How To get The Best Seat On a Plane? 2024

Choosing the best seat on a plane can be a key to enjoying a long flight, or never wanting to fly again!.

For this reason, it’s important to weigh up what you want from a plane seat, and what are your priorities. 

You may, for example, want a window seat so you don’t need to fly squished between two passengers, or you may prefer an aisle seat if you’re worried about pushing past people to get to the toilet. 

So, in this article, I’m going to take you through the things to consider when picking the best seat on a plane. 

let’s kick things off.

What Is The Difference Between The Front And The Back Of The Airplane?

Airplane back seat and front seats
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The first thing you need to keep in mind when picking a seat is whether you want to be at the front or the back of the airplane. 

The choice you make will affect many things, including your distance from the toilets.

But in the front of the plane, your experience is likely to be quieter, which is ideal if you are not a fan of the loud sounds of the aircraft. 

In addition, if you’re traveling with a baby or you’re planning to get some sleep, a seat at the front of the airplane may be more ideal due to the quieter engine sounds. 

However, this means that, if you’re paying to reserve a particular seat, the seats in the front of the plane can sometimes be a little expensive compared with the seats in the back.

So it’s worth to consider your budget to see if you’d rather pay less for a louder seat, or if you want to pay more for a quieter flight experience. 

Why Do People Prefer The Window Seat?

Airplane window seat
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Another thing to consider when you’re choosing the best plane seat for you is whether or not you want a window seat. 

If you’re the type who prefers to look out the window at the world as it whizzes past, the window seat is naturally the place to be!

In addition, compared to a middle seat, you won’t have to be cramped into your seat by two strangers either side of you, which is ideal for those of us who aren’t feeling the most social, especially when tired and in traveling mode. 

However, if you’re worried about needing the toilet while you’re flying and you’re going to be traveling alone, a window seat may not be ideal for you, as you may find yourself having to shuffle past two or more strangers to go for your third nervous toilet break of the day. 

Is It Better To Have An Aisle Seat On A Plane?

Airplane aisle seat
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As I’ve mentioned above, an aisle seat may be the best way to go if you’re worried about needing the toilet.

In addition, with the aisle seat, you’ll be able to spread out a little more on one side, instead of being squished up against a window or between two people.

Getting an aisle seat is also a good idea if you’re traveling with a group, as, if you’re in the aisle seat and everyone else is on the seats across the aisle from you, you’ll still be able to talk to them. 

If you’re looking to get a beverage or two and some food, this will also be easier when you’re in an aisle seat, as you won’t have to reach awkwardly across people to give the flight attendants your money and to collect your goods. 

So, there are clearly a few circumstances in which an aisle seat may be ideal; if you’re a nervous flier planning to use the toilet a lot, if you’re looking to get a little more room or access to the food and drink trolley, or if you’re traveling in a group, the aisle seat may be for you.

Can You Choose The Exit Row Or Not The Exit Row?

Exit row seats
image / SeatGuru

If you’re new to or nervous about flying, getting a seat on an exit row may help you feel more at ease. 

While the chances of anything going wrong during your flight are incredibly low, you might just feel a little more relaxed about flying if you know you’re close to an emergency exit – if so, the exit row may be for you!

Exit row seats are located in the emergency exit, passengers can use them (exit rows )- as the name suggests – in the event of an emergency. 

Therefore, if you’re close to the exit, it means you can get off the flight quickly if needed. 

Again, it is highly unlikely that you will need them, but for those with a flying phobia or intense anxiety, flying with a seat on the exit row may make the difference, giving them peace of mind that, should anything happen, they may be a little safer. 

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The Best Seats On a Plane

SpecificationsAirplane Seats
Best seat for peace and quietA seat near the front of the cabin, away from the engines and galley
Best seat for legroomA bulkhead or exit-row seat, offering extra legroom ( but they may have specific requirements or restrictions.)
Best seat for sleepingA window seat in a bulkhead row with more space to lean against and a wall for extra privacy
Best seat for extra space without a seat mateA seat in the back with a higher chance of having an empty seat next to you
Best seat for a tight connectionA seat close to the front exit to allow for a quicker disembarkation
Best seat for passengers of sizeAn aisle seat that provides more room to maneuver, or a seat I the bulkhead row
Best seats for familiesBulkhead row with space for a bassinet (ideal for traveling with infants)
Business ClassLarger and more comfortable seats with various adjustment options
Extra legroom and the ability to convert into a flatbed for sleeping
Enhanced amenities, including premium meal options and noise-canceling headphones
First ClassSpacious private suite with a door for maximum privacy
Luxury bedding, often including a full-size mattress and plush pillows
Premium dining with a wide selection of gourmet dishes and beverages
Personalized service from dedicated flight attendants
This table displays a comprehensive overview of various airplane seats along with their corresponding specifications. You can use websites like SeatGuru and SeatMaestro to find your favorite seat.

What Seat Is Better When traveling with kids On a Plane?

If you’re traveling with particularly young children like babies and toddlers, it may be worth getting seats with more leg room, in case you plan to have your baby or toddler in your lap during the flight, as this means you can stretch out and have them there comfortably. 

Another option when flying with kids is booking a window seat for your children, as looking out the window at all the sights – when it’s not cloudy, at least – is a great source of entertainment. 

In addition, If you keep the kids in the window seat means if they misbehave or get bored, there’s no chance of them wandering off around the airplane without you knowing.

Traveling with kids can be difficult, and you can often feel self-conscious and worried that people around you will be annoyed; but usually, people are understanding, as many know how stressful flying with your children can be at times, especially when it comes to longer flights. 

What Is The Best Seat for Sleeping On a Plane?

If you’re looking to get a nap during a flight, or if it’s a long haul journey and you’re hoping to get a proper good night’s sleep, getting a window seat is usually the best way to go.

This is because you can often rest your head next to the window, which is ideal if you’re traveling solo and you’d rather not wake up with your head on someone’s shoulder!

If you’re planning on sleeping and you’ve managed to get the window seat, consider bringing a neck pillow with you to help you get comfy.

As traveling can be stressful and tiring at times, napping or sleeping during your flight can be essential to help you stay energetic for the rest of your trip.

So, when you’re traveling, if sleeping during the flight is a priority for you – which it is for many, especially for a long haul flight – it’s worth booking a window seat, so you can feel as recharged and revitalized as possible for your upcoming holiday or business trip.  

Please note that seat availability and pricing, can change over time and depends on the airline, some airline do provide also extra seat purchase if you are looking to have more space, especial in economy class like in the JetBlue (see screenshot below )


Final Thoughts On How To Pick The Best Seat On a Plane.

To sum up, there are a few things to think about when picking the best plane seat. 

This can include choosing between the front or back of the airplane, as well as deciding if you want to sit by the window, in the middle, or by the aisle.

In addition, if you’re traveling with kids or looking to get a nap or sleep in during your flight, this can affect your choice of plane seat, too. 

Whatever seat you pick, it can be super important in affecting your flight experience. 

I hope this helps.

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