Can You Bring Skin Care Products On a Plane? 2023

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Going on a trip? there is no doubt that you’ll want to bring some of your daily essentials and skin care products with you. But can you take skin care products on a plane?

Yes, you can bring skincare products on a plane. If you take them in your carry-on, then your skincare products cannot be in bottles / containers larger than 3.4 oz. All your skincare products must fit into a 1-quart-sized bag. There are no restrictions for checked luggage. 

On this post, I will let you know more about the rules related to skin care products on a plane. However, remember that this information only relates to the TSA.

Other countries may have different rules, even though most airlines have the same rules, e.g., if you fly from certain airports in the UK, liquid containers must be no more than 100ml , but always investigate local rules if you live outside the US!

Let’s dive right in.

Can You Bring Skin Care Products On a Plane?

Yes! Although, requirements will differ depending on whether the skincare product is a liquid or not, is in your checked luggage, or whether you need to pass through security with it. Let’s look.

Will TSA let my skin care go through TSA Checkpoint?

If your skincare products are in your carry-on, then there are some restrictions. To take the skincare product on the plane, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • The skincare product’s container should be no bigger than 3.4oz / 1OO ml.
  • All the liquids (and not just your skincare products) need to fit in a quart sized bag.

In terms of the type of skincare product that you can take, there are no restrictions, at least at the time of writing. So, you can take any skincare product that you own.

Remember, these rules are incredibly strict. The TSA does not give any leeway. If that bottle is larger than 3.4oz, they’ll ask you to dispose of it. If the bottle doesn’t fit in the 1-quart bag, you’ll be asked to dispose of it.

Some skincare products will need further inspection during initial security screening. This normally happens if your skincare product is an aerosol or a gel. If the TSA clerk still isn’t happy, they won’t let you on the plane with it.

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If you are a TSA PreCheck member you don’t need to remove your skin care products or toiletries from your carry-on when going through the security checkpoint


In some cases It doesn’t matter if it meets the requirements above. The TSA cares more about the safety of the passengers on the aircraft than they do about any skincare product.

If you really care about your skincare products, keep them in your checked luggage. That way you can be sure that the TSA won’t take them off your hands.

I checked the TSA social media to find more answers.

Hanna wanted to know if her serum filled gel ample need to comply with the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule.

Any item that you can pump, squeeze, spread smear, spray or spill including skincare ires must follow the TSA liquid rule when transported in carry-on, the TSA replied.

If you want to bring a skin care tool or device along with other products (like this Nira laser ) there is nothing to worry about.

Skin care devices and tools are good to go in both carry-on and checked baggage without any restrictions.

Can you bring skincare on a plane checked baggage?

As I said, there are different rules depending on how you are getting the skincare product on the plane.

If you are putting your skincare products in your checked luggage, then there are no restrictions.

Here is an answer from the TSA customer service stated that liquid, gel, and cream skincare are allowed in checked bags with no quantity limitations or packing requirements.

So feel free to load your bags up with as many skincare products as you want. Nobody will tell you no.

Although do bear in mind some people have reported that their checked luggage has been opened when they put a lot of beauty products in there ( I suppose it does look suspicious), so be careful.

How Many Skincare Products Can You Bring on a Plane?

Face wearing skin care

In theory, there is no limit to the number of skincare products that you can take on a plane.

If the container is under 3.4oz / 100ml and all your liquids fit in a single 1-quart pack, then take as many as you like onto the aircraft.

Remember, you won’t be judged purely on the skincare products here. Every liquid that you take on the aircraft will count against your max 1-quart allowance.

So, if you take deodorant, perfume, Toothpaste etc. in addition to a Cerave or a toner then you’ll be able to take fewer skin care products because all these products need to be together in a single quart sized bag.

Final Thoughts

If you are checking in your luggage, there are no restrictions. If you are passing through TSA screening with your liquids (i.e., carry-on bags), then every skincare liquid or cream need to be in a bottle of or under 3.4oz / 100 ml.

All your liquids need to fit into the one quart baggie. If they do not, the TSA will force you to dispose of your liquids / skincare products.

If you want to guarantee that your skincare products get on an aircraft, make sure that you pack them in checked luggage.


Does Skincare Count as Liquid TSA?

Yes. Most skincare products count as liquid in the eyes of the TSA. This means that they’ll have to meet the TSA guidelines if you are putting them in your carry-on. There are no guidelines for checked luggage. 

What Skin Products Can You Not Bring on a Flight?

Assuming that your skincare products are in bottles / containers under 3.4oz / 100 ml and fit into a single 1-quart bag, then there are no restrictions on taking them in your carry-on. The TSA guidelines do not ban any specific skin products. Although, they do reserve the right to do so.

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