Can I Bring Framed Art On A Plane? 2024

So can I bring framed art on a plane? and how to protect your art piece while traveling?

Traveling with fragile items is not easy, but exciting especially when you acquire your beloved framed art.

If you are an art collector or you just want to take a framed art with you home, I know that it means a lot for you.

I’ve seen many travelers taking their framed art on planes, but are nor neatly protected. However the TSA allows framed art in both carry-on and checked baggage without any restrictions.

But you should always take into consideration the aniline’s luggage size limitations.

Without further ado here is all that you need to know about traveling with framed art, picture frame and photos on a plane.

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Can you take your Framed Art through the TSA?

According to TSA you can Bring Framed Art On A Plane, in either carry-on and checked baggage without any problem.

TSA didn’t mention Framed art specifically on their website, they mentioned only the Glass Picture Frame which so many travelers are asking about, however the TSA answered travelers’ questions about normal or wooden framed art on twitter as you can see in the screenshot below. 

Please note that the TSA agent always has the final decision in the checkpoint security so he will decide whether an item will be allowed or not onboard the airplane.

For other countries and destinations the airport security will decide whether your framed art is allowed or not.

Take Framed art in Carry-on Baggage

The TSA agents won’t stop you from taking your framed art through the security checkpoint if you will take it on carry-on baggage.

Just make sure to check your airline carry-on size and if your piece meets carry-on requirements of the airline you are traveling with.

Each airline has a different carry-on luggage size, however the most common carry-on size is 22″ × 14″ ×9″ inches.

If the dimensions of your framed art or artwork is more than the allowed size you won’t be able to take it in the cabin.

And if your framed art or picture frame is small, it is a brilliant idea to place it inside your suitcase, and make sure that it is well protected.

This passenger asked AskTSA on twitter if she could take framed art in her through the security line.

Take a framed art in Checked baggage

Most airlines advise flying with framed picture inside your checked baggage if it is way too big for carry-on baggage, some other websites even recommend to ship it and mostly i don’t mind that.

However, I always prefer to travel with my items inside my carry-on baggage,  and  I make sure to protect it well inside my bag, and I’m obliged to check in it. I already took precautions.

So my item won’t get scratched or spoiled during the handling process.

How do you pack a picture frame in a suitcase?

You can pack a picture frame in a suitcase using corner protectors or bubble bags to protect your art while you are on your journey.

If your art doesn’t have a frame, painting storage bags are also a n ideal way to protect  your paintings until you get home and find the right frame.

If your picture frame is big or it won’t fit inside your suitcase, you can use a box and wrap it with a bag cloth or luggage cover and check in it, most airlines allow check in boxes.

Here is some extra tips on how to pack your framed art when flying:

  • Pack small: take small pieces, or make your frames or paintings separated into several smaller components that you can place easily in a suitcase. This will make your traveling very simple.
  • Avoid large suitcases when traveling with too many pieces of artwork,they may cause you pay oversized luggage fees.

Can I carry a painting on a plane?

woman painting while sitting on the floor
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

Yes, you can bring your painting on a plane , inside your carry-on or checked baggage.

Most airlines will allow your painting, but it must be within the allowed size and weight.

If you are traveling with your art portfolio, small crafted artwork or small painting pieces, you are just good to go, because you will be able to place them inside your carry-on bag and board the airplane without any problem.

Though, we recommend to nicely protecting your painting, if you decide to send it in your checked baggage.

Otherwise if you want to travel with one large piece of painting it will be better to contact your airline before you make any decision, because if you show up to the airport with your large painting you will be surprised that the airline refuses to transport your piece or to apply a big giant luggage fee.

How do you travel with acrylic paint?

Acrylic painting may require a different handling if you want to take them with you on your flight, because the painting may contain some decorative like wood, metal, fabrics and ceramics, some of these items may set of f the alarm at the security checkpoint, though it is better to inform the security agent prior proceeding to screening.

Also when preparing your acrylic paintings i suggest to separate them inside your suitcase, however some other websites may advise you check them, but it is better to take them on board if they are within the airline carry on size.

Just make sure that they are well protected and wrapped.

Conclusion: Can I Bring Framed Art On A Plane?

You can Bring Framed Art On A Plane in either carry-on luggage or checked luggage on most airlines .

There are no special instructions or limits.

However, just make sure to check your airline carry-on baggage size and weight before heading to the airport, also Keep in mind to protect well your piece of art.

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