Can You Combine Your Baggage Allowance?

So can baggage allowance be combined? and is baggage allowance per person or per family?

Ready to kick off your beautiful flight , and want to know if your airline allows combining  luggage allowance, you are in the right place.

In this post we will answer all your questions about combining luggage allowance and which airlines allow luggage pooling.

While many people travel in groups or with family they want to combine their luggage when flying; and make the charges low, many others are still asking if they can transport or share their checked baggage allowances.

The truth is you can benefit enormously from combining your baggage allowance; However it depends on the airline company you are flying with.

Can you combine your luggage allowance
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What Does Pooling Or Combining Luggage Mean?

Combining baggage or pooling Luggage means A group of (2 or more people) that transport their baggage (combined) with a charge or no charge for the total number or weight of their combined individual baggage allowances.

To do this, the members of the group must check in at the same time and travel together in the same flight. but the weight of one piece of checked baggage cannot exceed the airline baggage allowance.

Example: if an Airline maximum free checked baggage weight is 30kg for a single bag that means 60kg for two bags, you can take 25 kg and your partner 35kg, or you can have 40kg and your partner 20 kg, the total of your combined luggage should not exceed 60 kg in total.

Can You Share Suitcase Weight?

can you combine luggage weight

Luggage weight can be shared only in checked luggage but it must not go over the allowed weight of the airline, as stated above. If you are traveling with a partner you can fly with the total number of two combined individual baggage allowances weight.

Most airlines require you and your companion to check in at the same time and travel together.

Can You Combine Carry on Luggage?

Combining carry-on baggage is not common and most airlines will not allow combining hand luggage, However if you are traveling with little items and your partner has more pieces or weight you can transport one of his bags on your name without telling the airline.

However it is not recommended to register any baggage that is not your own unless it is someone really close to you, to avoid any inconvenience.

Is Baggage Allowance Per Person Or Per Family?

The airline companies set the baggage allowance policy based on each person.

Free Baggage allowance is per passenger, and your baggage will be displayed on your booking ticket. However, so often some airlines set their guests to combine their baggage as described above.

There are two types of baggage, which are treated differently: checked baggage and hand/carry-on luggage. For both types, transportation companies have rules on the weight and size.

For checked baggage, stored in the aircraft hold, usually the weight is the limiting factor. All checked items are generally weighed by the airline during check-in, and if they exceed the limit, the passenger is informed by the airline. To avoid any fees, the passenger often must switch some of the items found in the suitcase to another suitcase, or else carry it on.

Carry-on luggage is judged primarily by size. Bags are measured by dimension or in total linear measurement (length + width + height). However, there may also be other restrictions on the types of belongings that can be carried on the plane.

What Is 2 Piece Baggage Allowance?

Most airlines consider 2 piece baggage allowance as the amount of checked baggage or hand/carry-on luggage that are allowed for each guest.

There may be limits on the amount that is allowed free of charge, and limits on the amount that is allowed.

The limits vary per each airline and depend on your booking ticket, elite status, type of ticket, flight origin and destination. If a flight is booked together with another flight it may also have different limits (e.g. if another flight on the same ticket is a long-haul flight). The exact baggage conditions are mentioned in the ticket information online.

Airlines Rules

Can you combine your luggage allowance
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Can you combine your luggage allowance with American airlines?

American airlines do not allow combining luggage and they will not don’t accept checked bags over 100 lbs / 45 kgs on its operated flights.

Can you combine baggage allowance Jet2?

You can have up to three bags of up to 22kg per person, however you may combine the allowance if you have more than one bag. For example, if you pay for three bags of 22kg, you’re allowed to bring 66kg , spread into as many bags as you like. Just make sure one single bag isn’t over 32kg!
Please note that Jet2 does not have any free baggage allowance, thus you will need to book your additional bags on the airline website before arriving at the airport. However the airport is more expensive than checking in online.

Can you combine your luggage allowance with British Airways?

British Airways does not allow to combine baggage, so please make sure you know the number of bags per person, plus size and weight limits for checked bags.

Can you combine your luggage allowance with Air France?

Yes, Air France allows its guests to combine baggage (2 or more ) at no charge.
and for better convenience the guests must check in at the same time and travel together. They must also make sure that each baggage item weighs less than 23 kg / 50 lb or 32 kg / 70 lb, depending on their travel class.

Can you combine your luggage allowance with Ryanair?

According to Ryanair, guests can combine baggage or share their purchased baggage allowance with other guests, friends or family included in the same flight reservation when checking-in together.
For example, if a reservation has two checked bags of 20kg (40 kg in total) one of the bags could weigh 15kg and the other 25kg (40 kg in total).

Can you combine baggage allowance Emirates?

Emirates didn’t specify combining luggage solutions on its website, but here what a passenger says on TripAdvisor , “Just checked with Emirates and the answer is they don’t accept pooling luggage allowance”, he wants to check in 3X20 Kg bags for him, and his wife but they told him one of him would then be overweight.

Can I combine luggage weight on Tui?

According to Tui Airways, you’re allowed to pool your luggage allowance with anyone else traveling on your booking. However, each bag can only weigh up to 25kg.

Can you combine your luggage allowance with EasyJet?

Each customer including children and infants can buy up to three hold bags. A standard hold bag is 23kg on EasyJet.
If you’re traveling with family or friends on EasyJet the same flight and booking, you can pool your total weight allowance.
Please Note that No single item can weigh more than 32kg. Maximum total size (length + width + height) = under 275cm.

Can you combine your luggage allowance with Finnair?

According to Finnair The luggage allowance displayed in your ticket is for one guest and can’t be combined with another guest.
If a checked bag weighs 23 kg–32 kg (50–70 lb), an overweight bag will be checked for extra fees.
In addition to the checked baggage allowance you can take at least one carry-on baggage to the cabin.

Final Thoughts

Combining luggage with another person or a family member when traveling usually depends on the airline you are flying with.

But for carry-on luggage, most airlines do not allow combining carry-on luggage with other passengers.

Other airlines permit to combine checked luggage weight if they are traveling in the same flight, for example if your airlines allow a 22 kg each and you are traveling in a group of three people you still can bring the total weight of 66 kg and can be split like this (First bag: 13kg/ second bag : 28kg/ Third bag: 25kg )

We hope this helps.

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