Can You Take AirSoft Guns On a Plane? TSA Rules 2024

Airsoft guns are used in Airsoft games, military simulations, and target shooting, however, if you’re an Airsoft enthusiast, you may wonder if you can bring your Airsoft gun on a plane?

Generally, Airsoft guns and BB guns are allowed on planes, but only in checked bags, replica firearms are not permitted in carry-on bags, CO2 cartridges are not permitted in both carry-on or checked bags.

In this post we will take a closer look into traveling with Airsoft guns and provide some tips on how to properly travel with them.

Let’s get straight into it.

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Can You Take Airsoft Guns Through The Security Checkpoint?

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration ) regulates what you can bring through the security checkpoint.

And according to them Airsoft guns fall under the realistic replicas of firearms category, so they will not be permitted In the airplane cabin.

Here is a screenshot from the TSA website.

the TSA Rules on taking replicas of firearms

BB and Airsoft pellets are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags, but they will be subject for additional screening.

CO2 cartridges are not allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.

Can You Take Airsoft Guns in Checked Baggage?

Airsoft and BB guns are allowed in checked baggage, but it needs to be unloaded and stored properly.

You will also need to declare your Airsoft gun to the airline during the check in process.

I checked the TSA social media for more answers.

This curious passenger wanted to put an Airsoft gun in a soft sided bag splitted in half, with the halves on opposite sides of the bag.

The TSA answer about traveling with Airsoft gun

The TSA replied that airsoft guns are permitted only in checked bags, and they don’t require to be placed in a hard-sided container unlike real firearms.

If the TSA officer discovers the Airsoft gun during the screening process and believes that it is real, the gun will be treated as a real firearm until advised by law enforcement.

So if your Airsoft gun looks like a real gun it is better to place it in a hard-sided container.

And if your gun requires CO2 cartridges, they are not permissible in either carry-on and checked bags.

Airlines Regulations

Most airlines applies the rules just as the TSA Rules.

This means that you can bring Airsoft guns on airlines operated in the US including, United Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue, Frontier, Delta Airlines and all other major airlines.

Can You Travel Internationally With An Airsoft Or BB Gun?

It is important to know that the TSA regulates only what you can take when traveling within and from the US.

If you are flying to another country you will need to search and be aware about the regulations of your destination country and ensure that you comply with their rules.

For example, taking an Airsoft gun to Europe, Canada or the UK are subject to strict regulations.

To travel with an airsoft gun, you must have a valid license.

Tips For Traveling With Airsoft Guns

Before you go ahead and start packing your Airsoft or BB gun here is some tips to follow to ensure that you do it safely and legally:

  • Know the TSA and FAA regulations: Replica firearms are a sensitive subject, so you will need to carefully follow the TSA rules and pack your Airsoft Gun only in checked baggage. Do not forget to also inform the Airline at the check in counter .
  • Pack properly your Airsoft Gun: Even though the TSA does not enforce packing Airsoft guns in a hard-sided case, it is wise if you use it instead of soft-sided case, it will make the screening process easy.
  • Don’t lock your case: the TSA officer will want to know what is inside the case, or you can use a TSA approved lock, locking the case with a regular lock will make the security officers force open the lock.
  • Unload your soft gun at home: Airsoft pellets are allowed in both carry-on and checked bags, but CO2 cartridges are not allowed in either carry-on or check bags, however, ensure that your Airsoft gun is empty of any pellets or BB.
  • Research international rules: If flying internationally, know the rules of the country you plan to visit and ensure that you respect their rules.

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Final Thoughts

Generally you can bring all the Airsoft guns and BB guns items – except CO2 cartridges – on domestic flights in checked baggage.

It is important to comply with all the regulations and declare your Airsoft gun to the airline at the check in counter.

When traveling internationally, ensure that you research the specific laws and regulations of your destination country or just contact your airline and they will provide you with all the info about transporting Airsoft guns to your destination country.

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