What If My Checked Bag Is Too Heavy ?

So what if your checked bag is too heavy? and what happens if your checked baggage is overweight?

The biggest concern for most passengers is keeping their check-in bags in the right weight and compatible with the airline’s luggage limits.

However; some airlines are lenient with their check in baggage policies, but in most cases you will need to pay an excess baggage fee if your checked bag is overweight or is too big, though often you can sneak some extra weight without being noticed, but it is not recommended.

If your checked bag is insanely too heavy The fees you are going to pay can be massive – up to $100 (or more!) depending on which airline you’re flying and your destination.

So to avoid any surprises at the airport and when you place your luggage on the scale, we’ve provided these tips: What to do if your checked bag is too heavy, and some prior tricks before heading to the airport.

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 What if my checked bag is too heavy
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What If My Checked Bag Is Too Heavy?

Each airline has a limit for the weight of a single bag, and most airlines will not allow you to take a bag if it’s too heavy and it exceeds the allowed weight for each bag.

if the airlines allow 3 bags of 32 kg each and your bag is 42 kg or more you can split the difference in other bags.


We can’t accept bags weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms). However, musical instruments and assistive devices are exceptions. We’ll accept musical instruments up to 165 pounds (75 kilograms) and all assistive devices.

Source United Airlines

What Is The Fee For Overweight Baggage?

So what happens if my luggage is overweight? there is a misunderstanding about baggage fees if it comes to overweight or oversized baggage, because rates are not the same as checked baggage.

Guests should know that It’s important to know there are separate fees for each limitation you exceed, if your baggage is overweight the airline you are traveling with will apply its overweight baggage fee.

And if an extra piece of baggage exceeds the weight , and the size limits, airlines charge for three of them: fees for the extra bag, and fees for exceeding the weight limit and one for going over the size restriction. Fees are charged for each additional bag, each way.

How Do I Know If My Luggage Is Too Heavy?

Sometimes just to leave your bag will give you an idea if it is too heavy, however most airlines consider heavy bags  if they weigh more than 50 pounds, but luggage weight policies are different among the airlines, depending on class and destinations.

What Happens If Your Luggage Is Over 23kg?

All airlines have stated their overweight oversized and extra bags fees and if your baggage is over 23 kg the airline will apply a checked bag rate.

Most airlines, bags over 50 pounds (23 Kg) are subject to additional fees which start around $100.

For Example: Delta airlines will charge a guests traveling between US/CANADA with a weight of 51.70 lbs (23-31.75kg): $100usd

How Do I Know If My Luggage Is Over 50 Pounds?

Use a scale if you have one at home, you can go to a courier or post office in the local area;They have large industrial-sized scales that will easily take your backpack/bag/suitcase.

If you find a hotel they usually have a scale, just ask the hotel hostess they will happily help you.

other-ways,If you don’t have access to a scale and there’s no post office in your area and not sure if your luggage is over 50 pounds, just go to the airport one hour earlier, find an empty check-in counter and weigh it there.

What Happens If Your Bag Is Too Heavy At The Airport?

If you get to the airport with and your suitcase is too heavy, above the airline standard luggage allowance.

Usually the airline applies Overweight baggage fees and you will have to pay some extra charges, however if you show up to the airport with a heavy bag go to the check in counter and ask the airline staff for what other options you have, they may have some handy tricks that can help you avoid paying overweight luggage fees.

Usually when I find myself in the airport with a heavy bag, I take some items and stuff them on my carry-on, and personal items.

It is always clever to pay for overweight baggage or extra checked-in bags online. On the airline website during check in, purchasing baggage online is always cheaper than the airport.


How To Avoid Heavy Baggage And Make Sure My Luggage Is Not Overweight?

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1.Don’t show up with your bag overloaded

If your bag looks large and too heavy it can be inspected and weighed in the check in, so make sure it is light by placing your essential items on your carry-on baggage.

don’t stuff your bag, even if you don’t have a carry on bag, find a plastic bag and in the airport shops and put your items on it.

Depending on the airline you are traveling with, they may allow two carry-on items, and that can be a carry-on bag and a laptop bag or another small item.

But overall make sure you check their size and weight restrictions before you go onboard.

2.Combine your baggage

Some airlines allow baggage combining or baggage pooling, use it for your advantage if you are traveling with a partner or a friend.

take some items out of your overweight bag and put it in your partner bag, even look for that little bit of extra room in the kids’ bags. Any unused kilo is a treasure.

3.Contact the airline

If you have heavy bags, contact your airline. It is better to do it before arriving at the airport.

Do your online check-in and get info about the baggage options you have. airlines are Different and can have very different baggage policies and you may have more options than you think. And if you have to admit you’re big and pay for an extra checked-in bag, it’s usually cheaper to do it before you check in.

3.Act politely

You may find yourself in front of a kind airline employee; and he can ignore if your bag is slightly over the airline luggage limit.

Using a friendly attitude you might just be able to get away with it, so long as you get your relationship off to a good start.