Can You Burn Candles In a Hotel Room? (+ Tips & Tricks)

But before you strike a match to create an ambiance of romance, or to add a cozy atmosphere to your hotel room it is important to know whether burning candles on hotels is permissible or not, and if it poses any safety concerns.

I did an extensive research on hotel policies about lighting candles on their rooms , in addition to some alternatives to create similar atmospheres.

Let’s kick things off

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Can you light a candle in a hotel room?

For safety reasons most of the hotels do not advise to light candles on their rooms; Although some hotels may not have specific policies against buying candles, if you do you still need to use them with caution, because there is always the risk of starting a fire and damaging the hotel property.

Safety Risks

While candles create a stunning vibe, they come with some safety risks as well.

Fire hazards

Candles have open flames which make them easy to start a fire in seconds if not monitored properly.

Curtains, nylon, beds and furniture are items that can catch fire quickly and threaten the safety of the entire building.

According to USFA ( US fire Administration ) fatal fires in residential buildings ( between 2018 and 2020 ) caused an estimated annual average of 2,745 deaths, 625 injuries and 230 million in property loss and 27% of the incidents started in bedrooms.

According to the report also, In 80% of the incidents the fire spread beyond the room of origin.

Setting off Smoke detectors

Even though it is not common, some hotels are equipped with advanced smoke detectors which can detect the smoke of candles and give a false alarm.

In case this happens it will trigger the hotel staff and guests, causing chaos inside the hotel, even if you are just enjoying the warmth and the flicker of your candlelight.

Trigger the fire suspension systems

Hotels have fire suspension systems installed that will quickly distinguish a fire the moment it is detected by releasing water, lighting candles could trigger the fire sprinklers and release the water then causing water damage in the hotel room.

Negatively impacting air quality

Some modern candles are fine to burn inside a closed room, but Inhaling candle smoke and chemicals  ( mainly candles made from paraffin ) for a long hours may irritate your lungs or heart, especially when you are asleep, it may block oxygen and harm your respiratory system, so it is a bad idea to light a candle for long hours in a closed room.

Alternatives To Lighting Candles In a Hotel Room

There are several other options to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in a hotel room:

Battery-Operated LED Candles

Led candles provide a similar atmosphere to traditional candles, without the risk of starting a fire.

They come in various sizes and designs, including scented options, and can easily be turned on and off, providing almost the same experience as wax candles without the concern of a fire hazard.

Flameless candles 

Flameless candles are designed to eliminate the need for an open flame, thus, reducing the potential of a fire incident.

They use technology to simulate the appearance of a real burning candle, these candles are often made of wax or plastic.

They additionally offer the option of programmable timers and remote control operations, these types of candles are a popular option to create a safe and worry free atmosphere.

Essential oil diffuser 

Essential oils are a popular and cheaper choice, if you want to add some aroma to your hotel room.

You can choose an essential oil with a scent you like and let the diffuser work its magic, many diffusers feature LED lighting which is an added bonus to create your desired ambiance.


If you love the smell of scented candles or incense sticks, then incense is another good alternative.

It is unlikely that a single incense will trigger the fire alarm, especially if you keep it away from the fire detector.

Just ensure that you don’t leave the incense burning while you sleep, even though incense sticks are not dangerous they can still cause an accident to happen.

String Lights

Even though string lights are comparable with candles, they are a versatile option that can add a warm and enchanting glow to your hotel room.

They come in various designs and styles, that you can place whenever you like, over the furniture, around the room and you don’t need to worry about any fire hazard.

Hotel room decoration services

If you are planning a special occasion, an anniversary, birthday, or a romantic dinner, you can always ask the hotel if they offer room decoration service.

If so, let the hotel take care of the details, saving you the hassle of arranging decorations and lighting candles.

What Hotels Expect From Their Guests

Respecting and adhering to any hotel rules and policies is essential for a safe and enjoyable stay, both for yourself and other guests. 

Hotel policies are primarily set to ensure your safety and safety of all the guests, so the hotel wants everyone to contribute and avoid any possible actions that may cause potential accidents.

Legal compliance and respect of the guests 

Hotels need to comply with local laws and regulations, and by respecting these rules you assist in leveling their standards and the hospitality industry.

Remember that you are sharing the hotel with individuals from different backgrounds and may have allergies to strong scents and adhering to the rules will help maintain a harmonious atmosphere with the guests.

Reputation and Guest Experience

Hotels strive to provide a positive experience and satisfaction for their guests, and any unlucky accident will negatively affect their guests’ experience and marketing efforts.

Remember that some hotels like Hyatt, Four Seasons, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, IHG etc.. may charge penalties for various reasons, and one of them can be causing a false fire alarm.

Guidelines For Safe Candle Burning In Any Room

If you tend to burn a candle in a room it is important to do it correctly, you can read more tips on using candles the right way on this post at but here is some of the tips to follow:

Choose the right candle

Opt for candles with a sturdy base and made from non flammable materials, avoid candles with excessive drips or uneven burning patterns.

Keep in mind to occasionally trim the wick to reduce the amount of smoke that comes out of the candle.

Keep candles away from flammable objects 

Place candles on an open surface, not near the curtains, paper objects and decorations, always maintain a minimum distance.

Ensure to never leave a candle burning when you are out of the room

Never leave the room and leave the candles burning, and make sure to extinguish the candle before leaving.

All avoid leaving a candle burning while you go for a sleep, as this will increase the risk of a fire accident. Even a slight move can cause the candle to fall over and ignite a flame.

Utilize candle holders 

Place the candle in a heat resistant and sturdy holder, avoid using plastic holders that can melt and catch the fire.

Final Thoughts on lighting Candles In a Hotel Room.

Most of the hotels have restricted lighting candles because of the risks surrounding using them. 

Assuming your hotel is lenient with lighting candles, you should always prioritize safety.

Battery-operated LED candles and essential oil diffusers are some good alternatives to create a similar atmosphere instead of burning candles in a hotel room.

We hope this helps.

Safe travels and may your hotel stay be filled with serenity and relaxation!

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