Can You Bring Candles On a Plane? 2024

Whether you are planning to light a candle on your hotel room or bring a candle box as a gift, you may wonder if you can you bring candles on a plane? And how many candles can you bring on a plane?

Here is a quick answer.

According to the TSA solid candles are permitted in carry-on and checked bags without any quantity limits, gel-like candles must be 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less when transported in carry-on bags.

In this post I will give you more details on taking candles in both hand and checked luggage in addition to some tips on how to pack candles for your next flight.

Tip: Scented candles (Amazon link) are allowed on planes, and they actually make great gifts to pack in a suitcase due to their small size and solid nature.

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Jasmine & Sandalwood Candle / Courtesy of Amazon

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Can You Bring Candles Through TSA?

The TSA (Transport Security Administration) are the guys that search bags at the airports to ensure no one sneaks any dangerous or prohibited items items on the airplanes.

The mentioned candles on their website.

You can bring solid candles through the security checkpoint at the airport, and in your carry on luggage without any problem.

You can also bring solid candles in your checked baggage without limits or restrictions, while Gel-type candles are allowed only in checked baggage.

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If you wonder how gel Candles look like here is an example on Amazon.

Do Candles Count As Liquid In Hand Luggage?

Solid wax candles are not considered liquids when transported in carry-on baggage.

And if you have other types of candles you are not sure if you can take it in hand luggage here is what the TSA consider liquids, “If you can pour it, pump it, squeeze it, spread it, smear it, spray it, or spill it, it’s subject to liquid rules

Can You Bring Candles In Your Carry-on?

As stated above solid candles are allowed in carry-on baggage without any restrictions, and you can take them either in your personal item or carry-on bag.

@Miae Asked TSA If she can bring her Candles in a glass container on the plane.

The TSA confirmed that Solid candles are cool in carry-on bags, however it is advised to pack your candles in a solid box.

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Can You Take Birthday Candles On A Plane?

Yes, birthday candles are allowed on planes, and obviously the best way to fly with them is in your carry-on bag.

Birthdays candles are good to go in carry-on bags without packing requirements or quantity limits, but you should always ensure that they are in solid form.

Are Candles Allowed In Checked Baggage?

You can bring solid candles on checked baggage without any limits.

Here an answer from the TSA.

@Ashlee wanted to take a matchbook and her a candle in her checked baggage and the TSA customer service replied that they don’t have a problem with wax candles; however matches are allowed only in carry-on baggage and only one book or pocket matches are allowed.

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However; i don’t recommend placing these delicate items inside your checked bag as they are more prone to get damaged or break during transport.

Checked bags are not handed carefully.

How Many Candles Can You Bring On a Plane?

The good news is there are no limits to the amount of candles you can bring on a plane in a domestic flight, however; you will need to always take into consideration your airline baggage rules weight and size.

Can You Bring Candles On a Plane Internationally?

Most airlines do not have any issues with taking reasonable quantities of solid candles when traveling internationally.

But if you are taking a large amount of candles, there is more chance that the customs will ask you the reason for taking them.

And if your purpose is for commercial use and you don’t have any permission you will need to pay taxes or your candles will be seized.

How To Pack Your Candles For a Flight?

There are so many types of candles and you can pack them differently, but the ideal ways to secure your candles with your clothes, if you don’t plan to place them inside a solid box.

You can also roll your candles in bubble wrap and place it between your clothes on your carry on bag and tuck it in the middle.

That will make it protected and prevent it from being broken.

If you are traveling with your lovely glass like this LA JOLIE MUSE (Amazon link) it will need more care, you can just use a solid box and it will protect it just fine.

What are Airlines Rules About Traveling With Candles?

Generally the TSA rules are applied on all US airlines., but you don’t get the answer from the TSA you can ask your airlines, like the passengers below:

United Airlines

@Jess asked United about this Bath & Body 3-Wick Candle, and the United Airlines customers service confirmed that bath and body works candles are good to go on planes without any problem.

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American Airlines

@American Airlines also confirmed to @Kylie that solid candles are okay to pack in hand luggage.

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Delta Airlines

@Delta also confirmed to @Gunyenye that candles in glass are allowed on board If they are solid from AMS-NBO, however they must be packed carefully.

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Jetblue Airlines

@Jetblue answered that solid candles are permitted in carry-on baggage .

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Southwest Airlines

@Southwest confirmed also that Candles are allowed in carry-on baggage, but what they didn’t mention is that they must be solid candles.

They just can’t wait to see Lindsey on board.

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Final Thoughts On Taking Candles On a Planes.

All types of candles are allowed on planes, but gel-type candles ( not solid ) need to be in containers of 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less when packed in carry-on baggage, larger quantities need to be transported in checked baggage.

The same applies for international travel, just ensure that you bring reasonable quantities when traveling to other countries to avoid any inconvenience with the customer at your destination country.

Make sure that you also protect and pack neatly your candles when transported in checked baggage to avoid any damage or break during transit.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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