Can You Bring A Dab Pen On A Plane ? 2024

Are you a vaper planning to bring your wax or dab pen on a plane?

There are a few rules you should know.

Dab pens have a lot going with them as they release vaporized marijuana which have different restrictions, and the lithium batteries that may cause a fire if not handled properly.

But a new and empty dab pen is allowed through airport security checkpoints and carry-on luggage only, you can not use a dab pin on a flight, you will need to be careful it may be considered a federal offense, dab pens and other vaping devices with lithium batteries are not permitted in checked bags, in both domestic and International flights.

The following post will cover everything you need to know about traveling with dab pens and vape devices in general.

Let’s dive in more.


While dab pens and vape devices can be packed in carry-on baggage, federally controlled substances like cannabis products and CBD , even small quantities, are not permitted on most United States flights. Don’t risk it also ensure that you do’t take them to a country that restrict them.

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We’re not promoting any kind of smoking. It’s not exactly the healthiest habit, so please take care of yourself. and this information is strictly for adults over 21 and over.

Take Dab Pens Through The Security Checkpoint

The TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) help travelers undergo the security screening on flights within and from the United States.

They didn’t specifically have dab pens on their website, but they mentioned that any electric cigarettes must be packed in a carry-on bag.

Bring a dab pen on a plane / TSA rules

Dab pen oils will need to be in small quantities and to follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, as it is considered a liquid, 3.4 oz / 100 ml or less for each container and must be placed inside a quart sized bag, or you can just leave them empty till you get to your destination.

If you are traveling with a disposable vape like a Delta 8 pen it is better to place it inside your personal item or bag all the time.


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Take Dab Pen In Checked Baggage 

All types of dab pens and vapes are not permitted in checked bags, as they have lithium batteries and that may cause battery fire.

The FAA already has a dedicated section about devices that operate with lithium batteries, and the regulations for traveling with them.

As a quick glimpse , lithium batteries are only permitted on board the airplane.

So if it happens that your carry-on bag is gate checked, ensure that you remove your dab pen or any other device that is operated with a lithium battery.


Traveling With Dab Pens On International Flights

If you want to take a dab pen on an international flight, it is better to research if the country you are traveling to allows vaping, even if the airline allows vaping devices or vice versa.

Even though it is better to check the country of your destination’s official website and call your airline to ensure they allow dab pens on their flights.

Here is a table of the countries that do not allow vapes on their territories:

MexicoNot permitted.
Japan Using Vapes is not forbidden in Japan, but nicotine is.
NicaraguaNot permitted.
Australia If you don’t have prescription, the sale or importation of vapes is illegal.
EthiopiaNot permitted.
UgandaNot permitted.
PalestineNot permitted.
KuwaitNot permitted.
BruneiNot permitted.
ArgentinaNot permitted.
BruneiNot permitted.
IranNot permitted.
Lebanon Not permitted.
Antigua and BarbudaNot permitted.
TurkmenistanNot permitted.
N. Korea Not permitted.
MauritiusNot permitted.
ColombiaNot permitted.
SurinameNot permitted.
PanamaNot permitted.
Qatar Not permitted.
BrazilNot permitted.
SyriaNot permitted.
Thailand Not allowed, using vapes will cause sever fines or even jail .
Vatican CityNot permitted.
Timor-LesteNot permitted.
Sri Lanka Not permitted.
LaosNot permitted.
Singapore Not allowed and vaping can cause in huge fine up to $1500.
NepalNot permitted.
India Not permitted.
SeychellesNot permitted.
SurinameNot permitted.
UruguayNot permitted.
Cambodia Completely banned.
VenezuelaNot permitted.
BhutanNot permitted.

Pack A Dab Pen When Traveling 

If you do decide to travel with your dab pen, ensure that you keep it inside your bag all the time, and do not try to vape during your flight.

Also make sure to pack it neatly. Keep it out of sight and secure it in your carry-on bag.

Final Thoughts

You can bring dab pens on most US airlines in carry on baggage (American Airlines, united, southwest, delta …) however; it needs some prior precautions, as the rules differ from state to state and from one country to another.

But as a general rule, empty dab pens are permitted on planes in carry-on bags only, the oil is allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage.

And as we pointed out above the oil needs to follow the TSA liquid rules for carry-on ( All liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes carried onto carry need to be in 3.4 oz /  100 mL or less bottles, and must fit into a single 1-quart plastic bag)

We hope this helps.

Happy travels

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