Can You Take Peanut Butter On a Plane? 2024

You can bring peanut butter in both carry-on and checked baggage, however, peanut butter is considered a liquid by the TSA, so you can only bring bottles or containers of 3.4 oz / 100 grams or less in carry-on luggage.

There are no limits to the quantity you can bring in checked baggage.

In this post I will explain all that you need to know about traveling with peanut butter in both hand luggage and checked baggage and why the TSA considered peanut butter a liquid.

Is Peanut Butter a Liquid?

Peanut butter is mostly a thick and creamy paste ( not like water or juice ) so you may think it shouldn’t be counted as a liquid.

But the TSA applied the 3-1-1 liquid rule to any type of food or anything that you can ” pump , squeeze, spread, smear, spray , or spill “.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website.

There is a huge debate about this.

But you can ‘t change their mind.

According to the Instagram post above peanut butter is allowed through the security checkpoint ( in carry-on baggage), but each container must not exceed 3.4 oz / 100 ml packed in a single quart sized bag.

Just like jam and chocolate paste if you bring a significant amount of peanut butter there is more chance that it will be confiscated.

What about powdered peanut butter?

Peanut butter that is in powder form will have to be inspected separately if it is more than 12 oz / 350 ml.

It is better to place powders more than 12 oz / 350 grams in your checked baggage to avoid unnecessary questions or inconvenience at the airport.

Can You Bring Peanut Butter On a Plane Carry-On?

I went ahead to find some answers from the TSA social media, mainly X ( formerly Twitter).

@Brittney asked the @AskTSA team about this 0.80 oz / 24 ml PB container .

The TSA generally confirmed that peanut butter are good to go in carry-on ” must be in containers that are 3.4 oz or less, and must comfortably fit into a single quart-size, zip-top bag with any other travel-sized liquids.”

How much Peanut Butter You Can Pack In Checked Luggage?

You can pack peanut butter in checked luggage without restriction. It doesn’t matter if they are more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less.

This means if you are traveling with a big jar of peanut butter you can place it your in checked bag.

Also when traveling with powdered peanut butter more than 12 oz / 350 ml make sure to consider placing it inside your checked bag.

Here is what the TSA has to say about traveling with peanut butter in checked baggage.

Peanut butter has a range of nutrients that are good for health and offer some physical benefits even when traveling. It is good to check the label before you pick your jar, to make sure you get a natural product.

Why Is Peanut Butter Not Allowed On Planes?

Peanut butter is allowed on planes, the only thing you should consider is the quantity permitted in your carry on baggage within the U.S airports and on international flights.

So you can pack peanut butter in your carry-on as long as it is 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less, or send it as checked baggage without any limits.

Can You Bring Peanut Butter In Your Luggage On An International Flights?

You can bring peanut butter on most international flights, in carry on and checked baggage.

The same rules are applied concerning the security checkpoint.

If you are planning to bring a large amount of peanut butter on your next flight it is better to check the country of your destination website to make sure if their customs permit you to bring this kind of food into the country .

But if you want to bring a small amount to enjoy during your flight you are just good to go.

Best Travel Sized Peanut Butter

Travel sized containers will make it easier to transport almost any food in carry on luggage, not just peanut butter.

You can tot a variety of peanut butter inside a travel sized bag. Plus, it will give you the ability to take only what you need in carry-on baggage, and place large containers in checked baggage.

You can buy 1.5 oz small size packs to carry on and place that 16 oz in check baggage.

You can also You can also prepare your peanut butter at home by blending peanuts and fill small containers with less than 3.4 oz.

These 3 oz / 88 ml peanut jars are  easy to carry and delicious,  also they feature 4 diverse, creative flavor combos in Peanut Butter; Maple Cinnamon Peanut Pecan Butter; Fiji Ginger Almond Butter & Chai Spice Peanut Almond Butter.

Can You Bring Butter On a Plane?

white ceramic mug with butter
Photo by Monserrat Soldú on

Just like peanut butter, all types of butter, margarine or shortening should be transported following the TSA rules within the U.S.

No more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml in your carry on baggage and with no limits in checked baggage.

Final Thoughts: Can You Take Peanut Butter On a Plane?

Peanut butter is allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage on most airlines, However; in carry-on baggage you are allowed to take only 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less for each container.

Make sure that you take your full jar of peanut butter with you in checked baggage, or rebottle them in travel size containers.

Powdered peanut butter are allowed without limits in carry-on but container more than 12 oz / 350 ml will be subject to additional screening.

I hope this helps.

Happy travels.

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