The Complete Airlines Standard Carry On Size Guide 2024

So Is there a standard size for carry-on luggage? standard carry on size

Did you have a perfect plan and wanted to book your ticket or have a connecting flight or just curious if there is a standard size for carry on luggage? or how strict are airlines about carry on size? so you can avoid any hiccup of the oversized baggage fees in your next flight.

If this is your first time traveling (or have just got a new suitcase ), there’s a plethora of basic questions about luggage size and weight nowadays that you need to know and keep in mind when preparing for your flight. 

But what’s next !Perhaps you’re not quite ready to fly until you get the answers for your questions.

In this helpful guide, you will get answers for all about “Airlines standard carry on size”, and how to perfectly take advantage of your airline carry-on size.

Let’s dive right in.

How strict is airline with carry on

How Strict Are Airlines On Carry On Size?

What Size Is Carry On Luggage?

Airlines Carry on size restrictions is different from airline to other and it depends on the ticket you booket and destination.

the most common carry on size for major US airlines is 56 x 36 x 23 cm (22 x 14 x 9 inches) including all handles, side pockets, and wheels.

usually airlines make carry on free of charge if it is compatible with the airline carry on baggage policy.

Carry On Standard Size / Measurements And Weight

The more you know about your baggage size and weight the better your flight will be.

When you take the time to figure out what baggage sizes your airlines are allowing , the more make our trip easy and hassle free.

One effective way to find out what your airline carry on luggage size , is to conduct a small research before booking your flight.

Major US airlines

AirlineDomestic Size; WeightWeight
American Airlines(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) 22 in x 14 in x 9 in
Not specified
Delta Air Lines(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) 22 x 14 x 9 inNot specified
Southwest Airlines(25 cm x 40 cm x 22 cm) 10 x 16 x 24 inNot specified
United Airlines(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) 22 x 14 x 9 inNot specified
JetBlue Airways(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm)22 x 14 x 9 inNot specified
Alaska Airlines(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) 22 x 14 x 9 inNot specified
Spirit Airlines(45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm) 18 x 14 x 8 inNot specified
Frontier Airlines(60 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm) 24 x 10 x 16 in 35 lbs
Hawaiian Airlines(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) 22 x 14 x 9 in;25 lbs
Allegiant Air(55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm) 22 x 14 x 9 in25lbs

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International Airlines

AirlinesWeightCarry on size
Lufthansa17.6lbs21.7 * 15.7 * 9
Norwegian Air22lbs21.7 * 15.7 * 9
Air CanadaNot specified21.5 * 15.7 * 9
AeroMexico22lbs21.5 * 15.7 * 10
Air France26lbs21.7 * 13.8 * 9.9
Air New Zealand 15lbs46.5 total linear
Alitalia17.6lbs21.7 * 13.8 * 9.9
All Nippon Airways 22lbs22 * 16 * 10
KLM26lbs21.5 * 13.5 * 10
Korean Air25lbs21.7 * 15.7 * 7.9
IcelandAir22lbs16.7 * 11.8 * 5.9
Philippine Airlines15lbs22 * 14 * 9
Qantas Airways 15lbs22 * 14 * 9
Singapore Airlines15.4lbs45.3 Total linear
Thai Airways15lbs22 * 18 * 10
Virgin Atlantic 22lbs22 * 14 *9
Saudi Arabian Airlines15.4lbs62 Total Linear
Scandinavian Airlines17.6lbs21.7 * 15.7 * 9

What Are The Standard Dimensions For Carry On Luggage?

For many airlines there is limits on carry on weight,the carry on luggage must be able to carry by the guests without any further help and can be stored properly in the overhead bin on board the airplane.

Sometimes airline won’t weigh your carry on baggage, however they display the baggage weight on their website.

Because carry on baggage must be small and obviously if your carry on bag seems too big for the airline staff you will be required to put weigh it.

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even if airlines do list a specific pound or kilogram limit on their websites, they likely won’t weigh your carry-on bags. As long as your pack doesn’t appear to be overstuffed, you’re probably OK. Weight is much more important for small commuter planes, mostly due to safety regulations.

What Size Is A Personal Item?

Airlines allows Guests to carry on board in addition to their carry on luggage a personal items, and it is always free of charge.

the personal item can be one of the following items:

  • a laptop bag
  • a purse
  • a briefcase
  • a beach bag
  • duty free bags
  • other items, it just must be small

Airlines are bit different on personal item restrictions, some airlines do not include any information about size or weight, all what they include is that it must be light and easy to store.

If you are traveling with family or infants, bringing a stroller or car seat , or travel with special luggage.

Airlines are allowing special luggage as they not exceed the airline carry on restrictions.

Can You Take A Small Handbag As Well As Hand Luggage?

Most Airlines Allow 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (small handbag, purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per passenger free of charge. Carry-on should not exceed your airline size and weight restrictions.

hand luggage will be counted as carry on such as your suitcase a backpack, or other items, meanwhile the personal item can be (a purse, small hand bag, briefcase, laptop bag etc)

Large Item Size On Carry On Luggage

Some airlines allow large items like a violin, guitar or other small musical instrument on board if it’s in a hard case and within the airline carry on luggage policy.

These instruments will count as a carry-on bag if placed in the overhead bin. If placed in the seat in front of you, they’ll count as a personal item.

But mostly any large items has a high likelihood of not be accepted on board the airplane.

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