Can You Take A VR Headset On A Plane In 2024?

So can you take a VR headset on a plane? And can you travel with a VR headset on carry-on?

VR (Virtual Reality) headsets are getting popular, and obviously it’s because of the incredible world we are heading to and the future toward experiencing the Metaverse.

A lightweight VR headset can be placed in your suitcase since you won’t need to pack so many items.

But are VR headsets permitted on planes and in security checkpoints?

Let’s find out more about taking Virtual Reality headsets on planes.

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Can You Take VR Headset Through TSA?

Since the TSA ( Transportation Security Administration) did not mention VR headsets on its websites.

I checked Twitter for some answers and found Ambar already asked the TSA if he could bring his VR headset on a plane.

The TSA replied that Virtual reality headsets are allowed on planes without any restriction.

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The TSA require to remove any electronics larger than a cell phone from your carry on bag to be X-rayed separately.

Take VR Headsets In Carry On Luggage?

VR headsets are allowed to carry on luggage on most airlines, the only thing you should make sure is if your headset has the right size and weight of the airline you are traveling with.

You can take your Oculus Quest and the Oculus Go in your carry-on baggage. Just make sure that you protect your Headset well if you are planning to pack it inside your carry on bag.

Also if you don’t use your VR equipment keep it stowed under the seat in front of you when flying. 

Take VR Headsets In Checked Baggage?

Most VR headsets have rechargeable lithium batteries, VR headsets containing batteries are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage.

Before boarding check your Headset and ensure that it is protected and operates well.

However electronics and any item of value it is preferable to not place them inside your checked baggage to avoid any possible damage.

Can I Sue My VR Headset During My Flight?

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You can take your VR headsets which are fully standalone or all-in-one VR headset you can use during your flight.

There are no restrictions on using VR headsets on airplanes, instead of playing on your phone or playing a classical game you play on your VR instead.

If you are have a portable headset such as the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go, you may notice that the battery last for 2-3 hour and your device will run low at some point during your flight;

make sure that you have the correct charging GEAR like  a portable power bank , a cable for your device to accompany your external battery.

How To Pack Your VR Equipment For A Flight?

Before heading to the airport make sure to double check that you bring all your VR equipment, charging cable, headphones, and the controllers.

If you are traveling with Oculus Quest 2 it is perfect for traveling because it is lightweight 1.83 Pounds and with small dimensions 10.2 x 7.4 x 5 inches to easily take in carry on baggage.

How To Protect Your VR Equipment When Traveling?

If you want to make sure that your VR Headsets are safe and well protected, investing in a VR headset solid Travel Case is important. The case will help provide protection for your headset, touch controllers, charging cable, adapter, and extra batteries, while keeping everything together during your journey.

What Is The Best Virtual Reality Headset To Choose?

When traveling standalone headsets offer the greatest physical freedom by completely removing the cables and not requiring an external device to handle processing.

Just as stated above Oculus Quest All-in-one VR products stay on the top of VR Headsets with its Wireless simplicity, you can set up the device with your Oculus mobile app and start playing anytime and anywhere,you don’t need to be limited to your living room.

Conclusion: Can You Take A VR Headset On A Plane?

You can bring VR headset in your carry-on and checked baggage on most airlines, the only thing to consider is the Batteries, because lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours have to be in your carry-on bags with the airline approval.

Uninstalled batteries two spare batteries are allowed per passenger, uninstalled lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags.

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