How Much Does Checked Baggage Cost?

So How Much Does Checked Baggage Cost? and And How To Avoid Paying For Checked Baggage?

The staggering baggage fees are the most concern for the majority of travelers when transporting their luggage or items.

And with most airlines are charging for baggage, especially for check in bags, they may even be confusing whether you are traveling with carry on or checked baggage, and airlines that have free checked bags may get the most of their offers.

Baggage fees may differ from airline to another, depending on your specific route flown, your booking ticket and your class fair.

We hope that this guide will clear up any questions about checked baggage or carry-on cost , and For additional information on checked baggage fees, please visit your specific airline’s website.

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What is the average price for luggage on Airlines ?

The average baggage price can differ and depends on if you’re traveling domestically vs. internationally.

Some airlines will not charge you for your carry on items, and the first checked bag, However each airline may apply an estimated of $30 to $35 for your first checked in bag if the airline does not offer free check in baggage.

How Much Does Extra Baggage Usually Cost?

As you can see in the table below There is no an exact cost for Extra baggage, each airlines Prices may vary depending on routes and the amount of extra baggage you are traveling with.

Here an Example on what Lufthansa says about Extra Baggage Rates:

If you are travelling on an Economy Class Light fare, you have the option of booking one item of baggage, weighing up to 23 kg, per route for a fee. The outbound or return flight each counts as one route, even if a connection is involved. Once payment has been made, the baggage charge cannot be refunded or offset. On flights between Europe and the USA/Canada on the Economy Light fare, a second item of baggage can be added to the booking on payment of a fee of EUR 90/USD 100 via the Lufthansa Service Center or at the Lufthansa service counter at the airport.

Why Some passengers are not traveling with Checked baggage?

Traveling with only carry on baggage has many advantages, it will keep all your belongings in front of your sight(won’t be lost), your items are accessible anytime, and you won’t need to wait in the baggage carousel at the airport.

For man Passengers Finding a carry on bag that will fit all the items is almost impossible, however there is so many suitcase, duffle bags that will hold all your essentials and more.

If you’re just going for a weekend, or if you generally like to travel light, the advantages of having less to lug may win out even with a single bag.

But when traveling with so many bags checking your bags is unavoidable, but just make sure to pick a sturdy suitcase, that will withstand the handling hits and meantime take more item to maximize your airline checked baggage costs.

How to avoid paying sneaky baggage fees?

There is so many ways to Bypass baggage fees, packing less and choosing the right suitcase that are within your airline luggage regulations is critical.

If the airline you are traveling with offers a first checked in bag, make sure to pack wisely and place all your belonging on your bag.

If you are traveling with more items, we recommend Using a soft-sided and lightweight suitcase, so it can carry almost all your essential items without need of a second bag.

Otherwise a hardshell suitcase will ease your flight and will also carry your essentielle item meanwhile protect them.

Otherwise, if you want to avoid paying checked baggage fees travel on business or first class, or join a frequent flyer program.

Domestic & International checked baggage Cost And Weight

AirlinesAllowed weight 1st Checked Bag Cost
American Airlines50 lbs$30*
Delta Airlines50 lbs$30*
United Airlines50 lbs$35*
Southwest Airlines50 lbsFree
JetBlue Airways50 lbs$35
Alaska Airlines50 lbs$30
Spirit Airlines40 lbsFrom $35
Allegiant40 lbs$36-50**
Frontier Airlines50 lbs$30-50**
Hawaiian Airlines50 lbs$30
British Airways50 lbsFree
Norwegian Air70.5 lbsFrom €50 (~$60)
Korean Air70 lbsFree
Asiana Airlines50 lbsFree
Emirates Airline50 lbsFree
Air India55 lbsFree
Turkish Airlines44 lbsFree
Qatar Airlines2 bags (50 lbs per bag)Free
Japan Airlines50 lbsFree
Allegiant Air40 lbs$15
Volaris55 lbsFree
Lufthansa50 lbsFree
Air Canada50 lbs$30
Air France50 lbs€35 (~$65)
Copa Airlines52 lbsFree
Ryanairfrom 15 lbs-44 lbsFrom €20 (~$30)
WestJet50 lbsFrom C$35
Singapore Airlines66 lbsFree
Aer Lingus50 lbsFree
Interjet55 lbsFree
Caribbean Airlines50 lbsFree
Philippine Airlines50 lbsFree
Icelandair50 lbsFree
easyJetup to 50 lbsFrom £6.99 (~$9)

*Cost for US flights only and, for traveling internationally, the first check in bag are free if it is not above the allowed size or weight.

**Costs may vary and depends if you pay online or at the airport.

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Is it cheaper to pay for checked bags online?

Yes, most airlines will charge less if you pay for luggage online.

If it happened and your want to travel with checked baggage, pay for your baggage in the airline website, it is always cheaper to pay for baggage online rather than the airport at the check in counter.

Are there any airlines that don’t charge baggage fees?

In US only southwest will not charge you for your first check in bag.

All other airlines charge an addition cost to check luggage. 

Other international airlines like British airways,Singapore Airlines, Emirates,Lufthansa,Philippine Airlines..ect have the first checked baggage free of charge.

See the table above.

Tips on Travelling With Bulky Items As Checked Baggage

when traveling with bulky item or your large belongings such as sports equipment, medical equipment, or even children’s items.

Here are some tips to make sure you are traveling with your items smoothly.make it easier, and help reduce fees.

For sports equipment

  • Review your airline baggage allowance: if the charge for an item or per weight , you’ll have an easier time transporting multiple items and be able to save yourself some money if you review wisely your airline allowance.
  • Pack wisely: While there is no disguising a big itm, some large items or products , such as a bicycle, can be broken down into the frame and wheels. If you are able to pack them separately into normal-looking suitcases, you will save yourself by not paying checked baggage fees for a ‘special item’.
  • Take your Item If It is necessary: If your item are not necessary do not travel with it, it may be more expensive to buy or rent the item at your destination than the luggage transportation cost, or if you find that your item are necessary and the airline checked baggage are too expensive, shipping your items are a good idea.


Children Checked baggage costs

Your child will a need a carseat or a stroller.

If you are traveling with children, most airlines will take care of your child luggage with no additional fees, however some airline will charge your little one items as just how they charge yours.

Here is some tips to keep in mind when traveling with infants on airlines.

  • Strollers are rarely allowed as carry on baggage, you can take it until you reach the gate and it will be checked there.
  • Car seats are often allowed to carry on board the airplane, but they do need to be FAA-approved. If you don’t want to carry on the car seat, it’s recommended to store it in a duffel bag so it doesn’t get dirty.
  • It is always preferable to travel with AN APPROVED car seat or any child restraint item.

How Much Does Checked Baggage Cost? Takeaway

Understanding airlines luggage regulations, will assets you avoid any checked baggage cost that are not necessary.

However, maintaining the airline baggage fees ins and outs are so complicated, and thanks to the above Table you will have an overview about the airline baggage fees, and what the potential charges to expect when traveling with any of the mentioned airlines.

We hope this guide helped you get the most out of your flight, and avoid any surpries at the airport.

Please make sure to review your airline luggage section to get the latest info about its checked baggage cost regulation and fee prior buying your ticket.

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