Do You Have To Pay Baggage Fees For Connecting Flights?

When you have a connecting flight there is more possibility that you will be confused and have many questions in your mind, the most obvious is if your bags will make it to the final destination, and if you have to recheck your bags again at the airport.

In this post we will answer all your questions about airlines baggage rules on connecting flights, tips on keeping your luggage safe and more importantly how to skip those airlines hefty charges.

Let’s dive right in.

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Do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting flights
Airline Landing for a layover

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What Is A Layover Or Connecting Flight?

Imagine you are traveling from New York to Bangkok, if the airline you book with does not operate flights direct to Bangkok, you will need to depart the aircraft in London and board another airplane- which is included in your ticket and it can be a different airline – at Heathrow airport in order to reach Bangkok.

This flight is called your connecting flight.

A layover and a connecting flight are almost the same, it’s just the connecting flight may sometimes have more than two flights.

Want to know more about direct, non-stop, and layover flights and other airlines industry terms, why not read this detailed guide on this BudgetAir post.


Do You Have To Pay Baggage Fees For Connecting Flights?


You do not have to pay twice for your luggage in a connecting flight, here is why; when you first book your ticket, it includes both your first flight and the second, so the ticket includes both flights’ baggage allowance.

Here is an answer from Frontier to stating that baggage fees are collected only on the departure and return leg of the flight.


Memphis asked Delta how many times he need to pay baggage fee for a connecting flight.

And they gave him this example ” if you are flying round trip JFK to MIA with a stop in ATL, you will pay once in JFK and once in MIA on your return“.


How Does Baggage Work With Connecting Flights?

When you pay for your baggage, You will be required to change the terminals on your second flight, but you don’t need to do anything for your baggage, because most airline will automaticaly transfer your luggage to your next flight.

What’s The Minimum Time You Should Leave Between Connecting Flights?

Almost four hours  on a domestic flight and two hours for international flights, However, there may be other factors that will influence the time for your connecting flights, such as the airport size and the airline you are flying with.

When To Re-Check Your Bag For A Connecting Flight?

Sometimes you will need to recheck your bag but it depends on your travel plans and your airline’s exact rules.

Some airlines will automatically transfer your baggage to your final destination.

However, there are notable exceptions; the airline you are traveling with will let you know if you have to recheck your baggage or not.

But you have to make sure that you connect your airline before flying, so your bag won’t be missed on your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting flights with American Airlines?
American Airlines stated that If your flight includes an airline which AA has an agreement with, you do not need to pay baggage allowance fees for your second flight, because your ticket will include both airlines’ baggage.
However, you will be responsible for the baggage fees associated on the second ticket when the baggage
is re-checked with another airline that American does not have an interline agreement with.
Do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting flights on Spirit Airlines?
According to Spirit Airlines Connecting guests must claim all baggage regardless of their final destination upon arrival in the U.S. After clearing Customs, guests with connecting flights are required to re-check all checked bags with a Spirit Airlines Guest Service Agent.
Do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting United flights?
According to United Airlines For a trip that includes one or more connections, United will check bags to the final destination on your ticket.
You’ll need to go to baggage claim and recheck your bags if:
You chose to have a layover
You make a connection that involves an overnight stay
Your connecting flight departs more than 12 hours after you arrive at the airport
You’re connecting to an itinerary booked on a separate ticket that doesn’t include a Star Alliance™ partner airline
You’re traveling internationally and connecting to a domestic flight within your destination country
Usually, we’ll transport checked bags on the same flight as the traveler. If this isn’t practical, United will arrange to transport your bags on the next flight with available space.
Do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting flights with Lufthansa?
If you are flying in a connecting flight with Lufthansa , in most cases your baggage can be checked through to your final destination. That means your baggage will automatically be transported to your destination airport without you having to do anything when connecting to another flight.
Do you have to pay baggage fees for connecting flights with Air Canada?
Your checked baggage will be delivered to your final destination and will automatically be transferred by Air Canada during each connection, unless advised otherwise at check-in.

Final Thoughts

If you want to book your flight and you just discover that you have a connecting flight, your ticket includes all the fees for both airlines you are traveling with.

So you don’t have to worry about paying luggage twice, as long as you get your ticket. Also if you are traveling with checked luggage, you don’t need to recheck your bags, you luggage will be transferred by the airline to your destination.

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