Can You Bring Paint On a Plane 2024?

So can you bring paint on a plane? and can you bring acrylic paint on carry on and checked baggage?

Whether you are traveling with your infant paint, for a new project or you are moving to explore a new area, it is critical to bring your painting set and artwork with you.

But there are some things to consider to make sure it is a safe and enjoyable ride. Knowing what to pack in your carry on and checked baggage is essential.

There are several restrictions when taking paints on planes and some types can’t make it in your carry-on baggage, so before you start packing your luggage you need to make sure they are permitted and also know how to place them inside your bag.

Here is the short answer before we go deep into the topic.

All different types of paints are allowed on planes including water based paints, except oil paints because they are flammable, paint that their labels indicates they contain flammable ingredient are not allowed in both carry on or check baggage

Crayola Washable Kids Paint /courtesy of Amazon

Bring paint through the security checkpoint

For your safety and safety of all passengers the TSA (the Transportation security Administration) do not allow taking oil or flammable paints through the security checkpoints, because they are classified as flammable and hazardous materials.

I checked the TSA website and found that they don’t mention other types of paints like this spray paint, if you want to bring water based paints, you are good to go, however you should consider the TSA liquid rule 3-1-1.

Liquids, gels and aerosols in travel-size containers with no more than 3.4 oz or100 milliliters. Each traveler is limited to one quart-size bag of liquids, gels and aerosols.

Can I bring acrylic paint in my carry-on?

Acrylic paint that is not flammable because it is water-based are permitted in carry-on baggage . Other paints that contain flammable solvents are not allowed in your carry-on bag. if you are not sure check the packaging to see if the paint contain flammable solvent.

This passenger asked the TSA if these small watercolor paints are allowed in carry-on baggage, and the TSA replied that ” If paints are packed in carry-on bags, they must be in travel-sized containers, 3.4 ounces (100ml) or smaller. The items must fit comfortably in a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; one bag per person.”

Can you take oil paint in checked baggage?

Oil paint with flammable ingredients are not allowed in checked and in carry-on baggage on most airlines.

@MelodyFae asked the TSA if water acrylic paints are permitted in checked baggage, and the TSA confirmed that ” Thanks for reaching out. Non Flammable acrylic paints are allowed in checked bags. However, they recommend to contact the airline about additional rules on traveling with nonflammable paints and solvents.”

Can you take watercolor paint on a plane?

Yes, watercolor paints are allowed on planes because they are not flammable, in addition they are small and easy to pack, liquid watercolor can be transported in carry-on baggage if they are in containers of no more than 3.4 oz; otherwise you can place them inside your checked bag.

How to pack and travel with acrylic paints?

Some passengers may suggest to indicate or attach a note on your oil paint container that they are water based or vegetable oils made, but i don’t recommend doing that, The TSA and other airports security will read the manufacturer information in the original package or the MSDS (Material safety data sheet) meaning what are the substances your paints are made from.

So please make sure that you follow the regulations to avoid any inconvenience, or any unnecessary situation at the security checkpoint.

Protect your paint

Your acrylic paint must be stored and protected in a solid and trustworthy box, that keeps all of your arts and crafts supplies such as paint tubes and brushes, ribbons or stamps organized and in one place, also even if your paint leaks it won’t spread through your suitcase.

This Supply Storage Paint box is sturdy transparent plastic. it can hold all your art supplies and it measures 11.2 x 7.87 x 5.57 so it can be placed in your suitcase perfectly.

In addition to transporting your art supplies, what is also amazing about these boxes is they work for almost everything, and they are the perfect size to keep and protect your daily or small kitchen supplies and accessories.

So go ahead and give them a shot, they are just affordable and no more than $$.

Will paint tubes explode on a plane?

If your paint tubes are not flammable and are no more than 3.4 oz you can take it with you on your carry on, other paint-related solvents are considered flammable and are prohibited to carry on planes in both carry-on or checked baggage and there is more chance they will explode if they get heated.

Though it is rare when this sort of accidents occur, air travel authorities regulate this type of item as dangerous to be carried on flights.

Conclusion: can you bring paint on a plane?

Just to sum up, flammable items are not allowed on planes, so if your paint contains flammable ingredients you shouldn’t risk it and take it on your flight.

you can read the label, other-ways if you are not traveling with all your artwork you can just purchase some of your paint in your destination.

If your paints are permitted, you should consider the carry-on baggage rules that means that any liquid paint must be no more than 3.4 oz for a single container and in a sealed and transparent bag, and must be removed from your carry-on when going through airport security. After you have passed through the security checkpoint you can repack your items where you prefer.

When packing your paint, put in mind that your carry-on bag will end up in the overhead locker and sometimes there is a chance that it could be gate checked if the overhead lockers are full so make sure that it is well protected and sealed.

Also it makes sense to transfer any expensive painting that you are afraid of losing to your personal item.

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I hope this helps.

Happy travels.