Can You Bring a Microphone On a Plane? 2024

Taking microphones on a plane is not a daunting idea. But I’ll be honest: I was quite nervous the first time traveling with my Røde nt1-a.

I was also worried that the TSA guys would confiscate it.

Turned out that you can take all types of microphones through the security checkpoint without any issues.

Microphones are also good to go in checked bags without any restrictions.

In this article, I will answer any questions and walk you through exactly how to fly with a microphone, and avoid any last minute surprises at the airport.

Let’s dive right in 🎤.

Can You Take Microphones In Carry-on Baggage?

The TSA rules

The TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) regulates and controls what you can and can’t bring through airports and flights within the United States.

They doesn’t specifically mention anything about microphones on their website.

So I checked their social media to find some info.

Here is what I found.

This passenger wanted to bring this Blue microphone In his carry-on.

The TSA customer service team replied with a simple sentence: “Microphones are good to go in carry-on bags.

They never asked me to remove my microphone from my bag, because it is not considered an electronic, that is why they don’t ask me to remove them from my carry-on.

But If you’re planning to bring your studio microphone equipment, it’s important to be mindful of the metal stands.

As their size will determine whether the TSA agent will let them on board the airplane or not.

So the TSA officer who will search your bag will make the final call.

Like in the screenshot below.

Kenny wanted to bring these 3 pieces of a microphone metal stand, a microphone and apparently some cables.

The TSA customer service replied that microphone stands are allowed in carry-on bags; however, they may be subject to additional screening (if needed ), and might not be permitted on board if they pose a security concern.

The final decision will be for the security officer at the airport.

Here, microphone stands need to be placed in checked baggage.

Can You Take Microphones in Checked baggage?

You can also pack microphones in checked baggage without any restrictions.

However, it is not recommended to pack expensive microphones in checked baggage as they are prone to be lost and sometimes even stolen.

But this doesn’t mean to never pack expensive microphones in a checked bag.

Because sometimes you will have too.

For example if you don’t have enough space inside your carry-on, or you have a bulky microphone stand you may end up packing your microphone equipment in your checked bag.

Just ensure that you do it properly, by following the tips below.

Here Are Some Additional Tips For Taking Microphones On A Plane:

  • Make sure your microphone is packed securely in a case: use a solid protective case especially if you are planning to take your microphone in your checked bag.
  • Label your case clearly so that it doesn’t get lost, read more about luggage tags here.
  • Be prepared to show your microphone to security at the airport if they ask for it.
  • If your microphone is confiscated (which is less likely to happen ), don’t argue with the security officer, accept it and talk to them politely.
  • Don’t try to use the microphone on a plane to make the vibe 😆

Final Thoughts

Flying with a microphone really isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

And whether you’re traveling within the US or internationally, I don’t see any reason why an airline would forbid you from bringing a microphone in your carry-on or checked baggage.

Just ensure that the size of the microphone equipment fits inside your carry-on bag.

Within the US If you are traveling with a microphone stand, the final decision will be for the TSA watchdog inspecting bags at the airport.

Most of the time large and long metal stands will not be accepted on board the airplane as they can be used to knock someone in the head.

In the other hand any type of microphone equipment are good to go in checked bags.

We hope this helps

Happy travels and have fun 😉 

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