How To Take Extra Luggage In a Flight ?

So how to take extra luggage in flight? and how to carry more luggage in flight?

The major Airline companies are making millions of dollars in baggage charges every year, and you don’t want to be the one that is filling their pockets if they do not add any extra value to your flight.

And if you are looking for some ways on how to take extra luggage in your flight, and how to get away with extra baggage without paying these gigantic fees.

You may have so many questions in mind, like How can I avoid paying for extra luggage?Can we take extra luggage in flight? How to carry extra luggage on an international flight ? And is it mandatory to pay excess baggage fees if your suitcase is a bit above the airline baggage allowance?

and why are so many passengers paying extra money when they can easily avoid these baggage charges with less effort.

Today you will get your answers and will provide you with some professional and advanced tips and tricks on how to carry extra luggage in flights; and avoid extra baggage fees.

Here are some handy tricks and tips to help you save on excess fees. Some tricks to carry excess baggage whether for international or domestic flights that airlines won’t reveal for you.

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1.Research Your Airline Baggage Allowance

Most of the airlines are clear about their baggage allowance; and these policies can vary from airline to airline.

Some Guests tend to just grab their tickets without scanning the airline luggage policy.However, Knowing Your Airline’s baggage Policy; it may seem complicated at first, but if you are a frequent traveler that will help you always plan accordingly.

So always make a prior research.

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2.Wear Heavy Clothes

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You may read about this trick hundreds of times. It is a way to get away with extra baggage, especially clothes , but it still works,” POP UP TO THE BATHROOM AND WEAR AS MANY LAYERS AS POSSIBLE”.

put all your stuff in your backpack and in the checking; if they require you to pay any excess baggage fees, head to the nearest bathroom and wear any heavy clothes.

when on board you can place them again on your backpack. However no one can say anything about the fact that you just wore your extra clothes on you instead of having them on your backpack.

That way they can’t charge you if you take extra luggage on your flight as your bag complies with the airline luggage policy.

This is a trick to carry your heavy jacket or coat; but it won’t work for everything.

3.Ship Your Bags

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One of the best ways to avoid the hassle of hefty bags is to ship them.

Using a luggage shipping service makes your trip luggage free while still having as much luggage at your arrivals.

When you send your baggage, you can avoid any excess baggage fees and also avoid the long queues at the airport.

There are many luggage delivery services that allow you to send luggage internationally, offering affordable prices and peace of mind with online tracking.

4.Pack Light With Cool Products

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If you want to take extra luggage on your flight and try to fit all your stuff on your suitcase, you may need the help of some of these products like space saver bags or Vacuum bags. They help to carry more within your suitcase.

You can also wear the pocket-laden garments which are cleverly designed with hidden compartments that store more than you’d think.

Foldable travel essentials are also great; they take up minimal suitcase space whenever you can; the Vapur Anti-Bottle and the inflatable Travelrest Pillow are best examples.

5.Weigh Your Suitcase

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Having a portable luggage scale so you can weigh your baggage before heading to the airport and get shocked with the oversized baggage charges is a clever trick.

If you find that your luggage exceeds the airline baggage policy you can apply one of the tips you have already read on How to take extra luggage on flights.

Overweight baggage fees can be far costlier than base charges for checked luggage. For example, American and United charge a fee of $100 for each checked bag weighing 50 – 70 pounds on domestic flights, or $200 for bags weighing more than 70 pounds.

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6.Join a Frequent Flyer Program

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Almost all the Airline companies have generous loyalty programs for their guests who travel frequently with them.

You can join your favorite airline’s frequent flier program, and save on your baggage. They make serious discounts for preferred members.

This will permit you to take some extra luggage and other plethora of advantages.

Now Head to your airline website and see what they offer as a frequent flier.

Most airlines, including the big ones— for example American, have an AAdvantage program and As a member of the AAdvantage program, you’ll earn miles when you fly on American, oneworld and other participating airlines, as well as over 1,000 partners. Then, you can use your miles for:

  • Flights to nearly 1,000 destinations worldwide
  • Upgrades
  • Vacations, car rentals and hotels
  • Other retail products

That will redeem any baggage fees you pay.

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7.Use a Backpack Instead Of a Suitcase As Carry-on

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One of the tricks to carry excess baggage is backpacks. Suitcases are seen as for travelers who want to carry more and they are a way to get away with some extra items; they are also light ( just an assumption that you can use for your own).

However, a backpack and a suitcase can pack the same amount of baggage sometimes.

But picking the right backpack is the key, and finding the right backpack has to be the first step. Capacity is key: you have to be able to fit everything you need in it. Look for a backpack that’s as big as you need while still fitting the size requirements for your airline carry-on.

For a week-long trip, a 35L backpack usually gets the job done. For two weeks of travel, you’ll want a slightly larger option, like a 45L bag.

8.Check In Early Online

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Early check-in gets you to the security checkpoint faster. and Airlines are more lenient with Guests who check in early with their luggage carrying some “extra weight” than they are with the check-in counters’ in the airport.

9.Use Baggage Rewards

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Website Like UpgradePoints provides some savvy ways to take extra luggage on flights.

For example These Citi credit cards provide a free checked bag on your domestic flights with American Airlines. Friends and family can even receive a free checked bag when on your itinerary.

Check out details for more credit card on UpgradePoints website.

10.Get Your Items In Your Destination

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Instead of looking at how to take extra luggage on your flight or tricks to carry excess baggage, avoid the hassle and take out some items on your suitcase.

Usually There are some items on your suitcase that you can easily find at your destination with just affordable prices, and they can help you avoid overweight baggage charges , toiletries, underwear or heavy liquids are some of them.

It is better to buy toiletries and other heavy liquids at your destination. keep these items at your home, they are easy to find everywhere and accessible in local markets.

11. Pay For Excess Baggage

However, the ideal way to carry extra luggage is to pay for extra weight you add to your suitcase.

You can buy excess baggage on most airlines while booking your flight or when check in online or at the airport.

This will give more peace of mind rather than taking risk.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to get away with extra baggage and carry more luggage in your flight; however the best way to do it is to invest in a roomy suitcase, and pack wisely, or pay for checked-in baggage.

Most airlines have rules which you must adhere to, otherwise you’ll risk having to pay some extra charges.

However, some airlines’ budget airlines may be a bit lenient; especially with passengers who carry extra luggage in domestic flights.

If you’ve got a suitcase which is oversized however, then this could easily cause problems and so we recommend you browse these bags and find the one that fits perfectly with your airline.

All right !

We hope this Helps.

We’ll keep updating this guide on how to take extra luggage on planes and keep adding other savvy tricks so you can know how to avoid overweight baggage charges, and get the most of your flights.

Thank you