How Strict Are Airports About Baggage Dimensions?

As the Airlines luggage policies are always changing, and adding unexpected fees; bee n aware of How strict are airports about luggage dimensions and weight; preparing for your flight prior is the wise decision to avoid unexpected situations in the airport.

major airlines are updating their luggage allowance regularly, thus you will need to be on top of the market and know if your airline will be strict about your baggage dimension, and the number of pieces you can take, so you will not be surprised with unexpected charges at the airport.

Remember though always to pack essentials in your carry-on in case you experience a flight delay or any other issues, where you need your stuff. For a flight delay you can claim flight delay compensation, but it could still be important, that you have your important things with you.

How strict are airports about luggage dimensions
How strict are airports about luggage dimensions/do airlines strict about baggage

Do Airlines Are Strict About Luggage Dimensions?

Usually airlines are not very strict if your baggage looks little bigger than whatever dimensions are recommended by them.

However Airlines have luggage sizers at the Airport( in the gate ) and before boarding the plane the airline staff could ask you to place your bag inside. If it doesn’t fit, often you could be forced to check the bag in the luggage hold (and most airlines charge fees for this).

The most commonly allowed airline carry on size is 56 x 36 x 23 cm (22 x 14 x 9 inches) including all handles, side pockets, and wheels.

This varies by airline, though, with some allowing slightly larger or smaller bags, so check with the airline you plan to travel with. We’ve included a list of carry on luggage dimensions for many airlines at the end of this post. 

We do not want you to be surprised with extra baggage fees, so here are 3 tips to do to be on the fast track when it comes to baggage allowance:

  • Know what you can and cannot bring on a plane.
  • Strategically pack your items (bundle your clothes) so that you make the most out of the space you have
  • Check our baggage allowance guide for major global airlines
    • Note: If the airline you are traveling with is not included in this website, you can always go directly to the airline’s website and double check their baggage rules and airline baggage restrictions.

How Strict Are Airports About Luggage Weight?

Most US Domestic airlines are not so strict about luggage weight, but the rest of the worl does, the standard carry on baggage weight is from 5 kg to 12 kg, with most airlines in Asia and Australia limiting it to 7 kg.

This is a big concern for many Airlines Guests, as by the time you’ve added up the weight of your bag and perhaps a laptop, it doesn’t leave much for other things.

The weight of our luggage varies, but it is often over 10 kg, so we are over the limits for most airlines we fly.

Do Airlines Weigh Carry On Bags?

Most airlines staff do not bother their selfs by weighing carry on baggage, because the cabin baggage is easy to assume and it looks not too big.—if the bag doesn’t look big and heavy then the airline is less likely to weigh it.

It will be easy when you travelle with a backpack rather than a suitcase, which are more conspicuous and look heavier. Backpacks also tend to use up less of your weight limit than heavier suitcases.