How Late Can You Check Into a Hotel?

Understanding hotels check in time policies like their late check in and check out options will help you structure your trip accordingly in case of any delays or unexpected surprises.

Additionally; It will ensure that you have a stress free arrival and ready to jump on that cozy bed after a long flight.

But how late can you check into a hotel? And can you check into a hotel at 11 PM for example?.

Let’s explore and learn more about late check in polices, the different factors that can impact your check-in time and some tips to make the process smooth and effortless.

Let’s dive right in.

Hotels Standard Check In Times

The standard check in time for most hotels is around 3 PM to 4 PM, this means that the hotel will have a room avialable for you if you decide to check in at this time.


But in some cases, some hotels may differ and provide check in from 3 PM to midnight.

It is important to note that if you show up to a hotel before the standard check in time way to early, you may need to wait until your room is fully prepared and the guest sleeping in the bed leave the room, especially if you encounter a guest that stays in the room until the hotel staff ask him that it is time to checkout.

Most hotels offer online check in, so you can pay for your room using their app or a third party website and they will get your room ready before you even arrive.

It is also worth mentioning that some hotels may have different check-in times for different room types, so it is important to check the specific check-in time for the room you wanted to book.

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What Is Considered Late Check In?

The late check in time differs from one hotel to another depending on many factors.

Some hotels may consider 7 PM a late check in while others may consider 9 PM late check in.

Even though in both cases there are solutions and some things to keep in mind.

  • Late check in: some hotels offer a late check in option, where they can keep you a room until 10 PM or 11 PM, this option usually is available if you did notify the title that you will be late for your check in time.
  • Online check in: paying online is the solution if you want to ensure that the hotel will not transfer the room in case you are late, additionally they will take the room ready by the time you arrive.
  • Keyless check in: some hotels offer express check in when you can pay online and you don’t even need to wait at the reception, they will provide a digital code that will allow you to go straight to your room.
  • 24 hour front desk: some hotels have 24/7 service which means that you can check in anytime, regardless of the time you show up at the front desk.
  • Self check in: Self check in kiosks are another option some hotels have, you can easily check and pick your key, and you don’t need to wait at the reception desk.

Small hotels

Small hotels typically have limited room capacity, and as a result, they may be limited in the services they can offer.

If you plan to check in at a later time, for instance 9 PM, it is important to note that this may be considered a late check-in by the hotel staff.

In these cases, it is highly recommended to contact the hotel in advance to confirm the availability of a receptionist to check you in.

If you do not do so you may end up having difficulty finding someone at the front desk to assist with your check-in process.

Large hotels


When staying at a large hotel, late check-ins are typically not a problem, as their check in desks usually operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, if you have made a reservation through a third-party website and have not paid upfront or informed the hotel of your late arrival, there may be a risk of your room being given to another guest.

This is because some individuals reserve hotel rooms but do not show up, so hotels want to make sure you’re coming, especially when it’s a busy time.

This is especially important during peak season and busy times, as hotels need to maximize their occupancy to accommodate high demand.

To avoid any potential complications, it is always best to inform the hotel in advance of any changes to your check-in plans and to confirm payment arrangements.

Final Thoughts On Check In Late Into a Hotel.

Usually most hotels consider checking in late after 4 PM, and you can only check in after that if there is someone around to process your check in and take the necessary information, especially in small size hotels.

It is better to call the hotel and inform them that you will be late for a few hours.

If you are staying in a mid size and large hotel, there are so many ways to avoid the check in counter or any waiting, Keyless entry system for example allows you to bypass the front desk and go straight to your room. 

Or just call your hotel and inform them that you will be late for a few hours.

Over all each hotel may have different check-in policies, so it’s important to contact your hotel and understand their specific check-in time,

We hope this helps

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