What Is Skymark Airlines Baggage Allowance?

So what is Skymark Airlines baggage allowance? And how strict is Skylark with carry-on baggage?

Skylark is a Japanese budget friendly airline, and if you are planning to book a flight with them it is crucial to know some details about their luggage rules and what to expect at the airport in case you have an overnight or oversize bag.

In this post we are going to cover everything that you need to know about Skymark luggage allowance and regulations so you can avoid any last minute charges at the airport.

Let’s dive right in. 

Skymark airlines baggage allowance

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Carry-on Baggage

All Skymark Airline Guestss rae allowed to carry on board the following carry on baggage allowance:

  • One piece of baggage with the following dimensions 55cm×40cm×25cm The total dimension is 115 cm or less.
  • The total weight should be within 10 kg.

In addition to your carry-on baggage stated above you are also allowed (handbags, camera, umbrellas, etc.), on board the airplane.

How strict is skymark airlines baggage allowance?

  • Skymark is strict about its baggage allowance and even if your carry-on baggage is within the airline dimensions and weight,(55cm×40cm×25cm,10kg.) your baggage that cannot be securely stowed in the cabin will not be accepted at the boarding gate or on board, resulting in them being stored as checked baggage and placed in the cargo compartment. We would appreciate your understanding.
  • The size of your baggage will be checked at security inspection. Oversized baggage will not be able to be inspected. Please entrust it at the baggage counter before security inspection.

Checked Baggage

You may check baggage free of charge up to 20kg

You may check bags within the following size and weight limits.

  • Size: Up to 50 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm (per bag)
  • Weight: Up to 20 kg (per person)
  • Number of pieces: Unlimited

skymark airlines Allow its Guests to check in bags up to 50 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm in size, with a maximum combined weight of 20 kg for all bags.

Limits on accepted baggage
Baggage over 20kg,
not exceeding 100kg
Over 20kg, not exceeding 100kg
*Maximum weight per piece limited to 32kg
charge JPY1,000- per 10kg
Baggage exceeding 100kgBaggage exceeding 100kg or 280cmMay not be checked in
  • Please note that exceeding the size restriction may not be accepted for loading if the cargo space of the aircraft is limited. Please be aware that you may arrange package delivery service by yourself if your baggage cannot be checked in.
  • Wheelchairs for the passenger’s own use (including electronic wheelchair), strollers, baby-carrying baskets and child safety seats are not included as checked baggage total weight and you can check them in free of charge.
  • *We do not accept checked baggage with expensive or valuable items, fragile items such as glass or bottles, or items prone to leakage. Please carry these items with you onto the aircraft.
Limits on accepted wheelchair
SizeWithin height 80cm×width 100cm
WeightUp to 80kg

Skymark Airlines Prohibited Baggage

and safety and safety of all Skymark Airlines guests some certain items are not allowed on board the airplane:

Class items prohibited aboard aircraft
ExplosivesFireworks, noisemakers, ammunition
Flammable liquidsLighter fuel, paint
PoisonInsecticides and agricultural chemicals
CorrosivesBatteries (excluding those used for electric wheelchairs), mercury (excluding those used for mercury barometers, mercury thermometers and medical thermometers).
Pressurized gasScuba air tanks, dust prevention aerosol, lighters, refillable butane fuel for lighters, butane gas, camping gas, helium gas, portable compressed oxygen
Flammable substancesMatch (It is permitted for a person to bring a match or a cigarette lighter just for smoking, but you can not put it in your checked baggage.)
Oxidizersbleaching powder, small oxygen generator for personal use
Other hazardous articlesEngines for radio controlled toys, magnets, self-heating lunch boxes

Skymark Airlines Pets

skymark airlines do not allows Pets on board its Aircrafts The airline accept only small dogs, cats and birds, etc as checked baggage and fees will apply to check-in your pet (It is not allowed to bring pets into the cabin.).However, the number of pets we can accept is limited.

  • Pets are prohibited inside the cabin on our flights. We accept domesticated dogs, cats, small birds, and other small animals (hamsters, rabbits, squirrels, etc.). No type of pet is allowed inside the cabin; please bring them to the airport counter.
  • We will accept and transport your pet for a fee.
  • Insects (beetles, dragonflies, etc.) and fish (goldfish, medaka, small crabs, turtles, etc.) are allowed inside the cabin under certain conditions. Consult the >Reservation Center< for more information.
  • Due to cargo space restrictions, we can only accept a certain number of pets per flight. If this limit has been reached for your flight by the time you reach the airport counter, we will reschedule you for a later flight provided by us. (We cannot offer rescheduling for another company’s flight.)

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Fees for checking in pets
Same rate for all routesJPY5,000-
(Per route per carrier)
Same rate for all routesPet Carrier Rental – FREE of Charge –
  • Max. weight: 32 kg for the pet and carrier combined (Weight of pet is exempted from checked baggage weight).
    We offer 3 sizes of pet carriers. Please be advised that the number of rental pet carriers is limited.
  • S size: 31cm x 47cm x 25cm / Carriers weight 1.5kg
  • M size: 42cm x 53cm x 40cm / Carriers weight 2.5kg
  • L size: 51cm x 69cm x 48cm / Carriers weight 5.5kg

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