Mia Toro Italy Luggage Review 2024: Is Mia Toro Good Brand?

Although Mia Toro Italy is not quite a popular brand, still they really craft some interesting luggage pieces.

And you don’t need to splash out big bucks to get their stylish suitcase.

But is Mia worth the hype?

Good news.

That is what we are going to find out.

In this Mia Toro Italy luggage review, we’ll find together if they’re worth the money.

We’ll go over the material they utilize, and how durable they are, what features they offer, TSA locks, the warranty terms, ratings, and compare their prices with other competitors.

Let’s kick things off.

Mia Toro Italy Luggage Review

What is Mia Toro Italy?

Mia Toro is an Italian luggage brand, which means ” My Bull” and it refers to the strength, beauty, technology and innovation of the brand.

They consider themselves as a luxury brand, as the founders have years of experience in the luggage industry, with the mission ” The fusion of art and science together”.

The products are mainly deigned in Italy but manufactured in China, just like the majority of the luggage brands.

I wanted to find more about their history, It turned out that they do not have an official website.

The brand is part of Hontus Milano Group company, which also operates many other brands.

You can only find them on their social network accounts, like Facebook and instagram.

In thus review we will focus more on their luggage pieces, carry-on and checked bags.

Top Features of Mia Toro Italy

Image Courtesy Instagram

Eventually any brand that considers themselves a luxury brand need to prove that they worth their salt, and provide extra value like a competitive price or unique features compared to other competitors.

And to find out what Mia Toro has to offer, we do take a look at:

  • Durability and quality  
  • Features
  • Design 
  • Warranty
  • Prices
  • Mia Toro Luggage Reviews and Rating

Let’s unpack all of these criteria.

Durability and quality  

Mia Toro’s suitcase quality is average, the company didn’t disclose much about the material they use but apparently the material is fragile and is easy to crack.

I don’t think they use Polypropylene or the Polycarbonate , which is the strong and flexible materials since the majority of buyers complained about cracks in their hard shell.

All what they state is that their suitcases are designed with armored corners; light weight armor and flex composite polished brush finish that provides rich and vibrant colors, which is an indistinct statement.


Mia Toro did put some effort into providing some features, most of their suitcases have essential features like TSA locks, ergonomic handle; and spinner wheels

Handles and wheels

Since most Mia Toro luggage are hard-sided, they come with retractable handles and spinner wheels just like any other luggage brands.

Spinner wheels are an essential feature for any luggage as they help to maneuver the suitcase easily and prevent the hassle of carrying it in the bag.

The brand is even investing in double spinner wheels, as they are more popular nowadays and makes the suitcases easy to move around.

TSA locks

The TSA locks are important for almost any type of luggage, if your bag is going through a TSA security checkpoint.

The TSA has the right to open any bag that is going through the security checkpoint, and If they wanted to open a bag but has a regular looks they may tend to forcefully open the lock.

So if you are traveling within or to a the US airports ensure that your bag has a TSA approved lock.

For Toro some of the suitcases do not include TSA Locks, even if they mention on the description that they have, ensure that you read through the reviews carefully before making your decision.


Zippers are pretty basic also, most of the bags come with expandable zippers.

Expandable zippers are useful last they will provide some extra packing space, but you will always need to keep in mind your airline luggage size limits.

Some airlines are picky about their size limits, even those small few inches may need up costing you extra fees.


Mia Toro has two of the designs, simple and stylish designs like a Ladybug.

And If you are looking for a stylish suitcase that you can only use a few times a year, you can opt for something like Prado-in Love 24 Inch spinner luggage.

If I could choose a Toro suitcase for one reason it could be because of the design, but if you are going to travel frequently, it is better to go with something like Samsonite or Briggs And Riley.


According to Mia they offer a world wide 10 year cloud protection warranty. 

They mainly focus on shipping broken parts to their customers.

For instance if one of your suitcase wheels gets damaged or detached you don’t need to send them the bag and all the hassle of shipping.

You just need to contact them and the yawl ships you the broken part.

Even though their warranty does not cover any damage occurred with the airlines handling or any normal wear and tear.

I checked to find some info about Mia Toro luggage customer service but it turned out that they are not very active.

Here is what a customer says about contacting the customer service:

Love my suitcases, but the first one I bought was defective and I was unable to get an answer from Mia Toro but I was able to return it to the store and found a new one online. The colors stand out making it easy to find your luggage at baggage claim! It’s also lightweight.

Mia Toro luggage prices

Mia Toro luggage classed themselves as a luxury brand, and that affects their prices.

Their bags are pretty expensive considering their quality and durability.

It is probably their way of matter or they wanted to target a certain community, because I d,’t think a frequent traveler wants to have a $175 suitcase that he can. only used for two trips.

Here are the prices of some of their popular suitcases at the time of writing this review.

One piecePrice
Mia Toro Italy Cadeo 28 Inch Spinner $140.66
Mia Toro Italy Gaeta Hard Side 26 Inch Spinner Luggage, Burgundy$136.75
Mia Toro Italy Lucido Pennello Hardside Spinner Luggage, Burgundy$275.31
Luggage sets of 3 piecePrice
Mia Toro Prado-pop Lips Spinner Luggage 3 Piece Set, $407.46
Mia Toro Italy Tasca Fusion Hardside Spinner Luggage 3pc Set  $720.88
Mia Toro Italy Duaiv Hardside Spinner Luggage 3 Piece Set,zebre, Zebra, $405.01
Mia Toro Allegra Pop Ladybug 3 Piece Set$404.34
Mia Toro Italy Profondito Hardside Spinner Luggage 3 Piece Set, White $408.27
Mia Toro Italy Adige Softside Spinner Luggage 3pc Set, Black$350.18

Mia Toro Luggage Reviews and Rating

Unlike other luggage brands that have some balance on their ratings, Mia Toro luggage seems to neglect the customer service.

Here are what some people are saying.


  • Pretty and beautiful designs
  • Very easy to roll & easy to carry


  • Some people have issues with zippers ( The suitcase I got has the zipper pulls that are built for a lock ).
  • Not receiving the bag as described ( I bought it to match other white pieces I own, but it is gray, not white) many people received gray instead of white.
  • Not scratch proof as indicated and got scratched with one trip.
  • the interior compartment ( After two trips on both of our luggage the interior mesh fell apart and tore )
  • The handles broke on all three

Final Thoughts : Are Mia Toro Luggage suitcases worth it?

The reason why we grant 5 stars on design is because so many people like their design.

And as most  people who own one piece of their suitcase deceived it, they are pretty and easy to spot.

If you want just your suitcase to look chic and stylish, I would recommend going with Mia Toro Luggage even though you may sacrifice the quality.

To sum up, most of the Mia Toro Luggage is not durable, and we will keep updating this review accordingly and anytime we find that there are some improvements over time.

If you are not sure whether the brand will deliver wet vape some other choice for you, like Steve Madden, American Tourister and Kennet Cole Reaction.

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