How Strict Are Emirates On Cabin Baggage? 2023

Emirates has one of the best baggage allowance policies in the world.

But what is Emirates baggage allowance and rules? and Is Emirates strict about its carry-on size and weight?

In this post I will cover everything you need to know about the airlines carry-on policies, to avoid any last minute surprises and charges at the airport.

Let’s find out more.

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  • How much weight can I carry in Emirates flight?
  • Does Emirates allow a personal item?
  • Do Emirates check hand luggage weight?
  • What is the carry on weight limit for Emirates?
  • How strict are emirates on cabin baggage? / Is Emirates very strict on baggage weight?
  • What is the maximum size of checked baggage?
  • Does Emirates have Inflight Entertainment?
Emirates baggage Allowance

Emirate Baggage Allowance And Hacks To Maximize Your Luggage

emirates baggage Allowance

Emirates Hand baggage  allowance

The amount of cabin baggage which is allowed depends on which class you’re flying.

emirates baggage Allowance tips; and hacks for Extra baggage

first class and business class:

Guests in these classes can  bring with them two pieces of carry-on baggage : One briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag.

The briefcase may not exceed 45*35*20 cm; the handbag may not exceed 55*38*20 cm;The garment may not be more than 20 cm thick when folded. the total combined weight of both pieces may  not be more than 12 kg.

Economy class:

Guests of this class are permitted to carry with them one piece of  baggage that may not exceed 55*38*20 cm and it’s better not to weigh more than 7 kg.

How Strict Are Emirates On Cabin Baggage, Weight And Size?

 How strict-emirates-on-cabin-baggage

Emirate are not so strict with its cabin baggage allowance;  for economy class passengers are permitted to carry-on a piece  of 7 kg (15 lb) with size 55 * 38 * 20 cm (22 * 15 * 8 inches) plus other extra items like perfumes in reasonable quantities and duty free purchases and liquor.

Emirates personal item

For business and first class passengers are allowed to carry-on two pieces of hand luggage, one briefcase in addition of a hand bag or one garment bag with the following sizes:

  • Briefcase: 45 * 35 * 20 cm ( 18 * 147 * 8 inches)
  • Handbag: 55 * 38 * 20 cm ( 22 * 15 8 inches)
  • Garment bag: 20 cm (8 inches) thick when folded

Emirates Extra Baggage

Extra baggage charges emirates

Emirate offers special discounts when you purchase extra baggage allowance online. so you can buy extra baggage using your credit card and benefit from a discount.
To make the purchase just log in into the manage booking  in Emirates official website using your reference number, the excess baggage allowance fees will be displayed and charged in your ticketed currency.

From / ToMiddle East / South AsiaAfricaFar EastEuropeAustralia and New Zealand
Middle East / South Asia$20$30$30$30$40
Far East$30$40$15$40$30
Australia and New Zealand$40$50$30$50$15

Please note that infant tickets are not available, only adults and child tickets are eligible.

Emirates Hold Baggage Allowance

How strict is Emirates with check in baggage size?

Emirate are not so strict with its Check in baggage size However if you exceed the following size or weight You’ll be charged an additional fee :

The Economy class Guests can check in 30kg, and business travellers they can carry about 40kg; but if you’re travelling first class you can travel with 50 kg of checked baggage.

 Each piece must not exceed 150 cm (59 inches) If an individual item has total dimensions greater than 300 cm (118 inches), it will not be accepted as checked baggage and it will need to be transported as cargo or freight.

Emirates Excess Baggage Allowance

You have to purchase additional weight if required which can be done at the  airport or you can save 15% if you pre-buy online.

Emirates Delayed Baggage Information.

If it happens you can’t find your baggage in the terminal; The first  step you have to do is to approach the service desk at the airport; they are usually in the customs hall; near the baggage claim area.

You may need to fill out a property  irregularity report; it will contain a unique reference number of your missed baggage ; which enables Emirates to trace your baggage as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once you’ve filled the report; don’t worry they will do everything to reunite you with your bags.

The majority of delayed baggage are returned within three days.

If you don’t receive your delayed luggage in three days you may need to fill out again a baggage inventory form; this will help them to update your file with more details to help them find your baggage and  will be given to you at the airport when you report your delayed bags.

Emirates baggage Allowance-02

Emirates liquids restrictions

All the liquids” Gels and Aerosols , Pastes, Lotions, Creams, Drinks and other items similar “consistency must be in containers with a capacity no greater than of 100 ml.

Those carried in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the container is only partially filled.

These containers must be placed in a transparent plastic bag of a maximum capacity not exceeding one liter.

Larger bags or bags that are non-sealable, such as fold-over sandwich bags, are not allowed.

The containers must  fit comfortably in the plastic bag ,which is to be completely closed .

You may need to present the plastic bag; for visual examination at the security screening point; and only one bag per customer will be allowed.

Exemptions are made for medications, baby milk or foods, and special dietary requirements, but you will need to show an appropriate means of verifying the nature of these items.

Emirates Sporting Equipment policies

In addition to your checked baggage allowance, you may also check in one set of golf clubs and one pair of golf shoes free of charge in any class of service on any Emirates flight.

Other sports equipment is subject to normal excess baggage charges if it exceeds your baggage allowance. Some items, such as ski equipment, may be subject to additional charges.

You can use their baggage allowance calculator to see exactly how much baggage you can check on your flight without charge and to calculate your excess baggage charges.

Baggage Allowance hacks:


airlines allow passengers to carry on a pillow for their personal comfort and it is not part of the “carry-on” limit.

You can  use a normal pillow case and fill it with miscellaneous stuff that actually acts like a pillow if you need it to be that.

Like socks for example , T shirts, underwear and other soft goods while making sure that it still resembles a pillow. This trick  worked 100%;- “share it with your best friends”

Wrap something colorful on your luggage:

Make your bag stand out from the rest to avoid confusion when you want to pick it back at the conveyor. You’ll spot it more easily and it’ll avoid mistaking it for someone else’s.

Airport parking

Always keep in mind to book  your parking before your leave; because if you book in advance you can save up to 60%.

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