Can You Bring Cigars On A Plane ? TSA Rules 2024

Whether you are a cigar aficionado, or you just like a cigar and wanted to bring it from your destination you will need to know what are the rules on bringing cigars on planes.

Here is a quick answer.

According to the TSA, cigars are allowed on planes in both carry-on and checked bags, however, cigar cutters are advised to be placed in checked baggage, also you are not permitted to use your cigar on any section of the air planes.

In this post we’ll present everything you need to know about traveling with cigars in both domestic and international flights and how to pack them for your next flight.

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We’re not promoting any kind of smoking. It’s not exactly the healthiest habit, so please take care of yourself. and this information is strictly for adults over 21 and over.

Can Cigars Go Through Airport Security?

It is not illegal to bring cigars on planes within the United states so you can take your cigars through the TSA security checkpoint without any restrictions.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website.


I checked social media to find more answers from the TSA.

This passenger asked the TSA customer service if it is okay to bring single cigars in his carry on bag.

They replied that cigars are permitted in carry-on baggage with the US.


There are also no limits on how many you can take on board the airplane.

The TSA replied to Jalaire that his 12 Cuban cigars are good to take in carry-on baggage.


Still the question here is, if Jalaire asked for a domestic or international flight, since Cuban cigars are not allowed on international flights.

An important thing to remember is if you are taking a cigar cutter or a cigar punch a more festive way to avoid any inconvenience at the security checkpoint is to place them inside your checked baggage, as most airport security will not allow them on board.

If you are not checking a bag and you are going to take the risk anyway, just bring a cheap cigar cutter because you may end up surrendering it at the security checkpoint.

Important: Lighting a cigar or vaping is not permitted in any section of an aircraft, on any airline, so  ensure that you keep your cigars inside your bag all the time.

Can You Put Cigars In Checked Luggage?

Cigars are accepted in checked baggage in both domestic and international flights.

But the best way to travel with cigars is inside your carry-on bag, especially expensive cigars, that are more prone to be damaged or even missing.

And as we mentioned above cigar cutters are strongly advised to put them in checked baggage.

Here is an answer form the TSA.


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Can You Bring Cigars On A Plane International?

Traveling with cigars on an international flight is not up to the airport security but is the job of the customs at the country of your destination as they set limits and quantities travelers can bring to any country.


But overall most countries are more tolerant about bringing cigars to their territories , and if you are traveling with one cigar or two I’m sure you won’t experience any difficulties.

On the other hand if you wanted to bring large numbers here the rules for some countries.

CountriesCigars limits
United states You can bring to the United States a maximum of 100 cigars, except Cuban cigars.
United kingdom-200 cigars from European Union Countries
-50 cigars  form countries ousted European Union
Europe Union -You can Bring 200 cigars from European Union countries
-You can bring 50 cigars when arriving from countries outside the European Union
CanadaYou are allowed to bring 50 cigars from any country
Australia You can bring 50 grams of cigars outside the country

How to Pack Cigars for Air Travel?

Cigars are breakable and they will get damaged if not protect neatly, and whether you take in carry on or checked baggage here are some tips to follow:

  • Use a solid cigar humidor to maintain a normal humidity level l for your cigars.
  • Ensure that the cigars are not moving around inside the box.
  • Place the storage box inside a ziplock bag and place it in the middle of your suitcase.

Final Thoughts

You can bring cigars on planes,  in both carry-on and checked baggage, however; it’s better to pack your cigars in your carry-on bag or personal item to avoid losing or damaging  them.

I would strongly advise to place any cigar cutters inside your checked baggage even though the TSA does not list them as dangerous items.

Also torch lighters are not allowed on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage, you can bring a regular small lighter in your carry on bag.

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