type they have or you can just keep a universal travel adapter in your bag no matter what country you are heading to. 

Final thoughts 

If you don’t want to bother yourself with barbershop every time you travel, then you can have a beard trimmer in your carry on bag wherever you go.

This means you can bring any brand of beard trimmers, and you are free to choose where to place them.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels 

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