What Is Garuda Indonesia Baggage Allowance? 2024

Garuda Indonesia is a major airline and the flag carrier of Indonesia that operates flights all over the globe, and knowing their baggage allowance and policies will make your flight with them smooth and hassle-free.

In this blog post, we’ll provide everything you need to know about Garuda Indonesia’s baggage allowance, including types of baggage, size and weight restrictions, excess baggage fees, and tips for packing efficiently to avoid additional charges.

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In this article:

  • What is Garuda Indonesia carry on baggage allowance?
  • What is Garuda Indonesia Checked baggage allowance?
  • Garuda Indonesia Excess Baggage Fees
  • How to avoid Excess baggage fees?

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What is Garuda Indonesia carry on baggage allowance?

All Garuda Indonesia guests received as carry on policy one cabin bag free of charge in addition of one personal item with the following weight and dimensions:

  • weight:7 kg.
  • dimensions: length 56 cm, width 36 cm or depth 23 cm = 115 cm linear

Except Economy class CRJ and ATR Guests : they are allowed a maximum length 41 cm, width 34 cm or depth 17 cm, however the total of the three dimensions shall not exceed 92 cm or weight of 7 kg.

Please note that the hand baggage must be suitable for placing in the overhead bin or under the Guests seat .

What is Garuda Indonesia Checked baggage allowance?

Apart from the US, Garuda Indonesia Guests are allowed to check unlimited pieces of checked baggage, but with a maximum weight restriction of 32kg(70 pounds) for each piece.

International flights

First Class Economy ClassBusiness Class Destination
110 pounds (50 kg) 66 pounds (30 kg)88 pounds (40 kg) All destinations excluding Saudi Arabia, Japan and U.S.
110 pounds (50 kg) + 5 liters Zamzam water Tickets issued in Saudia Arabia: 80 pounds (40 kg) + 5 liters Zamzam water80 pounds (40 kg) + 5 liters Zamzam water Saudi Arabia
110 pounds (50 kg) + 5 liters Zamzam water Tickets issued elsewhere: 66 pounds (30 kg) + 5 liters Zamzam water 80 pounds (40 kg) + 5 liters Zamzam water Saudi Arabia
101 pounds (46 kg) 101 pounds (46 kg)101 pounds (46 kg) Japan
110 pounds (50 kg) Piece system – 2 x 50 pounds/23 kg (must not exceed total dimensions 62 inches/158 cm)Piece system – 2 x 70 pounds/32 kg (must not exceed total dimensions 62 inches/158 cm) U.S.

Infants checked baggage allowance

Infants traveling with Garuda Indonesia without a seat can check a 10 kg( 22 pounds ) of luggage when traveling in economy or business class, and 20 kg( 44 pounds ) of luggage when traveling first class.

Garuda Indonesia Excess Baggage Fees

Garuda Indonesia charges excess baggage fees for items that exceed the free baggage allowance. 

The excess baggage charges will depend on your ticket, class and destination, please view more about excess baggage charges here.

How to avoid Excess baggage fees with Garuda Indonesia?

1.Pack wisely your luggage

It is always enjoyable to travel light.

But if you can’t, Using a lightweight luggage or suitcase can help and save you extra fees, However you will need to avoid packing unnecessary items, like toiletries, bottles, napkins or hair dryers, you can purchase them at your destination and even with low costs.

If you are staying at a hotel make sure your hotel supplies them.

2.Ship your Luggage

This way will Guarantee your luggage safety and prevent it from loss and misplace.

There are a plethora of companies with shipping services that will take your luggage from door to door or to the hotel you will stay in.

That way you Avoid prepaid extra baggage and travel light. There are certain items that airlines allow for free such as car seats and children’s strollers. Try and conceal some of your stuff here. You can save plenty of space for your carry-on

3.Pick your Favorite airline

Traveling with different airlines will impose different charges,so being a frequent member will pay off.

It will reduce the excess baggage fees and save you a few bucks.For example, Emirates allows as checked-in luggage 30 kilos, whereas most other airlines around the world allow only a standard baggage allowance of 23kg.

Be careful when choosing budget airlines. You might end up saving a few bucks but what if the extra baggage fee exceeds the amount saved. There’s no point in flying with such airlines.

4.Double-check the weight of your baggage

Before you head to the airport double check your luggage weight,k if your luggage exceeds the airline luggage allowance, you have time to rearrange your bag.

try to minimize your carry on as much as possible, instead of carrying a couple of heavy books go for an e-book reader. Pack your baggage wisely.

Distribute the weight properly in different bags so that these do not exceed the limit. 


It is important to understand Garuda Indonesia baggage allowance rules and n policies to avoid any unwanted surprises at the airport.

Take your time and review the mentioned dimensions and wright, or you can browse the airline website if you need more information.

We recommend using a carry on bag that is fully compliant with the airline carry on size, check out this Samsonite comic PC carry on.

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Safe travels

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