Is Jeju Air Strict With Baggage?

So Is Jeju Air strict with baggage? and what is Jeju Air baggage allowance?

Jeju Air luggage policies may vary depending on your destination and cabin class.

But rest assured that this article will serve as an informative guide to give you all that you need to know about Jeju Air baggage allowance , and how strict they are with their carry on and checked baggage.

let’s dive right in

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Carry-on Baggage

All Jeju Air Guests are allowance one piece of carry on Baggage free of charge that must adhere to the following Jeju Air baggage allowance Restrictions:

  • Total length of three dimensions Within 115cm (incl. holder and wheels)
  • width 40cm x depth 55cm x height 20cm
  • Bag(Small), Clothing, Blankets, Small digital devices, Books, Baby goods(Strollers excluded), Medical aids(Transported separately)

In addition of you carry on bag You are allowed also to bring the following:

  • 1 pc small bag or small backpack ( Less than 35 X 15 X 40cm)
  • 1 pc of duty free bag

Is Jeju Air strict with baggage?

As Jeju Air stated, Carry on baggage allowance and size must be strictly followed. Make sure your baggage size respectes the Airline baggage policy so you want to be charged any additional fees at the airport. 

In addition, The baggage/Item can be transported free as carry on under the condition that the item can fit in the overhead cabin or under the seat and the guest will keep responsibility for the item.

Checked Baggage

Does Jeju Air include baggage and How much luggage is allowed in Air Mauritius?

Yes, Jeju Air have a free baggage allowance included in your ticket and this is the specifications:

Domestic Routes

Travel ClassBaggage
Adults/children / Fly Bag+Weight: up to 20kg
Adults/children / Fly BagWeight: up to 15kg
Adults/children / FlyNo free luggage
InfantsNo free luggage

International Routes

international flights(Guam/Saipan excluded)

Travel ClassBaggage
Adults/children / Fly Bag+20kg or less
Adults/children / Fly Bag15kg or less
Adults/children / FlyNo free luggage
Infants /Fly Bag+10kg or less
Infants/Fly Bag10kg or less
Infants/ FlyNo free luggage

international flights(Guam/Saipan)

Travel ClassBaggage
Adults/children / Fly Bag+ two Each 23 kg or less
Adults/children / Fly Bag One1 pc (up to 23kg)
Adults/children / FlyNo free luggage
Infants /Fly Bag+ One10kg or less
Infants / Fly Bag One10kg or less
Infants / FlyNo free luggage

Excess Baggage

If your luggage exceeds the airline baggage policy

  • Excess luggage fee may apply if there are more than allowed free luggage.
  • Free allowed luggage is subject to disparate application depending on airfare luggage
  • If you depart from a country other than Korea, exchange rates will be applied on a USD basis and will only be accepted in local currency.
  • 1USD / EUR = 100 JPY = 7CNY = 8HKD / MOP = 30 TWD = 32 THB = 4 MYR = 1.5 SGD

Excess Baggage rates

Domestic Routes

if exceeds allowed weight2,000 won/kg

International Routes

if exceeds allowed number 50,000 won/one
if exceeds allowed weight 24~32 kg/one 50,000 won

international Routes(Guam/Saipan excluded)Routes

if exceeds allowed weightFly / First purchase
Up to ~15 KG(Saver)
Korea <-> Japan, China Shandong area45,000 KRW / 45 USD
Korea <-> Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China(Shandong and others)65,000 KRW / 65 USD
Korea <-> Southeast Asia85,000 KRW / 85 USD
if exceeds allowed weightPer KG
Korea <-> Japan, China Shandong area10,000 KRW / 10 USD
Korea <-> Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China(Shandong and others)13,000 KRW / 13 USD
Korea <-> Southeast Asia16,000 KRW / 16 USD
Pre-paid baggageFly / First purchase
Up to ~15 KG(Saver)
Korea <-> Japan, China Shandong area30,000 KRW / 30 USD
Korea <-> Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China(Shandong and others)40,000 KRW / 40 USD
Korea <-> Southeast Asia50,000 KRW / 50 USD
Pre-paid baggageAdditional purchase For every 5KG
Korea <-> Japan, China Shandong area30,000 KRW / 30 USD
Korea <-> Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China(Shandong and others)40,000 KRW / 40 USD
Korea <-> Southeast Asia50,000 KRW / 50 USD

Restricted Baggage

The following item are not allowed as Carry on Jeju Air flights:

  • Explosives, radioactive materials, contaminants, toxins, flammables, other hazardous substances, spears or knives or swords, sports equipments, firearms, martial arts equipments, tools
  • If prohibited goods pursuant to article 44 of ( Act on air safety and security ) are brought on board , you may become subject to the penalty of incarceration of two years to years.
  • This applies in airports in Korea. If your destination is overseas, please confirm with the airline or travel agency if there are other prohibited goods.

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