Can You Bring Dyson Air Wrap On Plane? 2024

Dyson Air wraps have become one of the most popular multi-functional hair stylers, and a perfect hair friendly gift to give to your loved one.

Whether you wanted to take your own Dyson on your next flight or to bring a new one from your destination, you may wonder “can i take my Dyson AirWrap on a plane? “.

Electric hair stylers like Dyson Air wrap are permitted in both carry on and checked bags. even though its not advised to place any expensive items in checked baggage.

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Dyson Airwrap TSA Rules

Most of the AirWrap storage cases include an Airwrap styler, Pre-styling dryer, a barrel, a soft smoothing brush, a firm smoothing brush, volumizing brush.

The TSA stated on its website that electric hair-stylers in general are allowed through the security checkpoint.

This passenger asked The TSA customer service if he can put a Dyson AirWrap in a carry-on bag.

The TSA replied that electric hair stylers are good to go in carry-on bags.


Even though Dyson Air wrap boxes are small , you will need to consider the size and the weight of your box and if it will fit within your airline luggage limits.

For example the regular size for a Dyson box is 1.6 x 1.9 x 10.7 inches. It is small but if you do n’t place it inside your bag, some airlines will count it as a personal item.

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Take Dyson AirWrap In Checked Baggage

You can bring your Dyson AirWrap in checked baggage without any issues.

It is better to avoid placing any expensive items in checked baggage.

you don’t want to risk losing your Dyson AirWrap or just if it gets damaged.

So ensure that you find a place for your box inside your carry on baggage.


Can You Take Dyson AirWrap On International Flight

There are no restrictions when traveling with your Dyson on any airline, as long as it is within their size limits, and you don’t take large amounts of them for commercial purposes.

And if you are taking your personal Air wrap you will need to double check that it will work in the country of your destination.

How To Pack Dyson AirWrap For Travel?

The easiest way to pack and travel with your Dyson Air Wrap is to take only the pieces you will need.

That will help you save some space inside your bag.

And to ensure that your item is well secured you can use a Dyson Air Wrap travel case to grope all the items in one place (Like in the video) , you don’t want to take your expensive Dyson with some added protection or let it loose in the middle of your bag.

Final Thoughts

All hair styling tools are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage within the United States and in international flights.

However; it is better to avoid placing valuable items in your checked baggage.

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