Flying with a drone: Can You Take A Drone On a Plane? 2023

Drones are known as risk takers, but traveling with them on a plane will need some prior precautions and to know airline rules.

According to the TSA and most airlines drones are permitted on planes in carry-on and checked baggage but you will need to remove the batteries and secure them separately to avoid any possible incident, spare and uninstalled lithium-ion batteries are only allowed in carry-on baggage.

Keep reading to know everything about traveling with drones and other accessories in both domestic and international flights.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can You Take a Drone Through Airport Security?

Yes you can pass your drone through the security checkpoint without any problem.

But as you can see in the TSA website (Transportation Security Administration), which includes a note that you should check with the airline, because airlines may have different restrictions.

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I checked Twitter to find other information.

This passenger asked the TSA customer service about taking a drone on a flight.

They replied that drones are allowed through the security checkpoint, they advised him also to check the airline policy.

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Can I Bring My Drone In My Carry-on?

Here is what you need to know when taking your drone in carry-on baggage.

Whether you are traveling with a small drone, a Dji mavic mini or any other type of drones, most airlines will allow them in a carry-on bag, or backpack, but if your drone didn’t fit inside your bag you will be required to carry it with its hard case, so It will be counted as a piece of carry-on.

Ensure that your luggage is compliant with the airline carry-on size, to avoid any extra charge or cause your carry on to gate checked.

Can You Take Drone In Checked Luggage?

Drones are allowed in checked baggage in both domestic and international flights , However, in checked baggage you should always make sure that your drone is well protected in a hard case and should be in the off position before check in.

Also need to take into consideration lithium ion batteries, Spare (uninstalled) lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries, are not accepted in checked baggage according to FAA.

Remove any batteries and place them inside your carry-on.

It is recommended to avoid to taking your drone in a checked bag if possible, hold luggage may not be handled properly with baggage handlers, Instead, even if you can take your drone accessories separated inside your carry on just do it, so you can avoid any possible damage.


Can We Carry Drones On International Flights?

When traveling internationally you can take your drone almost with any airline, However some airlines will not allow your drone in carry on baggage like Emirates that allow them only in checked baggage (you can take your drone in checked baggage but you should remove the lithium battery in carry on baggage, Emirate stated).

You will need to conduct a quick research about your destination country, drones will need approval in some countries and even banned in certain countries.

I checked Twitter to see what some airlines are saying about taking drones on a plane internationally, and here is what I’ve got.

British Airways

This passenger asked British airways if he can bring his Drone with batteries in carry-on baggage, and BA confirmed that he can take them without any restrictions.

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Qantas confirmed that drones are allowed on board but they must be secured and well packed, but they will be subject to the security approval depending on the type of battery your drone has.

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This passenger asked Emirates support on Twitter if drones are allowed on Emirates, the agent answered that drones are allowed only in checked baggage.

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Qatar Airways

Qatar has no restrictions on taking drones in carry-on baggage or in checked baggage, however lithium batteries must be taken in carry-on.

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Easyjet stated that drones are allowed in carry-on baggage as long as the drone case is within the airline carry-on size, if your drone is too large to be carried in cabin so you will be required to check in it, but first uninstall your drone lithium batteries and place them inside your carry on bag.

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How To Pack Your Drone For Traveling?

Before packing your drone, it is necessary to know if you are taking your drone case or just the body itself.

If you are taking the case it is easy because it has all the placement for your drone accessories, so you will just need to make sure if it is within the airline luggage size.

If you decide to check in your drone, you will be required to pack batteries inside your carry-on bag, and it is better to cover the terminal with tape if you are traveling with many batteries make sure to separate them in plastic or cloth protective bags.

A shockproof and Durable case to protect your Drone from impacts and splashes like one of those will just do the job and secure your drone when traveling .

Conclusion: Can You Take Drones On a Plane?

You can take your drone and its related accessories in both carry-on and checked luggage on most airlines if they are within the allowed size and weight.

However some airlines may not allow them on board the airplane due to security purposes.

If you decide to take it in checked baggage, lithium batteries must be carried inside your carry on bag.

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