Are Airlines Strict About Carry On Weight? (The Answer)

So Are airlines strict about carry on weight? How to get away with overweight luggage?

We analyzed almost all major airlines to better understand if they Are Strict About Carry On Weight.

Specifically, we looked at what they say when a passenger try to sneak some extra weight on his carry on.

and if you’ve visited many airlines websites, you are probably baffled because you are not sure what’s the carry on weight limits airlines allow and how to get away with some extra weight on your lap.

Get rid of this now, Lucky for you, beating your airline carry on luggage weight isn’t that hard once you know the standard carry on policy for major airlines.

we’ve already explained airlines carry on size restrictions , and We’ll explain in simple terms How strict are Airlines About carry on weight, and what to do if your baggage is too big.

Take a few minutes to learn some airlines rules of carry-on baggage weight . If you don’t want to carry-on board your suitcase, it’s still easy to check or ship you bag.

Are airlines strict about carry on weight
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What airlines accept as carry-on?

almost all Airlines considered carry on luggage as the bag and one personal item guests are allowed to bring on board the airplane.

other items maybe included such as a purse or laptop bag or item of similar size.

the item must fit underneath the seat in front of you. If you bring a roll-aboard suitcase or large bag, make sure it fits size requirements to fit in the overhead bin space. Exceptions apply for passengers traveling with infant and large items.

any big items that are so big or weigh more than the airline you’ve booked with, will be subject for excess baggage charges.

How to know you carry-on weight?

Carry-on bags are subject to weight and size limits by airlines. Since what you bring in a carry-on is important and you don’t want to be surpriesd with any extra fees at the airport.

it’s essential to adhere to your airline’s requirements for the size and weight of bags you attempt to board with.

if you want to check your carry on luggage weight you can  can do it at home with a kitchen scale, bathroom scale, or a specialty scale.

Do airlines check your carry-on weight?

If your bag is a bit overweight, and you can still carry it yourself without any help. you can still take it on board the airplane.

Usually airlines will not tend to weigh your carry on, and it’s extremely rare when airlines check weight of carry on luggage.

As Aviation Week columnist Richard Aboulafia tells Quartz, “The airlines do worry about customer perception, and weighing carry-on bags is generally more trouble than it’s worth, especially since the bags just aren’t that big [and] weighing them would need to take place at exactly the worst moment”—i.e. at the gate, which could slow boarding—”and this is a good place for arguments with customers, always something to be avoided.”

What is the normal Carry-on weight?

almost major airlines do not have a limited carry on weight, but your carry on bag must be light enough to be placed in the overhead bin of the airplane.

However The airlines carry on luggage size and even weight are changing over time and that will cause other airline to increase its carry on luggage size or weight.

What happen if your carry on is a bit hefty?

one of the best tricks to do when when you see that your carry on bag is too heavy is to check online, so ensure you don’t encounter any issues with your hand luggage weight in the airport.

or you’ll need to go to the check in desk, where you maybe asked to weight your carry on.

it is always preferable to check in online for your flights, that way when arriving to the airport you will sail directly to the security check and then the gate.

but if you have a big suitcase that can’t be placed properly in the overhead locker, your bag will will need to transport it as checked baggage.

Some lightweight carry on luggage?

There are a huge amount of lightweight travel bags that you can carry on board the airlines that you want be asked to weigh.

here is some examples of lightweight carry on:

  • Samsonite,(Samsonite On Air 3 20″ Spinner) one of the best carry on bags for international travel, it is made from a Material called polycarbonate, a highly impact-resistant plastic that is strong and lightweight.
  • 2.Samsonite Insignis 21″ Expandable Spinner it meets the size requirements for major airlines, available in two colors cordovan red and black, a unique and adaptable bag which you can use frequently.
  • Samsonite Insignis Underseater Wheeled Carry-On
  • AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage

How to find a carry on bag that will fit your Airline ?

Less weight means less stress at the airport, so keep in mind these tips to avoid hiccups weight in the airport.

you generally won’t have to worry about weight limits like you do with a checked bag.

As long as you can compress your bag back to its original size dimensions and lift it above your head without throwing your back out, you can fill a carry-on with rocks and no one will call you out.

some international airlines may have smaller compartments. So especially if you’re a frequent overseas traveler, go with a 20” bag if size is a concern.

A bag with a soft, fabric exterior will have more flexibility than a hard-shell carry on, which could give you some extra room.

How strict are airlines with carry on weight?

Are airlines strict about carry on weight

airlines are not very strict with carry on luggage weight.

most airlines are not serious about the weight of your carry on luggage, but if your baggage is so much big and will take more space in the airline you will be asked to check in it.

and if it happen and you want to take extra baggage on board, read this savvy trick on taking extra baggage on flights.