Can You Bring Cookies On a Plane? 2024

Cookies are a perfect snack to bring for you an your kids on a plane. They are luscious and tasty -Especially homemade cookies – and they are easy to carry anywhere.

But can you take them on a plane, and through the security checkpoint?

Here is the short answer: Yes, cookies are allowed at the airport security checkpoint and on most airlines in both carry-on and checked luggage without any restrictions, you can take both homemade and store bought cookies without any problem.

Read on for more about traveling with cookies and some tips on how to keep your cookies stay safe and fresh to eat during your flight.

Let’s dive right in.

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Granny Bella Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Basket/ Courtesy of Amazon

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Can I Bring Cookies Through The TSA

According to the TSA ( Transportation Security Administration) you can bring cookies through the TSA checkpoint without any issues.

There are no limits to the amount you can bring inside your carry on bag, however; the TSA officer may ask you to remove your cookies from your bag or your personal item if needed and if they are not separated from other items.

Make sure that you sort out everything inside your bag and keep your items uncluttered to ease the screening process and keep the lines moving, the TSA added.

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Catbuh asked the TSA if the case of cookies in the image allowed on a plane.

The TSA customer service confirmed that this case of delicious cookies are allowed through the security checkpoint without any problem.

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Can I Bring Cookies On a Plane Carry-On?

Yes, as long as the TSA does not have any problem or restrict taking cookies through the security checkpoint so you can take both homemade cookies or store bought in the cabin with you anytime.

In fact cookies are an amazing snack to take with you on board to enjoy with tea or a cup of coffee or a Yogurt.

Otherwise; if you are not planning to eat your cookies during the flight , and you brought them as gift, ensure that they are neatly protected and well secured inside your suitcase.

Can I Bring Cookies in checked luggage?

If you decided to bring many boxes of cookies as gifts, your checked baggage will be the right choice to transport them.

Domestically there are no limits to the amount of cookies you can bring in your checked suitcase, however you will need to confirm that you stay within your airline weight and size limits.

It may be risky that your cookies will crash , but if you just wrap them correctly they will be fine, and whether you are bringing different types of cookies, along with some candy you should make sure that they are inside a solid box so they don’t get crushed when your luggage is subject to hard handling .

Can I Bring a Tin Of Cookies On a Plane?

Yes, a tin of cookies are good to go on planes, you can easily place it inside your carry-on or checked luggage without any issues.

You can bring as much as you want inside your checked luggage (as long as it fits your airline checked luggage weight limits). For carry-on or hand baggage, the airport security may ask you to open your tin, but overall you are just good to go.

Tip:  If you like to carry your own cookies on your next flight, consider getting a tin and putting it inside your carry-on luggage or personal item.

Can I Bring Cookies On International Flights?

Most countries do not restrict baked goods, packaged snacks or store bought biscuits and cookies from interring their territories, however traveling internationally with food will require making a search to the country rules to see if they permit such products.

Otherwise you can just take the risk and head to the airport, but if your item did not make it through the customs you should be OK with confiscating it.

United StatesAllowed
United KingdomAllowed
Australiathey are for personal consumption
they are fully cooked, shelf stable (do not require refrigeration) and contain no meat

How To Pack Cookies For Travel?

Packing cookies for a plane will require some prior preparations, if you plan to eat your cookies during your flight here is how to pack

  • Use a tin: tins are super useful to store your cookies, easy to carry in the cabin; in addition they keep cookies fresh and soft,tins will secure your cookies until you get to your destinations.
  • Seal them in Plastic: If you’re packing opened cookies , make sure to put them in clear plastic, zip-top bags rather than foil—your cookies may need to go through X-ray scanners and the Airport security may ask you to remove them from your bag. Zip-top bags are probably the cheapest, easiest packing containers you can use for cookies and candies, after you pass the security checkpoint you can then wrap your Ziploc bags and surround them with your clothes.

We’ve mentioned that tins are good for transporting cookies, and if you wonder where to get a new tin or to update your old one ,you can check your local store, Also Amazon is actually a great place to find a good tin and get it delivered to you quickly, you can choose from thousand of variations and sizes.

Final Thoughts

Flying with cookies is not challenging, because many travelers are doing it all the year around.

Cookies are mouth-watering and delicious gifts to bring for your loved ones and a great reminder for the places where you’ve visit. If it’s your first time taking cookies on a plane, you don’t need to worry so much because so many airline do no restrict them.

Another point to keep in mind when traveling internationally is to do a small research about the rules on the country of your destination if you are traveling with some other type of cookies; you will save the time and avoid the chance of your cookies being confiscated.

Also you’ll be able to wipe out the problem of bringing a big quantity of cookies or candies in your hand luggage and then having to deal with the customs or the airport security.

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